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TechStuff Classic: The Pixar Story: Part 2

How did the success of Toy Story affect Pixar the company? Why was there tension between Steve Jobs and Michael Eisner? And what happens when Disney and Pixar merge? See for privacy information.

1h 2m
Jun 09
The Origin and Impact of Deepfake Technology

Deepfakes create a dangerous situation -- how can we trust that a recording is the real McCoy when machines can make such convincing fakes? From the history of deepfake technology to the liar's dividend, we learn about the evolution of the tech and the problems it creates.  See for privacy information.

Jun 08
What was the first mp3?

When developing the mp3 compression algorithm, engineer Karlheinz Brandenburg used a specific song to tweak settings and get them just right. What was that song? And why does Jonathan not like it? See for privacy information.

Jun 07
Tech News: Apple Shares Its (Very Expensive) Vision

Yesterday, Apple finally unveiled its mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, which will set you back $3,500 in 2024. Plus, we learn about some new challenges in the crypto world as well as reports about whether or not aliens have visited us. See for privacy information.

Jun 07
The Epic Origins of Teddy Ruxpin

In late 1985, a company called Worlds of Wonder introduced a new toy -- a teddy bear that could tell stories and sing. It could blink and move its mouth. And it turned out not to be a teddy bear at all. This is the long and winding road that leads to Teddy Ruxpin. See for privacy information.

1h 10m
Jun 06
TechStuff Classic: The Pixar Story: Part 1

How did the Pixar studio get started? How did it evolve from a small operation to a power player in the Disney empire? And how has the company led innovation in animation? See for privacy information.

Jun 02
Tech News: Why You Shouldn't Use AI Instead of People for Your Hotline

An organization in charge of a hotline to help people with eating disorders finds out that chatbots aren't a good substitute for a human operator. A judge in Texas explains that generative AI has no place in his courtroom. And Meta and Amazon both face some challenges around the world. See for privacy information.

Jun 01
Getting in Touch with Touchscreens

What's the difference between a capacitive and a resistive touchscreen? Which came first? And are there other types of touchscreen technologies? See for privacy information.

May 31
Tech News: ChatGPT Lands Lawyer in Legal Trouble

A lawyer finds out the hard way that ChatGPT isn't a reliable legal assistant. Nvidia's CEO says that, with the help of AI, anyone can be a programmer now. And China plans to send astronauts to the Moon by 2030. Plus more! See for privacy information.

May 30
TechStuff Remembers Grace Hopper

Grace Hopper was a Navy officer, a teacher, a computer programmer and a legend in the tech field. We look back on her life and achievements. See for privacy information.

May 29
TechStuff Classic: How Tech Could Make Better Chocolate

Temple University scientists have found a new way to improve chocolate and it involves electric fields. Learn about the technology and physics behind improving a nearly perfect food. See for privacy information.

May 26
Twitter Serves as a Shaky Stage for a Presidential Campaign Announcement

Twitter hit some technical snags yesterday while Presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis announced his 2024 campaign. OpenAI's CEO issues a bit of a warning to the EU regarding AI regulation. And Sony has a new gaming peripheral on the horizon. See for privacy information.

May 25
The Sad Tale of Microsoft Zune

Microsoft jumped into the mp3 player space a little late. Apple had been producing iPods for five years when the first Zune hit shelves. But that was just the beginning of a series of problems Microsoft encountered. We explore the sad (and short) story of the Zune. See for privacy information.

May 24
Tech News: Meta Takes a Loss on Giphy

Meta sells Giphy for a fraction of what it paid just a few years ago. Spain's government has it out for end-to-end encryption. And the US Surgeon General advises families about the potential dangers of social media. Plus more! See for privacy information.

May 24
Streaming Services that Sunk

While the streaming media landscape is crowded, it could be worse. In this episode, we look at some streaming services that didn't stand the test of time. From platforms that were a bad idea from the start to ones that were victims of corporate mergers, we find out what went wrong. See for privacy information.

May 22
TechStuff Classic: How the Disney Magic Works

After my recent (tenth) cruise on the Disney Cruise line, I decided to look into what makes the ship work.How does it steady itself in rough seas? How much is automated? See for privacy information.

May 20
Tech News: Montana Bans TikTok But Will It Work?

The state of Montana has said that, starting January 1st of next year, the app TikTok is banned statewide. How will the state enforce the rules? Is this an overreaction to TikTok? And will the law stand up to legal challenges? Plus lots of news about AI because why not? See for privacy information.

May 19
Reflecting on Resolutions

Screen resolution can be confusing. What do all those numbers mean, and is bigger necessarily better? We go over some of the more common screen resolutions out there and talk about how (and when) they make a difference. See for privacy information.

May 17
Tech News: Elon Musk Names His Twitter Successor

Last week, Elon Musk revealed he had tapped Linda Yaccarino to be the next Twitter CEO. But Musk won't be leaving Twitter completely. And now Tesla shareholders want him to create a succession plan at that company. Plus we get a bunch of updates on AI news, as well as some good news for Microsoft. See for privacy information.

May 16
The Net Neutrality War

The idea behind net neutrality is pretty simple -- fair access to legal content for all consumers regardless of what ISP they use. But how do you implement this idea? That's become the focus of a massive political battle in the United States that's been going on for two decades. See for privacy information.

May 15
TechStuff Classic: AI Assistants and You

From Amazon to Google to Apple, companies are creating digital assistants to make our lives easier. What's the technology behind them and are they safe to use? See for privacy information.

May 12
Tech News: You Got AI On My Google Search

Google has announced a ton of stuff at the 2023 I/O event, including how AI will show up in future Google searches if you opt into it. We also learn how Microsoft's deal to buy Activision is going, how YouTube is discouraging ad-blockers and how one influencer is using AI to make clones of herself for people to date. For a fee, of course. See for privacy information.

May 11
The Godfather of AI is Worried About AI

Dr. Geoffrey Hinton recently retired from Google, saying that he wanted to be able to speak freely about his concerns regarding artificial intelligence without having to consider the impact to his employer. So what is the Godfather of AI worried about?  See for privacy information.

May 10
Tech News: Faking the Deepfakes

Defendants in court cases are trying the deepfake defense and judges are not having it. Think twice before you commit a huge investment into AI companies. SBF is asking courts to throw out most of the charges against him. And Peter Thiel has some icy plans after his demise.  See for privacy information.

May 09
Rerun: How the Great Movie Ride Worked

Special guest Jack Pattillo joins the show to talk about the former Disney Hollywood Studios attraction, The Great Movie Ride. From immersive storytelling to the implementation of a new kind of animatronic, Jack and Jonathan explore this long-gone ride. See for privacy information.

1h 5m
May 08
Introducing: That Moment with Daymond John

That Moment with Daymond John is the ultimate resource for never-before-told stories and valuable lessons that listeners can incorporate into their own lives. THAT MOMENT WITH DAYMOND JOHN See for privacy information.

May 06
TechStuff Classic: How the Kepler Telescope Works

The Kepler Telescope has detected hundreds of exoplanets in our galaxy. What's the story behind it and how does it work? See for privacy information.

May 05
Tech News: May the Fourth be With You

Sadly, we don't have any Star Wars news today. But we do have tons about AI, Meta facing governmental scrutiny, Microsoft making a questionable decision with regard to Edge and lots more! See for privacy information.

May 04
TechStuff Tidbits: I Got Got

Recently, I mentioned in a Tech News episode that the FBI and the FCC are warning folks to stay away from public charging stations for mobile devices. But it turns out that warning by be like a certain Shakespearean comedy: Much Ado About Nothing. See for privacy information.

May 03
Tech News: IBM Considers AI Over New Hires

IBM's CEO reveals that the company has paused on hiring approximately 7,800 people in order to consider AI for those roles instead. A pioneer in deep learning is concerned about the potential dangers of AI. And the Web celebrates 30 years of being in the public domain. See for privacy information.

May 02