#740 WP-Tonic This Week in WordPress & SaaS Special Guest Heather Wilde Renze
DEC 15, 2022
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#740 WP-Tonic This Week in WordPress & SaaS Special Guest Heather Wilde Renze

How to Close the Diversity Gap in WordPress & Tech?

Heather Wilde is the Digital Solutions Lead of theDifference Consulting and is also known as the “Unicorn Whisperer” due to her particular focus on entrepreneurs. She is a personal and professional growth expert, executive coach, author, and speaker. She is also the author of the Award-Winning book, “Birth of a Unicorn: Six Basic Steps to Success.”
She was one of the only women to have programmed, designed, produced, and published a game at the company THQ.

Wilde’s writing and speaking span social media, entrepreneurialism, startups, leadership, cybersecurity, customer experience, fundraising, and diversity issues. She writes for Forbes and hosts the “Entrepreneurial Revolution” column for Inc Magazine.

Her annual exploits at San Diego Comic-Con are both legendary and totally embarrassing.

She currently lives in Las Vegas, NV.



Main Questions For Interview

#1 - Heather, can you give some insights on your background and why you are passionate about promoting diversity in tech?

#2 - Do you see some clear "bottom line" benefits for companies connected to encouraging and promoting diversity inside the culture of a company?

#3 - I feel that many tech companies have a "check box" outlook on diversity. Would you agree with this statement, and how can this situation be improved?

#4 - What are a couple of quick things a company can do to improve diversity inside a company in difficult financial times for VC or bootstrap startup companies?

#5 - If you go back to a time machine at the beginning of your career, what advice would you give yourself?

#6 - Are there any books, websites, or online recourses that have helped you in your business development that you like to share with the audience?