Greg’s Beaten Starfield How Many Times?! - Kinda Funny Games Daily 09.05.23
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Greg and Bless talk about Greg's insane Starfield journey, Tim invades for Final Fantasy 16 DLC talk, and the Sag Aftra strike could hit video games.

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The Starfield content continues! Of course, last week we had our Gamescast review, Xcast, 48 hour stream, and more including tik toks all about Starfield. This week, every day after KFGD we’re streaming the game with Mike, Andy, Greg and Gary; but today Roger kicks it off!

Don’t let Starfield distract you from the fact that we released a must watch episode of PS I Love You XOXO where we do Gamer Math and help audience members justify their PlayStation purchase decisions. That’s on

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The Roper Report  -

00:25:00 - Final Fantasy 16 is Getting Two Paid DLCs and a Free Update - Wesley Leblanc @ Game Informer
00:41:00 - SAG-AFTRA to vote on potential strike for video game actors - James Batchelor @ GiBiz
00:48:08 - Ad
00:50:26 - We’re getting a Stray movie - Nick Romano @ EW
00:54:50 - Alone In The Dark gets Delayed Until January Because October Has Too Many Monsters - Jason Fanelli @ Gamespot
00:57:00 - Jedi Survivor gets another patch
01:00:20 - Out Today
01:02:30 - You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Bless and Tim
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