The Drive | Hour 1 | 08.01.22
AUG 01
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Hour 1 of The Drive comes in with DMac doing the most unbelievable thing at Training Camp today and let’s just say, things got a little too interesting! Tyler and DMac recap Day 4 and Day 5 of Training Camp from the UC Health Training Facility at Dove Valley. The Offense has been in a lull and the defense continues to shine. The guys discuss why Bronocs Country doesn’t need to panic! Also, Russ had a moment in practice that turned things around and the guys were proud of his leadership today. K.J. Hamler had one of the most heartfelt press conferences in Broncos history and the guys meet him halfway by expressing their stories of belief from over the years. Mike Evans and the waiting to pay Russell Wilson conversation has The Drive in a frenzy! Would Russ wait on a deal or take a franchise tag knowing he could get a deal on the open market? 

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