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War of the Roses - The Waitress Came Out of the Bathroom He Was In

Jess's boyfriend Cameron would be MIA on Sunday's always watching football with hi friends. She got annoyed so he invited her her this past Sunday. She saw their server walk out of the men's restroom after he was in there.

Sep 28
War of the Roses Classic - They're Enganged?!

Amanda is dating Sean. Amanda showed her friend a pic of him and her friend thought she knew him said he's engaged. She asking him & he said no. She saw him holding hands with another women at Office Depot and things started unfolding from there.

Sep 26
War of the Roses - I Walked In On Her Filming Herself

Gary caught his girlfriend, Renee, taking a sexy video of herself. She said that the video was for her. Renee also doesn't text or answer calls when she's at the 'Family Cabin'.

Sep 21
War of the Roses Classic - You Got The King Bed

Quinten's Fiance, Katie, met a guy at the Twins game that was super interesting. They started going to coffee together to talk about business opportunities. She started going to seminars, won't let Quentin come along.

Sep 19
War of the Roses - Dog Park Julia

Rebecca called in for War of the Roses to see if her boyfriend, Eric, is cheating on her with a girl named Julia who he goes to see & chat with at the dog park.

Sep 14
War of the Roses Classic - Twin Sister Went into Her Phone

Her twin sister called the show today to do a War of the Roses to get to the bottom of what's happening with her sister.

Sep 12
War of the Roses - ILYSMRN

Carter & Melanie are engaged. They made a vow to not have sex until they got married. Melanie ended up hooking up with an ex, Tommy, and texted 'ILYSMRN' to her boss.

Sep 07
War of the Roses Classic - I Saw Palm Trees in the Picture

Tracy called the show for War of the Roses to see if the guy she's talking to named Kevin, is Catfishing her.

Sep 05
War of the Roses - I Found **** Cream in the Bathroom

Ethan called the show for War of the Roses today to talk about what he found in the cabinet of his girlfriend, Anna's, cabinet.

Aug 31
War of the Roses Classic - She Wears Bejeweled Jeans

Rachel thinks her fiancé is hooking up with his co-worker that wears bejeweled jeans because there's scratches on the fender of their car.

Aug 29
War of the Roses - I Found Him with Cake Frosting on Him

Esteele called the show to bring James who she's dating to the show. She found cake frosting in the trash when she was throwing away a bag of food and she knows that he doesn't bake so this is where the suspicion arises.

Aug 24
War of the Roses Classic - Over 300 Text Messages

Ellen's boyfriend, Wes has over 300 text messages with a server named Kim. She works at a bar he always goes to. Ellen called Kim to tell her not to be F'ing her boyfriend. Kim called back & got into it with Ellen.

Aug 22
War of the Roses - She Bought Me an Expensive Ring

Melinda's friend, Becca, gave her an expensive ring for her birthday. Melinda's married & is now confused if her friend is crushing on her. We give her a call & try to get to the bottom of it.

Aug 17
War of the Roses Classic - New York Jets Cheerleader

She is wondering if her brother is actually dating a NY Jets Cheerleader. He never really dated before & has no proof of them dating. She wants to find out if he's lying about dating her.

Aug 15
War of the Roses - I Found Pictures in the Recycling Bin

Carly's best friend's husband, Paul, gave Carly his old computer. She was searching on it when she found sexual pics in the recycling bin that are not his wife's.

Aug 10
War of the Roses Classic - He Had Lingerie Photos

a Memories folder popped up on his phone from a few months ago and it's lingerie photos of his girl best friend. She asked him why he had them, he got defensive & try's to avoid the questions. Everything unfolds after.

Aug 08
War of the Roses - Whatever Buddy

Justin's girlfriend Cheyenne was being sketchy, going out at night. Justin followed her on night & caught her making out with a guy down the street named 'Pete'. She said she'd stop talking to him and deleted his number.

Aug 03
War of the Roses Classic - They Jetted Off

Amy's husband Tom was "Sick" and skipped 4th of July activities. Then she remembered their neighbor Beth recently mentioned she saw them out on the boat but they jetted off when she was waving at them. Is he cheating?

Aug 01
War of the Roses - Can't Wait To....

Taryn is dating Joey who won't take her calls on the weekends & random other times because he likes to take a vow of silence. Taryn thinks he uses that as an excuse to not talk to her in front of other women.

Jul 27
War of the Roses Classic - Guess I'll Just Move Out

The boyfriend said some VERY revealing things about Ava who's doing War of the Roses. Saying she's 'Miserable to be with' and tried to do some sneaky stuff with the Brother.

Jul 25
War of the Roses - Lets Feed the Dogs

Madison & her husband Craig say 'Lets feed the dogs' as a code for let's have sex. Madison's friend Sadie said the code while up at a cabin with a bunch of friends so now she's suspicious.

Jul 20
War of the Roses Classic - We Don't Text Anymore

Maggie has been dating Lucas for 6 months, they don't text as much anymore. They also only went from hanging out 3-4 times a week to only 1 time a week.

Jul 18
War of the Roses - The Great Emoji Debate

Tonya heard us talking about our last 6 emojis on the air the other week. She asked her boyfriend, Ethan to show her his. It included some interesting results.

Jul 13
War of the Roses Classic - She Wouldn't Let Me In

Ethan knows his fiancé, Maggie is cheating. He decided to go to her house to check in on things and she wouldn't let him in. He checked her Venmo and turns out she's been venmoing other guys.

Jul 11
War of the Roses - I Have Video of You Doing It

Gianna knows that Thomas is cheating. She watched him text another woman for 15 minutes and ended up even recording the conversation as she stood behind him. She hasn't confronted him but wants to know how long he's been cheating.

Jul 06
War of the Roses - I Found It In The Dog Poop

Sophie was cleaning up dog poop and found a condom in their dogs poop. She showed it to Tanner (her bf) and he said he has no idea how that happened.

Jun 29
6 AM Hour - Dumbest Bit Ever

We ask Drake how certain older things work, What is the best era for birthdays?, Drake's Wake & Bake, & More!

Jun 28
7 AM Hour - Hit With A Shovel

Drake hosts Think Fast with Dave vs Jenny, Winning Song Wednesday, Dave's Dirt, Ventsday - Why you hate summer, & More!

Jun 28
8 AM Hour - That's a Dope Vacation

Drake talks about Firework Accidents on One More Break with Drake, We Rate Your Vacations, You Can't Make This Up, & More!

Jun 28
9 AM Hour - Bend Over I'll Show Ya

Falen does her Fun Fact of the week, Dave's Dirt, & More!

Jun 28