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WIFE WAVES (ft. Brittany and Jen)

Episode 1.12 - Welcome to the finale of season one! We are stoked out of our minds to have our wives join us on this episode! We talk about how we met, dating and proposal stories, dive into the enneagram personality test, play a little newly wed game, and give an update on a season finale event that weve been talking about since early in the show! So hop on this last giant wave before we take a little hoomaha this summer!

1h 29m
Jun 10, 2022
Hendrix Jazz Fusion + Never Quit + Stay Hydrated (FT. Deion Cossio)

Episode 1.11 - Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this week we welcome special guest Deion Cossio to the show! The three of us talk about incredible concert experiences, bands we would want to sit in with, leadership principles and laws of leadership, and we close out with a special draft on this weeks quick waves!

1h 7m
May 27, 2022
McEnroe vs McEnroe + Speedy Buble + Celebrity Fight Club

Episode 1.10 - Join us this week as we reveal our new sponsor, talk about some really incredible artificial intelligence and how its being used to do something thats never been done, look at one of the most ridiculous songs to ever be released on major platforms by a major artist, and get ready ready to throw down on quick waves with celebrity fight club! Buckle up wave riders!

1h 4m
May 20, 2022
Earl of Sandwich + Deep Fried Lettuce + Riddle Me This

Episode 1.09 - This episode is a tasty one! Were talking about what makes a sandwich a sandwich, foods that shouldnt be good but are, deep frying everything, getting surgery in Tijuana, breaking down elective/cosmetic surgeries, and closing it out with some riddles on quick waves! Hop on in the water is feeling good today!

1h 4m
May 13, 2022
44 Billion + Myspace Top 8 + Butt That (FT. Ed Jones)

Episode 1.08 - Were back this week with another guest joining the show! Our friend and recent member of law enforcement Ed Jones is chatting with us about Elon Musk buying twitter, what companies we would buy with that kind of money, dumbest criminals weve ever heard of, how fast can people really speed before getting pulled over, and a fun quick waves of wild and crazy fun facts!

1h 3m
May 06, 2022
Making Music + Denim vs. Jean + Shimmy Shake

Episode 1.07 - Were back! The world was a sadder place last week with no new Sound Waves episode but the sun is shining once again! This week we get the conversation started talking about music artists/bands staying true to their sound, whether or not its denim jacket or jean jacket plus other correct names to call things, and close it out with some strong would you rather questions on this weeks quick waves!

1h 3m
Apr 29, 2022
Be the Bee + Jingle Jangle + Generic Polystyrene

Episode 1.06 - The waves are crashing this week with inspirational stories of a resilient barber shop owner who takes his craft seriously, the power of being the bee, a music wave where we rank the top jingles of all time, taking another look into the insane influence of name brands, and Nathans favorite TV show quiz on quick waves!

1h 2m
Apr 15, 2022
Recap + Prize Winning Rooster + Radical Skadattle

Episode 1.05 - Its time to take a look back and do some recapping and updating from our first month of episodes! We also talk about the slap heard around the world, roosters and runaway kangaroos in a brand new wave, and Michael shares a paradise vacation spot!

1h 7m
Apr 08, 2022
Crocs + Sharks + Bears, OH MY! (Ft. Nate Kelly)

Episode 1.04 - Our first episode with a special guest! Real estate agent, musician, and real cool guy Nate Kelly joins us this week as we dive into stories about selling houses, Nates musical journey, the early days of downloading music online, funny things that kids say, and Nate goes through the quick waves of questions!

1h 11m
Apr 01, 2022
Waffle House Concert Series + Caramel Crayons

Episode 1.03 - Join us this week as we talk about the best kinds of cars, dive into some details of the music business, tell some busking stories, get deep on the power of the mind, and try to figure out the correct way to say certain words!

1h 16m
Mar 25, 2022
Laughing Gas + Where's Waldo the Movie + Color Blind Glasses

Episode 1.02 - We keep the conversation going this week with a hilarious dentist experience, hidden treasures, a cookie company with style, epic new TV shows coming out this year, and another round of our quick waves (w/ Nathan on the hot seat)!

1h 19m
Mar 18, 2022
Sound Waves Episode 1

Sound Waves w/Nathan and Michael Nathan Worthey and Michael Arsenault Join us each Friday and close out your week the right way! On this podcast we will unpack what we’ve been hearing through the sound waves of music, movies, news, and everything in between!

1h 21m
Mar 16, 2022
Drum Set Alarm Clock + 8am Mountain Dews

Episode 1.01 - Were talking about everything from a rock star turned realtor, the Mandela effect,  searching for a lost sushi chef, how much is too much caffeine,  waterparks vs rollercoasters, and much more!

1h 21m
Feb 25, 2022
Matt Williams Vet Church

Where the MUSIC lives and the COFFEE rocks

1h 52m
Mar 14, 2020
Open Mic

Where the MUSIC lives and the COFFEE rocks

3h 2m
Mar 11, 2020
Scott Rockwood Trio

Where the MUSIC lives and the COFFEE rocks

1h 36m
Mar 07, 2020
Open Mic

Where the MUSIC lives and the COFFEE rocks

2h 2m
Mar 04, 2020
Open Mic Live Broadcast!

Where the MUSIC lives and the COFFEE rocks

3h 22m
Feb 26, 2020
Just Say It! ~ Spoken Word

Where the MUSIC lives and the COFFEE rocks

1h 13m
Feb 25, 2020
Bruce Salmon

Where the MUSIC lives and the COFFEE rocks

2h 15m
Feb 22, 2020
Lawrence & Mel

Where the MUSIC lives and the COFFEE rocks

Feb 19, 2020
Open Mic

Where the MUSIC lives and the COFFEE rocks

1h 40m
Feb 19, 2020
Open Mic

Where the MUSIC lives and the COFFEE rocks

2h 35m
Feb 12, 2020
The Local Gig List of 2-10-20

Local gigs for the day on 30A and surrounding areas.

Feb 10, 2020

Sean is in the studio with his 100-year-old guitar, underwhelming the microphone, singing, and playing a few old ones. Sean Dietrich is a columnist, novelist, and podcast host, known for his commentary on life in the American South. His work has appeared in Newsweek, Southern Living, Garden and Gun, The Tallahassee Democrat, Good Grit, South Magazine, Alabama Living, the Birmingham News, Thom Magazine, The Mobile Press Register, and he has authored nine books, and is the creator of the Sean of the South Podcast.

Feb 10, 2020
The Local Gig List of 2-7-20

Who is playing where tonight? 30A Songwriter Radio intends to announce who perfroming along 30A and surrounding areas. Look fo this to be broadcast most days of the week!

Feb 07, 2020
Open Mic

Where the MUSIC lives and the COFFEE rocks

3h 1m
Feb 05, 2020
Billy Kemp Live!

Where the MUSIC lives and the COFFEE rocks

2h 20m
Feb 04, 2020
Open Mic LIVE!

Where the MUSIC lives and the COFFEE rocks

2h 20m
Jan 29, 2020