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Resurrecting New York City’s Soul on Easter Sunday 3-31-24

Thanks Be To God for seeing Easter morning! My thoughts this Easter Sunday as we continue traditions left by my dad to pick up and run with. May this city’s soul be resurrected and rejuvenated and no matter denomination may all of us have rejuvenation as He Has Risen! Life IS EVERLASTING! Cardinal Dolan’s Holy Weekend op-Ed in the NYPost:

Mar 31
Adapting With Motivational Check LLC CEO Terry Tucker

Thanks to former NCAA D1 basketball standout and cancer survivor/amputee turned CEO Terry Tucker for joining the Alex Garrett Podcast Network! More on Terry and his company, Motivational Check LLC here (https://www.motivationalcheck....

Mar 30
Mr. Acquittal Episode 3 Ft. Mario Gallucci and the Gallucci Law Firm 3-18-24

This is the third of a series of podcasts by legendary criminal defense attorney Mario Gallucci. Since 1990, Gallucci has handled and won some of the largest, most difficult criminal cases in New York, New Jersey, and within the Federal Court system. Gallucci is well recognized by his peers, judges, and media.The New York Times has highlighted him as “a stylish and tenacious defender, advocating for those charged with the most serious State and Federal Crimes.” A nationally recognized advocate on behalf of many high profile criminal cases, Gallucci’s expertise, style, and demeanor is second to none. When you trust Mario Gallucci with your case, he will consider all potential angles of defense in order to create the most effective strategy. In this third podcast Mario discuses ways a defendant can overcome mistakes like talking about their case over a recorded phone line and still be acquitted! Rest of podcasts here:

Mar 26
This Palm Sunday, Recognition That Life is Bigger Than a Bracket 3-24-24

My thoughts on why life is bigger than a busted March Madness bracket ! Stories referenced on One Leg Up with Alex Garrett More on the anti-Semitic pins worn at the Oscars: More on Gazan children who have become amputees:

Mar 25
One Leg Up With Myron Welik, Canadian Businessman Who Overcame Criippling Anxiety 3-23-24

I am very proud to introduce businessman Myron Welik,who lost his Multi Million Dollar business in a catastrophic way, leaving him paralyzed with self- doubt and depression. He not only overcame that depression but worked with celebrities and brands which Include Heidi Klum, New Balance, Madison Square Gardens, New England Patriots, and Radio City Music Hall to name a few. Myron Welik is also the host of the Jackhammer podcast and author of “ The Jackhammer Effect “ . I hope you enjoy my conversation with Myron Welik on the Alex Garrett Podcast Network. Thanks to for arranging this conversation! 

Mar 23
Terminello's Take on March Madness 2024 As We Begin Round of 64 3-21-24

Listen to Lou Terminello and I have on One Leg Up on March Madness as the Round of 64 begins TODAY!

Mar 21
Road to 270 Update: 35 Electoral Votes On the Table; Law Enforcement Support in 2024

As referenced our latest Mr. Acquittal with Mario Gallucci: Read more from LisaDNews of PBS NEWS on the Electoral College Update: WHY JUST NINE STATES MAY DECIDE THE 2024 ELECTION - 3/19/2024 By Lisa Desjardins, @LisaDNews Correspondent Happy primary day! Republican voters in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Kansas and Ohio are poised to give former President Donald Trump more delegates to further seal the Republican Party’s 2024 nomination. That will put him in history as only the second person to leave the White House and go on to recapture a major party nomination for president. (The other being Grover Cleveland.) In other words, the 2024 presidential general election is underway. We thought this a good time to lay out some basic contours of this rematch. The major party candidates — Trump and President Joe Biden — are the same, but there are some important, nuanced differences in this year’s race. Our starting point: The electoral math has changed. This is because of the 2020 Census, which reallocates congressional seats and electoral votes based on population shifts. For the number-crunchers, here’s the math: Five states that Biden won — California, Illinois, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania — each lost an electoral vote due to population shift. Just two Biden 2020 states gained — Colorado and Oregon. Thus, Democrats start down three electoral votes compared with 2020. Based on these new districts, the 2020 electoral college tally, as the Washington Post calculated, would be Biden 303 -Trump 235. (Rather than 306-232.) Based on those totals, Trump would need to gain 35 votes to earn the 270 majority a presidential candidate needs to win the White House. OK, what do we watch to see who can win? I’ve been speaking with both Democratic and Republican national campaign teams. First priority are the five states forming the core battleground. In these five states, the 2020 race ended in “squeakers,” meaning margins of 2 percentage points or less. Between them, 72 electoral votes are at stake. Arizona. 11 electoral votes. Georgia. 16 electoral votes. North Carolina. 16 electoral votes. Pennsylvania. 19 electoral votes. Wisconsin. 10 electoral votes. Next comes a next tier of potentially persuadable states. Margins here were between 3 and 6 percentage points. They account for a whopping 91 electoral votes. Florida. 30 electoral votes. Michigan. 15 electoral votes. Note: Republicans see Michigan as a prime target in 2024. Nevada. 6 electoral votes. Texas. 40 electoral votes. Note: Trump’s 5.6 point margin in Texas in 2020 is significant. I am keeping it on my watchlist, despite the many failed years of Democratic attempts to flip statewide votes there. This is because Democrats have repeatedly narrowed the margin here. It was 5.6 points in 2020, much closer from Trump’s 9-point Texas win in 2016 and Romney’s 15-point-plus win in 2012. There are other places of interest, and we will talk about them as this year unfolds. But these nine states are the most likely to determine who will be the next president. In Joe Biden’s favor. Of the four core battleground states he lost in 2020 (Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin), Trump needs to flip at least two, and possibly three, to win. This assumes Trump keeps North Carolina, which is not a certainty. But even with that, the former president still has to flip a number of hard-fight states to win. (There are numerous other paths, but for our purposes today, let’s focus on the core states.) In Donald Trump’s favor, Biden’s winning margins were smaller in 2020 than Trump’s were on average. Trump has more states that he must win, but he may have less work than Biden to flip key states.

Mar 20
St. Patrick’s Day and St. Joseph ‘s Day Converge By God’s Design

Continuing my connection made on of St. Joseph’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day!

Mar 20
One Leg Up on The Big East Tournament with Dave Popkin, Lou Terminello and Alex Garrett 3-13-24

Thanks to Dave Popkin for joining us ahead of the Big East Tournament! Follow Dave at ThatPopkinGuy on Instagram!

Mar 13
Interviewing Influential Women This International Women's Day on Alex Garrett Podcasting 3-8-2024

For International Women's Day, listen to these influential voices and women that have paved the way for so many in media, in life and yes in the adaptive sports world!  Featured on Alex Garrett Podcasting: Laurie Sue Brockway (mom); Shirley Brockway (our Dee Dee); Gabriella my fiancee; Joan Pelzer (; Ann Liguori ( and Momma Pat Jordan of the Games for the Physically Challenged!  Podcast excerpts from: __ __

Mar 08
Why Aligning Your Feet Helps You Have One Leg Up 3-7-24

You may not know it, but that lower back pain could be related to your feet being a little off Or misaligned. How booking my podiatry appointment for my ONE FOOT inspired the Alex Garrett Podcast Network today. Links referenced : - Meet Stephen Swindal, Jr. - Potential Successor to Yankees Throne by Joel Sherman in the NYPOST -US ends free COVID test kit distribution — here’s the last day to place an order

Mar 07
One Leg Up In Podcasting THANKS TO YOU! 3-1-24

We have taken a leap from 30k+ to 40k downloads as of March 1st, 2024. What that means to me on the Alex Garrett Podcast Network ! Venmo to support this podcast: or Alex-Garrett-21 !

Mar 01
On Rare Disease Day 2024, Be Inspired to Have One Leg Up With Your Rarities 2-28-24

While I was born with VATER Syndrome, that rare disease has not taken me down thanks to the love and support of so many, first and foremost my parents and the NICU doctors! I am here today, so why not share this message for Rare Disease Day 2024! Resources here:

Feb 28
One Leg Up on Disc Golf and Dyslexia With Teen Sensation Carter Ahrens Ft. Chuck Ahrens 2-27-24

Thanks to Carter Ahrens and his father, Chuck for joining the Alex Garrett Podcast Network! Here is more on disc golfing teen sensation : 'Carter is set to compete in 12-15 pro tour events across the country, showcasing his skills on a national stage. With the support of WAVA and his family, Carter continues to excel both academically and athletically, proving that with determination and the right support system, anything is possible. Carter's journey with online education began after experiencing challenges in traditional school settings due to learning disabilities, including dyslexia. Anna Ahrens emphasizes the importance of personalized support, noting, "I have been very impressed with the 1:1 support Carter gets at WAVA. Even though he is mainly self-guided, there are zoom meetings and supports to keep him on track. Teachers are great, communicative, and supportive." "WAVA has been amazing for Carter for many reasons," says Anna Ahrens, Carter's mother. "As Carter travels and competes, he has appreciated the flexibility and being able to complete his work when it's best for his schedule. Some students may work best in the morning, where others may work better in the afternoon/evening." The Ahrens family's dedication to education and community involvement extends beyond the virtual classroom. In addition to his academic pursuits, Carter is deeply involved in growing the sport of disc golf locally. "Carter is getting more involved locally with clinics and coaching others,” Anna Ahrens shares. "We even designed and built a disc golf course at an elementary school in Yelm, WA, just prior to COVID. Carter's passion for disc golf is truly inspiring." For more information about Carter Ahrens and his journey, visit his social media profiles on Facebook (@Carter Ahrens) and Instagram ('

Feb 27
One Leg Up on the Restaurant Industry With Bartender and Author, Alex Bennett, 2-24-24

You might know him as a mixologist behind the bar in Frankfort, Ill., but on Alex Garrett Podcast Network we go behind the scenes (in this case behind the bar) with author Alex Bennett. The Alex's discuss 'A Shot of Oakies' , Bennett's new book based on his REAL LIFE experiences and conversations throughouth his restaurantaur career. This Interview is thanks to! A Shot of Oakies found here:

Feb 25
One Leg Up Commemorates 2 years of the Ukraine-Russia War With America's Future Series

Thanks to national security expert David Hamilton for re-joining us to talk Ukraine-Russia War as we commemorate 2 years since Russia's first attacks. More on America's Future Series:

Feb 23
One Leg Up With Talkin' Isles Podcast Host Greg Picker, Lou Terminello and Alex Garrett 2-23-24

Thanks to Talkin' Isles podcast host Greg Picker for joining Lou Terminello and I on the Alex Garrett Podcast Network! We recap Stadium Series as well discuss the future of this Islander team under the leadership of NHL legend Patrick Roy. More on Talkin' Isles here:

Feb 23
One Leg Up on Calling Out The 'Podcast Tax' And A Lenten Story To Make You Smile 2-21-24

On this edition, 7-Eleven Helped my fiancee Gabriella have One Leg Up On Lent, and a Lenten hack to help you with meat intake this season. Links referenced on The Alex Garrett Podcast Network today __ __

Feb 21
Where We Stand on Election 2024 With Cygnal: Feb 20,2024

Thanks to Mitchell Brown, Political Director of Cygnal Polling company. We talk 2024 polls as of 2/20/2024 and more discussed on Alex Garrett Podcast Network can be found here:

Feb 21
One Leg Up On Sports With Kenny Albert , Lou Terminello And Alex Garrett

Thanks to Kenny Albert, longtime announcer for the Rangers, the Knicks , NFL on Fox, MLB on Fox and has truly been blessed with the ability to have ‘A Mic For All Seasons’. Find out about Kenny’s book here:

Feb 17
One Leg Up on Dating With Chivy CEO Nikko Shkreli

More about and the Chivy App thanks to the Associated Press, as referenced on the Alex Garrett Podcast Network!

Feb 14
One Leg Up On What You Missed During the Super Bowl 58 Thriller 2-11-24

From migrants captured in NYC after their brazen attack on NYPD cops to an absentee Defense Secretary currently hospitalized , to the IDF ops rescuing hostages from Hamas captivity, so much ground covered on Alex Garrett ‘s podcast network. Links: - - fugitive migrant busted in NYC: - news about DOD Sec’y. LLOYD AUSTIN -

Feb 13
Super Bowl Week’s Final Drop-In: Which Team Gets Repped at Allegiant Stadium?

Featuring stats from Inbox Dollars, Vivid Seats and Sportsnaut on who will be represented at Super Bowl 58: - https://www.nbcsportsbayarea.c... - Terminello’s Take previews the Super Bowl: - Fanatics affiliate link for Christian McCafrey jersey: Copy and paste this link! I do earn commission which DOES support the Alex Garrett Podcast Network -InboxDollars referral : https://appview.inboxdollars.c...

Feb 11
Why Seeing A Determined NYC In Rush Hour Gives Me Hope 2-7-24

4 years ago, we lost a lot time and connection due to a global pandemic shutdown . Why NYC rush hour makes me feel hopeful that we won’t have that same kind of shutdown in 2024.

Feb 07
Continuing Coverage of KC Fans’ Mysterious Deaths; Having One Leg Up on My OWN Life

Stories referenced on this edition of One Leg Up With Alex Garrett: - NYPost covers toxicology report of the frozen KC fans : - Migrant Assailants freed without bail:

Feb 02
My Thoughts on Crossing the T’s This Week

From Tavern Community to Talkin’ Yanks, how crossing the T’s in one day has given me confidence to dot the i’s as in bolstering this podcast and signing name on the dotted line in 2024 to get this show on RADIO!

Feb 01
One Leg Up With Tavern Community in NYC 1-29-24

Join me on my visit to the Tavern Community co-working event and a brief thought on Championship Sunday!

Jan 29