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TechStuff Tidbits: How Tech Startups Get Funding

How do tech entrepreneurs go from having an idea to turning it into a successful business? We look at the process of funding a tech startup and what might convince someone to invest in a long shot. See for privacy information.

Mar 22
Tech News: Samsung Vulnerabilities and Drastic Measures

Vulnerabilities in Samsung-produced chipsets may require you to remove the phone from your smartphone. Plus we learn about a bunch of new AI stories, including a company that can generate video based off text input. Plus a watchdog group in Germany brings accusations against Meta and German politicians. And more! See for privacy information.

Mar 21
Thought Experiments and Philosophical Problems in Tech

From a pair of generals paralyzed by bad communication to a trolley hurtling out of control, we look at some classic thought experiments and how they pertain to technology. Plus, are we living in a simulation? See for privacy information.

Mar 20
Introducing Main Accounts: The Story of MySpace:

Hi, TECHSTUFF fans! MySpace was the first major social media company. And it was the first major social media company to collapse. What was this internet sensation in aughts? Log on with Joanne McNeil and revisit MySpace through the people who lived it: the users with the new show, See for privacy information.

Mar 18
TechStuff Classic:Weather Tech, Part 1

How are weather predictions made? How does the tech used in meteorology work? And can we control the weather?   See for privacy information.

Mar 17
Tech News: OpenAI's New GPT Won't Destroy The World. Probably.

There's a new version of GPT out in the wild and it has some interesting new features (and familiar problems). Chinese company Baidu's version of a chatbot fails to inspire investors. And TikTok faces new demands that it sever all ties with its Chinese parent company. Plus more! See for privacy information.

Mar 16
TechStuff Tidbits: The First Flight Simulator

While modern flight simulators can be incredibly complicated and rely on powerful computer systems, the very first flight simulator didn't have any computers at all. Instead, it relied on stuff you'd normally find in a pipe organ. We learn about Edwin Link and his incredible flight simulator. See for privacy information.

Mar 15
Tech News: Happy Pi Day! Let's Catch Up

We've got a lot of updates for ongoing news stories in tech. Meta plans more layoffs, New South Wales debates banning TikTok on government devices, Sony argues that Microsoft is untrustworthy, and more. See for privacy information.

Mar 14
What Was SVB And Why Did It Fail?

Silicon Valley Bank, or SVB, was a financial pillar in the tech sector. So how did a company that helped countless startups launch fail in less than two days? We look at the history of SVB, what happened, and how it relates to banks like Silvergate and Signature failing.  See for privacy information.

Mar 13
TechStuff Classic: How Solar Towers Work

What are solar towers? How do they generate electricity? What's the future of solar power? See for privacy information.

Mar 11
Tech News: Tech Knows Where You Are

Senators show concern about how the FBI collected geolocation data without going through normal procedures. Google pays out a large settlement relating to how the company handled location tracking. Plus we have stories about facial recognition tech, how Tesla is under scrutiny for accidents (and for steering wheels popping off of SUVs) and more. See for privacy information.

Mar 10
Love the internet? Thank women!

Bridget Todd host of There Are No Girls on the Internet steps in for Jonathan to celebrate women in tech for International Women's Day. See for privacy information.

Mar 08
Tech News: Is TikTok's Clock Running Down in the US?

The US Senate introduces a bill that could give the President the power to ban TikTok (and other foreign tech products and services). Microsoft introduces an AI platform for enterprises. Cambridge Analytica resurfaces in the news down under. And Meta plans to hold more layoffs soon. Plus more! See for privacy information.

Mar 07
Revisiting Crypto Ponzi Schemes

The Ponzi scheme is a classic high-stakes con game that can net a scammer a lot of money, but at considerable risk. We take a look at the Terraform Labs collapse of 2022 and learn what factors led to its downfall and why its co-founder is on the run. See for privacy information.

Mar 06
TechStuff Classic: Apple vs the FBI

What does the FBI want Apple to do and why do so many tech experts oppose it? Ben Bowlin joins the show to talk about it. See for privacy information.

1h 1m
Mar 04
Tech News: AI is Either Dumb or it is Changing the World or Both

There seems to be a lack of consensus regarding whether or not AI is about to change everything or if it's more hype than substance. We explore several news items that look into this. Plus, the ACLU doesn't think the US should ban TikTok. Airbnb might ban you based on who you hang out with. And DARPA is looking for some new aircraft designs. See for privacy information.

Mar 02
Strange Stuff We Sent To Space

Getting into space is hard, which is why it might surprise you to learn about some of the weird, wild and goofy stuff we've sent up there. From action figures to salmonella to Elon Musk's personal Tesla Roadster, we look at a collection of weird things we've sent to space. See for privacy information.

Mar 01
Tech News: You Got AI in my Tech News

We've got a ton of stories relating to AI to talk about today. Plus, VW's Car-Net service refuses to help detectives track down a stolen car (with a toddler inside it) unless they first pay the $150 reactivation fee. Ford proposes a future where cars repossess themselves. And everyone is banning TikTok. See for privacy information.

Feb 28
Up And Away In My Beautiful Spy Balloon

In early February, 2023, the US shot down a Chinese balloon. The US says the balloon was gathering intelligence while the Chinese claimed it was a weather balloon. We look at the history of spy balloons and how they've evolved over time, as well as the dilemma these balloons put leaders in.  See for privacy information.

Feb 27
TechStuff Classic: How LIGO Works

What is LIGO and how did it detect gravitational waves? We explain! See for privacy information.

Feb 24
Tech News: The Supreme Court Nopes Out on Judging Section 230

The US Supreme Court admits it isn't qualified to make a judgment call on Section 230, which provides protection to online platforms regarding user content. Plus Apple's iOS 17 is rumored to allow users to sideload apps for the first time. And Elon Musk continues to shake things up at Twitter. And more! See for privacy information.

Feb 23
Anonymous and the SovereignDAO

Listener Nathan asked me to explain why the hacktivist group Anonymous would promote SovereignDAO, so in this epic episode we learn about the origins and evolution of Anonymous, how DAOs work, and whether the components of a DAO align with the philosophy of Anonymous.  See for privacy information.

1h 3m
Feb 22
Tech News: A Bad PR Week for AI

We've got a bunch of AI-related stories to chat about today, and most of them are bad. From AI deciding who gets laid off to a university leaning on AI to craft a sensitive message to students and beyond, we see how artificial intelligence is creating real problems. Plus, today Microsoft attempts to convince EU regulators to let it purchase Activision Blizzard, an old iPhone sells for an astronomical price and movie studios want redditor names and addresses.  See for privacy information.

Feb 21
Rerun: How 3D Audio Works

In the late 19th century, a French experiment demonstrated the power of stereo sound. A century later, experiments in binaural audio would help create rich soundscapes that could immerse the listener in audio environments. We learn about the evolution and tech of 3D audio. See for privacy information.

Feb 20
TechStuff Classic: High Tech at High Speed

Scott Benjamin from CarStuff joins the show to talk about some of the latest tech making its way into cars. What does he think of autonomous vehicles and gesture controls?   See for privacy information.

1h 14m
Feb 17
Tech News: Bing Gets Frisky

Are you ready for a Bing fling? Journalists report that Microsoft's AI-boosted Bing service can get a little weird. Or a lot weird. From gaslighting to personal attacks to acting like a stalker, Bing illustrates how AI chatbots might not always be the right tool for the job. Plus news about US politicians going after Big Tech, Lufthansa having a very bad Wednesday and AI taking the controls of an F-16 fighter jet. See for privacy information.

Feb 16
Riding the Hype Cycle With Web3

It's time once again to revisit the hype cycle and figure out where along the path we might find Web3. And what is Web3? And what the heck is it supposed to do and how is it supposed to work? And why is Jonathan skeptical about the whole thing? See for privacy information.

Feb 15
Smart Talks with IBM: 355 Days in Space: Finding Meaning with Astronaut Mark Vande Hei

After a historic 355 days in orbit, NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei returned to Earth on March 30, 2022, breaking the record for the longest single spaceflight by an American. In this episode of Smart Talks with IBM, Malcolm Gladwell and Mark Vande Hei discuss conducting experiments in space, the impact of extended spaceflight on humans, as well as the spiciness of space chili peppers.   This is a paid advertisement from IBM See for privacy information.

Feb 14
100% Invisible

Invisibility cloaks have long been featured in science fiction, but where are we when it comes to science fact? We look at the science behind bending light in interesting ways, and learn how metamaterials could play a part in making something invisible. See for privacy information.

Feb 13
TechStuff Classic: The MOOG Story: Part Two

What is a MOOG synthesizer? How does it work? And did people really say synthesizers didn't make real music? See for privacy information.

Feb 10