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America's Truckin' Network --3/24/23

The Climunists' are at it again! Kevin Gordon brings you the latest news in energy resources and the future of energy transition within the county. ATN keeps you up to date on the latest news. Tune in!

Mar 24
America's Truckin' Network -- 3/23/23

Kevin Gordon brings you the latest from the roads! ATN rolls on, right here on Newsradio 700 WLW.

Mar 23
America's Truckin' Network -- 3/21/23

First show of the week! Kevin Gordon is joined once again by Senior Market Analyst, Phil Flynn, of The Price Futures Group. Tackling Oil, Gas, and The Energy Report! Take a listen, right here on News Radio 700 WLW.

Mar 21
America's Truckin' Network -- 3/17/23

Happy Friday! Ready to roll? Kevin Gordon talks with Robert Palm, Founder of Trucker's Final Mile. A charity designed to reunite truck drivers and their families in the event of loss of life, debilitating injury, serious illness, a crisis at home, or the need to make mobility improvements at a drivers home. Tune in!

Mar 17
America's Truckin' Network -- 3/16/23

Kevin Gordon goes over all of the news from the roads! Tune in!

Mar 16
America's Truckin' Network -- 3/14/23

Let's Roll! Kevin Gordon is joined by Katie Spotz FitzGerald, an American adventurer who became the youngest person to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Tune in!

Mar 14
America's Truckin' Network -- 3/10/23

He's back! Jimmy Artis, better known to you as "Monkey Gouger" has returned to America's Truckin' Network. Get the latest in the life of Jimmy, updates from the road, and more! Plus, America's Truckin' Network heads to The Mid-America Truck Show in Louisville. Stay tuned for news on where you can find 700 WLW LIVE in Kentucky at the end of March.

Mar 10
America's Truckin' Network -- 3/9/23

You don't want to miss this! Kevin Gordon interviews Toby Young, President of Exhibit's Management Inc. and 3rd generation of the founding family of The Mid-America Truck Show. Tune in!

Mar 09
America's Truckin' Network -- 3/8/23

Kevin Gordon breaks down the Media, China, and narrative control of The Biden Administration. GDP, Gas & Oil, On This Date in Transportation History. All this and more. Tune in!

Mar 08
America's Truckin' Network -- 3/7/23

Food and Transportation. What do they have in common? Kevin Gordon tackles his latest find on the creation of Chicken Wings in Buffalo. Plus, more on the Highway System developed by Dwight D. Eisenhower. Tune in!

Mar 07
America's Truckin' Network -- 3/3/23

She's back! CEO President and Founder of Women in Trucking, Ellen Voie joins Kevin Gordon to chat about the Mid-America Truck Show coming up at the end of the month in Louisville. Tune in!

Mar 03
America's Truckin' Network -- 3/2/23

Kevin Gordon is fired up and ready to go! ATN roll's on. We've only got an hour and a lot to pack in. Take a listen!

Mar 02
America's Truckin' Network -- 3/1/23

It's finally March! The year is flying by. Kevin Gordon gives his thoughts on the latest findings from COVID-19, treatments, and shutdowns that occurred back in 2020. Stay tuned for an "On This Date" you won't want to miss involving a bombing at the Capitol Building in 1971.

Mar 01
America's Truckin' Network -- 2/28/23

The final show of February! Kevin Gordon runs down the latest around the country, updates on weather, and more. Tune in!

Feb 28
America's Truckin' Network -- 2/24/23

Marking one year since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Kevin Gordon gives his thoughts on where the situation stands currently and what might have been done under the Trump Administration. Kevin also covers the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline in Germany and Russia. Did you miss what President Biden and Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland had to say about it? Tune in!

Feb 24
America's Truckin' Network -- 2/23/23

He's back! Kevin Gordon is joined once again by Senior Market Analyst, Phil Flynn, of The Price Futures Group. Tackling Oil, Gas, and The Energy Report! Take a listen, right here on News Radio 700 WLW.

Feb 23
America's Truckin' Network -- 2/22/23

Remember the "Miracle on Ice" during the 1980 Winter Olympics? Kevin shares personal stories on what he remembered from watching on this date in 1980! Plus, thoughts on East Palestine, OH and President Biden's unexpected trip to Ukraine. For the latest in news, views, and an opinion or two, keep listening to ATN.

Feb 22
America's Truckin' Network -- 2/21/23

Happy Mardi Gras! Kevin kicks off this 'Fat Tuesday' with some New Orleans festive music, historical fun-facts, and more. Tune in!

Feb 21
America's Truckin' Network -- 2/17/23

What is really going on in East Palestine, Ohio? Where is the mainstream media? Kevin Gordon asks the hard hitting question's of Pete Buttigeig and his notable absence on the issue. Plus, talk of Marijuana! Tune in.

Feb 17
America's Truckin' Network -- 2/16/23

Where does Inflation really begin? Find out the latest from Kevin Gordon as he breaks down energy stats around the country. Strap in, buckle up, and get ready. America's Truckin' Network is ready to roll.

Feb 16
America's Truckin' Network -- 2/15/23

Is inflation higher than originally predicted? Kevin Gordon runs down the U.S. Consumer Price Index. Plus, an incredible "On This Date in Transportation History" that you need to hear: The 1925 Serum Run to Nome. Check it out!

Feb 15
America's Truckin' Network -- 2/10/23

Are diesel vehicles going away? Kevin Gordon has the latest news on truck emissions, pollution, and new energy regulations. All this and more on America’s Truckin’ Network. Tune in!

Feb 10
America's Truckin' Network -- 2/9/23

Roll on Eighteen Wheeler! Kevin Gordon is charged and ready to go. Giving you his thoughts on the State of the Union Address, Inflation, Gas, Oil, and more trucking news from around the country. We only have an hour, so let's hit the road. Tune in!

Feb 09
America's Truckin' Network -- 2/07/23

Kevin Gordon goes over all of the news from the roads on tonight's ATN! Tune in!

Feb 08
America's Trucking Network -- 2/7/23

Kevin Gordan has the latest news, politics, oil and gas prices, and more. Tune in!

Feb 07
America’s Trucking Network -- 2/3/23

Welcome aboard! Let's get started. Kevin Gordon is joined by Sam Collier, Dean of Manufacturing and Transportation Technologies at Gateway and Community and Technical Colleges. Tune in for all the action!

Feb 03
America's Truckin' Network -- 2/2/23

Kevin Gordon is joined once again by Ellen Voie, Founder, CEO, and President of Women in Trucking. Discussing the Member of the Month and the upcoming Mid-America Trucking show in Louisville, KY at the end of March. Tune in!

Feb 02
America's Trucking Network -- 1/31/23

Kevin Gordan has the latest news, politics, and more. Tune in!

Jan 31
America's Trucking Network -- 1/27/23

Kevin Gordan has the latest news, politics, oil and gas prices, and a great On This Date in Trucking History. Tune in!

Jan 27