Untapped, Unsaid, Unheard: Part I
JUN 07, 2019
Description Community

Guest speakers Kevin Stone, CEO of the Victorian Advocacy League for Individuals with Disability, and Ro Allen, Victorian Commissioner for Gender and Sexuality, join Nous Group’s Tim Orton and Deb May to discuss the challenges to diversity in modern Australia. The panel discusses the many benefits of working to consciously and intentionally overcome those challenges and improve the meaningful inclusion of people from diverse backgrounds, focusing on the experiences of disabled people and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Kevin and Ro share their personal stories of facing the challenges of discrimination, unconscious bias and apathy, eventually becoming champions for their communities and helping others follow in their footsteps. Collectively, the panel discusses how best to tap into the wide and varied range of experiences, backgrounds and expertise available in Australia to deliver the best possible outcomes for organisations, our communities and our nation.

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Guests: Tim Orton, Deb May, Kevin Stone, Ro Allen

Hosted by: Deb May