The Great Silver Bull
JUL 26, 2022
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Peter Krauth, Quinton Hennigh & Chen Lin return. Billionaire investor Ross Beaty, who founded Pan American Silver, wrote the following as part of a foreword to Peter Krauth’s book titled “The Great Silver Bull:” “I’m convinced we are in a long-term bull market for silver and gold, and I expect investment returns in precious metals will outperform all other investment classes for the foreseeable future. Peter’s book is an excellent introduction to why this is likely.” We won’t have time to cover all the topics in The Great Silver Bull because there is simply too much detailed content to cover in a 20-to-25-minute interview. The objective will be to have Peter explain why he is sure that silver is a unique and irreplaceable metal and why it is set to soar in value. Hopefully Peter will share some helpful investment ideas as well. Speaking of silver, Quinton Hennigh will provide an update regarding Eloro Resources which is developing the Iska Iska silver-tin and base metals project in Bolivia. Iska Iska looks like it may well become one of the largest silver mines in the world, with serious tin and base metal credits. Chen Lin will provide his unique views on the equity and precious metals markets.