Consider Your Ways - Audio
FEB 15, 2023
Description Community
How does God look upon us when we become discouraged in doing what God asked of us or perhaps even distracted from it? The exiles who returned to Judea have been discouraged, and may have let that turn into becoming distracted from the task of rebuilding the temple of God. How does God respond? What is God’s view of them at this time? As we begin Ezra 5 we see a prophet who was sent to them. The messages he is given make it into a book we know as Haggai.

In this weeks midweek service we take a look at these messages Haggai has for them, beginning with the first two tonight. What we learn from these messages to the people of Judea are intended to help us when we are facing the same thing. Have you been discouraged in your God given purpose? Have you put off doing what God told you to do? Let's look at the messages of Haggai together and see what we can use to help in what we need to overcome.