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Ep1077: Oren Kandel: Navigating the New Wave of Video Content Creation

Embark on a journey with Oren Kandel as he navigates the thrilling ups and downs of transforming the world of video content creation through AI. From early setbacks to achieving a groundbreaking $1M ARR in record time, discover the resilience and innovation driving the future of digital storytelling. #20MinuteLeaders

Mar 28
Ep1076: Liat Hayun: Navigating Cybersecurity and Entrepreneurship Amidst Adversity

Liat Hayun shares her unexpected journey from aspiring aeronautics engineer to cybersecurity visionary, highlighting the challenges and triumphs of navigating the tech world. Her story is a testament to the power of curiosity and the impact of embracing unforeseen paths in shaping a secure digital future.

Mar 19
Ep1075: The Minds Behind Mine: Redefining Privacy for the Digital World

In a digital era where privacy is paramount, the founders of Mine share their journey of empowering individuals with control over their personal data. Celebrating five years of innovation, they delve into the evolution of data governance, highlighting the balance between technological advancement and user consent. Discover how Mine is shaping a future where privacy and transparency coexist.

Mar 13
Ep1074: Yoav Landman: Crafting the Future of Digital Transformation at JFrog

From law graduate to tech innovator, Yoav Landman shares his transformative journey to co-founding JFrog. Discover the pivotal moments that shaped JFrog's mission to secure software creation through trust and innovation, and how they're navigating the digital transformation landscape. A tale of passion, adaptation, and visionary thinking in the ever-evolving world of tech.

Mar 09
Ep1073: Asaf Gazit: Crafting Social Connections in Gaming – The Ludeo Journey

Asaf Gazit of Ludeo shares his and his brother's journey from childhood gaming enthusiasts to tech entrepreneurs, revealing how they're revolutionizing social connectivity in gaming. Their story is one of passion transformed into innovation, creating immersive, playable content that's reshaping how we experience games.

Mar 05
Ep1072: Yaron Niski: Navigating Stories Across Time - A Dive into Historical Documentaries

Dive into Yaron Niski's unique journey from tech to creating impactful historical documentaries. Discover how his passion for storytelling and challenges in the tech bubble led to adventures in filmmaking, from comedy to uncovering ancient mysteries with global icons. A tale of dreams, resilience, and the art of engaging storytelling.

Feb 29
Ep1071: Yael Peled Adam: Transforming Patient Care Through Conversational Intelligence

Dive into Yael Peled Adam's journey from an elite athlete to a pioneering force in healthtech. Explore how Laguna Health is revolutionizing patient care by focusing on the crucial, often overlooked, post-hospitalization recovery process. Uncover the innovative approach to enhancing patient and caregiver communication, ensuring no one is left behind in their healing journey. #20MinuteLeaders[0]=AZUyP6fl_738UGqDhNCR8v4d2icc_QsD1DXpzeHxOVOIS7YVlIZTeP2sUffz8UudVx8OddnBZL2qblJ5ZtnXYlXWrrxDz2xlKjsCMoao7s7Ac8LOxunnl-kH8nqix9FmpdTwqoW8ChieW3VhWg2tfaCJT6Pl8tSPU3UEtiq_sty2eSY8FwUBQMCnLCDQcqm_sNg&__tn__=*NK-R

Feb 26
Ep1070: Yodfat Harel Buchris: Shaping the Future with Blumberg Capital

Yodfat Harel Buchris, from Blumberg Capital, shares her vast experience across tech and finance, revealing how a blend of innovation, leadership, and strategic investment shapes the future of startups. Dive into her insights on nurturing groundbreaking companies and her vision for a data-driven, AI-enhanced world.

Feb 21
Ep1069: Magen Margalit: Bridging Perspectives Through Technology

Magen Margalit shares a compelling narrative of leveraging technology for empathy and understanding, transforming the way global communities perceive crisis situations. His journey from banking to advocating through digital innovation exemplifies the power of tech in creating impactful societal change.

Feb 19
Ep1068: Empowering Growth: The D-ID Journey with AI in Marketing and Beyond

Dive into the transformative world of digital avatars with Tomer Zuker, as he shares his journey from a private investigator to pioneering in AI-driven communication. Discover how the integration of avatars is reshaping our digital interactions, making every exchange more human, accessible, and engaging.

Feb 15
Ep1067: Aviv Canaani: Steering Through Storms - DataRails' Path Forward

Aviv Canaani shares his journey from the tech hubs of the U.S. back to Israel, only to face unprecedented challenges amidst conflict. His story reveals the resilience of a startup navigating through crises, emphasizing the power of adaptability and the spirit of teamwork in the face of adversity.

Feb 08
Ep1066 Asaf Somekh: Bridging Data and AI - A Journey from Startups to Global Impact

In this episode, Asaf Somekh shares his transformative journey from early computing challenges to leading AI innovations at Iguazio and beyond. His insights into bridging the gap between AI concepts and real-world applications illuminate the evolving landscape of technology, highlighting the impact of AI across various industries and the importance of adaptability and collaboration in driving progress.

Feb 02
Ep1065 Yaron Morgenstern: From Garage to Global - A Story of Digital Innovation and Leadership

Yaron Morgenstern, with extensive experience in tech, discusses his path from a startup to guiding Glassbox. He explores the changing landscape of digital customer interactions, the role of Gen AI, and managing personal development alongside professional hurdles.

Jan 30
Ep1064 Mark Gerson: The Art of Meaningful Giving - Insights from the Chairman of United Hatzalah

In this episode, Mark Gerson, Chairman of United Hatzalah of Israel, shares his transformative journey from corporate success to impactful philanthropy. He delves into the principles of ROI in charitable giving, emphasizing the profound impact of strategic philanthropy on global health and education. His story is a testament to the power of compassionate, results-driven giving.

Jan 25
Ep1063: Yair Snir | Managing Director, Dell Technologies Capital

Ready for a dose of inspiration? Tune into the latest 20 Minute Leaders episode featuring the incredible Yair Snir! 🎧 From his early days as a student who struggled to find his path, to becoming a titan in the tech investment sphere, Yair's story is a rollercoaster of determination and transformation. Discover how Yair turned every 'No' into a stepping stone for success, and learn why he believes challenges are just hidden opportunities. He gives us a sneak peek into the high-stakes world of venture capital, shedding light on what makes a team not just good but great. As a key figure at Dell Capital, Yair discusses the art of identifying breakthrough ideas and the importance of a balanced founding team. Plus, get his unique take on leveraging strengths and embracing weaknesses. This episode is more than just a conversation; it's a journey through resilience, innovation, and self-belief. So, grab your headphones and join us for an enlightening session with Yair Snir – it's a story you don't want to miss! #20MinuteLeaders #TechInvestment #Resilience #YairSnir

Jan 21
Ep1062: David McQuarrie | Chief Commercial Officer, HP

Welcome to another exciting episode of 20 Minute Leaders! David McQuarrie, Chief Commercial Officer of HP, will be joining us today for a fascinating discussion on leadership, values, and the future of work.Dive into the world of HP with David as he shares the core principles that drive the company forward and how these align with his personal values. He talks about the transformative impact of hybrid work models and how they're reshaping the corporate landscape.David opens up about the profound influence of his inner circle on shaping his leadership style. He stresses the importance of corporate responsibility and the conscious choices leaders must make to steer their organizations in the right direction.We'll unpack some key quotes from David that highlight the significant impact of our environment, the invaluable nature of time, and the immense power our reactions hold in defining our paths.As we delve into this conversation, we explore how a leader's legacy is deeply intertwined with their personal and professional values, creating a blueprint for future generations.Join us for this insightful journey with David McQuarrie, right here on 20MinuteLeaders! #LeadershipInsights[0]=AZXNiSL0JNq-Pg0QDsApQ0P2wAlzVaayufcXGulqkTlH8_aJjT7YgebD9f_dI-MHVztFA6pTZk__zKq2_XF7jnhhPAA4yrJTy2i0cLGQO-o4C19CWS-gtdNvJvxyC7B5tR6UycsZKOFlECqxcUPWkXoHkI-n_RZ2lwRGeUXR45OneE7hXUJYM3bO4s2nvIhlsyU&__tn__=*NK-R #HPInnovation[0]=AZXNiSL0JNq-Pg0QDsApQ0P2wAlzVaayufcXGulqkTlH8_aJjT7YgebD9f_dI-MHVztFA6pTZk__zKq2_XF7jnhhPAA4yrJTy2i0cLGQO-o4C19CWS-gtdNvJvxyC7B5tR6UycsZKOFlECqxcUPWkXoHkI-n_RZ2lwRGeUXR45OneE7hXUJYM3bO4s2nvIhlsyU&__tn__=*NK-R #20MinuteLeaders[0]=AZXNiSL0JNq-Pg0QDsApQ0P2wAlzVaayufcXGulqkTlH8_aJjT7YgebD9f_dI-MHVztFA6pTZk__zKq2_XF7jnhhPAA4yrJTy2i0cLGQO-o4C19CWS-gtdNvJvxyC7B5tR6UycsZKOFlECqxcUPWkXoHkI-n_RZ2lwRGeUXR45OneE7hXUJYM3bO4s2nvIhlsyU&__tn__=*NK-R

Jan 17
Ep1061: With its counter-drone technology, Startup Xtend plays a crucial role in the ongoing war

Xtend CEO Aviv Shapira gives insights into how their team has dedicated 100% of their efforts to partnership with the IDF

Dec 14, 2023
Ep1060: Mavens and Zynga Step Up for Employees and the Broader Public

Leading with empathy, Zynga and mavens have developed several initiatives to ensure the mental well-being of their employees and the long-term well-being of the victims directly affected by the ongoing war

Dec 11, 2023
Ep1059:UBQ Materials Unyielding Spirit in the Face of Devastating Loss

The climate tech company lost two of its team members to the Hamas massacre. This is their story of resilience and the fighting spirit that characterizes our nation.

Nov 29, 2023
Ep1058: Children’s Fund: Investing in the Future of Our Young Victims

Investors and entrepreneurs have banded together to do all in their power to ensure the young victims in our nation have the opportunity to lead exceptional lives.

Nov 27, 2023
Ep1057: Edouard Cukierman’s Multifaceted Impact on Israel

With his work as a spokesperson, his support of non-profits, and continuing to invest in high-tech with Catalyst Investment, Edouard is a driving force in Israel in this critical time

Nov 26, 2023
Ep1056: Dov Moran, a Voice of Optimistic Resilience

Managing Partner of Grove Ventures, Dov Moran provides his insights on our tech ecosystems' road to recovery and our nation's ability to move forward

Nov 22, 2023
Ep1055: EpLike4Israel: Championing Israel Supporters on the Global Stage

Ep1055: EpLike4Israel: Championing Israel Supporters on the Global Stage

Nov 21, 2023
Ep1054: Guy Katsovich Continues to Invest in Our Startup Nation on Multiple Fronts

From establishing a High Tech Operations Room, supporting their pre-seed founders, and serving in milium, Guy and his team personify ‘no matter what

Nov 19, 2023
Ep1053: MIT Israel Alliance Fights for the Safety of Jewish Students on Campus

Talia Khan tells of the rampant anti-semitism in their prestigious campus and how a group of students have banded together to combat the anti-Israel bias

Nov 15, 2023
Ep1052: InNegev is Looking Out For Our Startup Nation’s ‘Day After’

InNegev’s initiative aims to aggregate and address those challenges faced by early-stage startups to ensure this war does not have long-term effects on our Ecosystem

Nov 14, 2023
Ep1051: Tikkun Olam Makers: Building Solutions and Bridges for Our Future

Gidi Grinstein and his team are deploying cutting-edge methodologies to create and distribute solutions for those wounded and with disabilities, all while maintaining a sense of hope for peace.

Nov 13, 2023
Ep1050: Startup Resilience: Trillion Leans on Their Values in Times of Adversity

Isaac Heller walks us through the amazing initiatives of his employees and his sturdy belief in the resilience of our tech community.

Nov 09, 2023
Ep1049: Talon: A Beacon of Resilience and Recovery

Talon has spared no effort to aid its customers, employees, and the broader community in this time of need.

Nov 07, 2023
Ep1048: Tech PR Community Fills The Vacuum

Rachel Glaser tells of how her fellow PR professionals united to ensure journalists had what they needed to tell our story as accurately as possible.

Nov 06, 2023