Rushion interviews Shoniqua Shandai – Curvy star of the Amazon Prime comedy series Harlem, who overcame Bullying
MAR 04
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My guest on the show today is one of the stars of the Amazon series Harlem, Shoniqua Shandai. She is an actress, singer, and up-and-coming fashion icon from the east coast who has graciously swept the entertainment industry since she was three. Shoniqua's character Angie on the show Harlem has a big sexy personality and a fashion sense to match it. In the front, Shoniqua's character always wears a series of high-fashion looks.   Shoniqua strongly relates to her character as a curvy woman of color, breaking the fashion and love stereotypes.   Please welcome to Money Making Conversations Master Class Shoniqua Shandai.See for privacy information.