How Etiquette, Metrics, And Systems Elevate Business Conversations: PaintED Podcast
SEP 19, 2023
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In this special episode of PaintED, we're delving deep into the art of conversation – the phone conversation, to be precise. From the first ring to the final sign-off, every call holds the potential to make or break a customer relationship. But how can you ensure consistent, impactful interactions? Torlando Hakes sits down with Steffney Jones from Ruby, the mastermind behind revolutionary call systems. Together, they dissect the nuances of call etiquette, the importance of understanding and leveraging call metrics, and the systems that can transform every phone call into a business masterpiece. Steffney brings a wealth of knowledge from Ruby, offering insights that blend seamlessly with your business. This episode promises to color your perspective on phone interactions. Join us for a conversation to redefine the way businesses communicate. Don’t miss this dial-in on mastering your call game!