822: All About Hand Health With Dr. Noah Shaftel
JUN 19
Description Community

Dr. Noah Shaftel is an orthopedic hand/wrist specialist at The Christ Hospital Health Network. In this episode, Dr. Shaftel answers your questions! Including:

-Grip strength
-What might cause numbness & burning between the thumb & pointer fingers?
-How long is recovery from carpal tunnel surgery?
-When do I need surgery from carpal tunnel?
-If my arm falls asleep every night, is that carpal tunnel?
-How do I protect my hands/wrists from being on my phone all the time?
-Is pain/stiffness in my pinky & ring finger tendonitis?
-What are some solutions for tendonitis? 
-How do I know if I have Rheumatoid arthritis?
Trigger warning! We do discuss trauma to the hands near the end of this episode. 


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