A contrasting look at franchise construction with Kane Pttman from Locked On Bucks
MAR 09
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Adam Armbrecht and Kane Pittman cross over for a conversation about the chaos of the superstar era in Brooklyn, and if the new look Nets could see the Bucks in the post-season. The NBA has seen different paths to constructing contenders, and the Milwaukee Bucks are no different. The sent multiple-first round picks and players in a four-team deal to bring Jrue Holiday in and added Brook Lopez through Free Agency. At its core has been a nine year pairing between Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kris Middleton, who was acquired via a 2013 sign and trade with the Detroit Pistons that did not cost the Bucks a treasure trove of assets.
The guys discuss the "boring nature" of covering a franchise always in the championship hunt, but that is rarely in the headlines and how personalities are often an overlooked component when chasing rings.
They also look at the roller-coster ride for Nets fans and there is a sense of optimism going forward. The Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving trades ended thee "championship era" for Brooklyn but has also provided a potential new beginning with Mikal Bridges as the center-piece. Kane and Adam close out touching on potential "big changes" that could come for a team in the Bucks that is by no means old, but certainly has some age(and injuries) on its roster as they look to capitalize on another deep playoff run.
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