#746 WP-Tonic This Week in WordPress & SaaS: Round Table Show With Special Guest Jason Cohen, Founder at WP Engine
FEB 02, 2023
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#746 WP-Tonic This Week in WordPress & SaaS: Round Table Show With Special Guest Jason Cohen, Founder at WP Engine

Thursday 26th at 9:15 am PST

With over 27 years of experience in business and software development, Jason Cohen is the founder of WP Engine where he has served in several roles including CEO, Head of Engineering, Head of Product, and CTO.

#1 - The AI Robots Are Coming Is There Any Hope For Humanity?

a - Google is freaking out about ChatGPT


The New York Times reports Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have discussed its response to ChatGPT, with plans to launch over 20 AI products this year, including a demo of its own search chatbot.

B - Getty Images is suing the creators of AI art tool Stable Diffusion for scraping its content


C - Publisher halts AI article assembly line after probe


#2 - WordPress Community Team Proposes Adopting GitHub to Improve Collaboration


#3 - Google cuts 12,000 jobs in the latest round of big tech layoffs


Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced the news in an email to staff, saying the company needed to focus on key priorities — as artificial intelligence.

#4 - Awesome Motive Acquires Thrive Themes


#5 - DOJ sues Google over its dominance in the online advertising market


#6- Twitter’s new developer terms ban third-party clients