Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 3/9/23
MAR 10
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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, President Biden is proposing $4.7 trillion in new taxes in his budget, which is just the latest in Democrats who just keep spending, creating debt, and taxing us to pay their bill. Biden’s new budget proposal is another attack American individuals and business, with the highest personal income tax rate since 1986 and highest capital gains tax since 1978, and a corporate tax rate higher than Communist China’s. Even worse, Biden is proposing a tax on unrealized gains – money that hasn’t even been made yet. Speaker Kevin McCarthy called out our national debt as the biggest threat to America because these Democrats are the biggest crooks the world has ever known. Also, Democrats are engaged in digital McCarthyism in order to use the federal government to control what we see and hear on social media, and this was exposed further in a Twitter files hearing today. The Democrat party is a totalitarian party and does not care if the FBI and DOJ go after innocent American citizens. Elon Musk is a hero for free speech by allowing access to Twitter and exposing the illegal censorship. Later, there are multiple leaks that Donald Trump will face indictment in New York over charges related to payments from an NDA with Stormy Daniels and payments made to then-lawyer Michael Cohen. This would be the first ever indictment of a former present, and would completely upend the 2024 presidential election, but these Soros prosecutors have nothing better to do. This is a phony case, but radical New York Democrats are twisting laws in any way they can to get Trump. Later, Mark speaks with journalist Julie Kelly about the newly released January 6th tapes and how it affects the defendants who could not get access to the tapes before their sentencing. The D.C. judges are the real villains, who misled the court in their discovery obligations.
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