Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/31/23
APR 01
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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the law has been destroyed by the Biden administration to go after parents and families and now Donald Trump, just like how Joseph Stalin would do. It’s no longer about the elements of the law or the level of proof, but about tyranny and a totalitarian democrat party that wants to win at all costs and shut down speech of its political opponents. If we do not have a just law, we do not have a free country. We have an American Pravda media that supports Democrats and whatever they do, and act as attack dogs to Republicans and anyone who dares to support Trump. Trump prevented a third Obama term and saved America from the destruction we see today as a result of the Biden Administration, and totalitarian Democrats and their media tried to cripple him every step of the way. They did not accept a Trump victory in 2016 and will not accept a Trump victory if it happens in 2024. Also, the National Archives has admitted that 1,170 pages from Biden’s time as Vice President were found at the Penn-Biden Center in 2022 and has no custody of records of the documents at his home in Delaware. We have Jack Smith interrogating everyone at Mar-a-Lago, but nobody is looking into Biden who actually broke the law and the National Archives confirmed it.
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