3 Minutes Audio Devotional: Wrapped Up in God's Word is All You Need for Your Change to Come

Lilian - from 3MinutesAudioDevotional.com: Wrapped Up Daily in God's Word is All You Need for Your Change to Come.



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God can give you joy that will be unaffected by the presence or absence of things.

Dec 01

More than just saying I'm sorry, you must stop the activity you are asking for forgiveness for.

Nov 29
Have you cried out

Don't assume that God will handle the matters you don't pray about. There is a spiritual system that encourages our asking - Ask and you shall receive

Nov 28
What have you forgotten

Are there things you are not remembering? God wants you to remember!

Nov 22
To See God

Vet your reason for wanting to see. Your quest for spiritual sight should be to know God better!

Nov 08
Trust God for a strategy

There is a divine strategy for everything you are going through. Press in to obtain it!

Nov 06
Trust will bring you out

It is your trust in God that will ensure that you are not as much as wounded in the Lion's den.

Oct 26
Strange Order

On the other side of the adversity you are facing, is a glory that will make you think you are dreaming! Hold on! God is in control!

Oct 23
The Believer in Babylon (4) - Bringing Praise to God

Take an interest in the unbelievers around you and trust God for wisdom to be a blessing to them.

Oct 19
The Believer in Babylon (1) : Our Speech

As Christians, our speech must always be seasoned with salt and filled with grace. How do you speak?

Oct 16
Effects of ministering to the Lord (Part 7)

When you minister to God, He shares secrets with you and you become more intimately connected to Him and His voice

Oct 12