133 BPM - Inner Fire
DEC 02, 2022
Description Community

A wide range of styles moves from easy jazz to epic Uplifting Trance to light you up in this Mild to Wild mix

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01. Marcio aka DJ Bat - Hope
02. Runik - Twilight
03. Voben - Eclectic Rhythm
04. Riel (RO) - Summer Breeze
05. Dajals, Redspace - Dark
06. MaxDB - Tell Me Its Over
07. Ago - Your Fire (Mangione Remix)
08. Julian Montenegro - Hybrid
09. Lessika - Phoenix (Extended Mix)
10. Talla 2XLC and Junk Project - Chaiyya Chaiy (Dub Mix)
11. Ramin Arab - New World (Extended Mix)
12. Johnny E & Craig Mortimer - Dreams Come True
13. Deni Sunrise - Alone in Flight (Skyhunter 'Back Home' Remix)

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