Tuesday July 26, 2022
JUL 26
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Photojournalist Luis Sinco’s career at the Los Angeles Times has spanned earthquakes, war and wildfire. But recently, a conversation with his adult children inspired a unique solo project. “I was just talking to them…about what they knew about where water comes from and what they knew about the Colorado River,” Sinco says. “My kids are pretty smart. I was kind of stunned that they didn’t know very much about [it].” Today on the news, we speak with Sinco about photographing the Colorado River Basin from it’s headwaters in Colorado to its delta in Mexico and what he hopes westerners can learn from these visuals. Plus, states in the river's Upper Basin aren’t ready to commit to federal water conservation targets.

// Photo: Luis Sinco, photojournalist with the LA Times, in the Mexicali Valley of the Colorado River Delta. Sinco’s project “The Colorado River: Where The West Quenches Its Thirst,” documents the river’s basin from its headwaters to its delta. Credit Ian James / Los Angeles Times

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