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Previewing the 2022 ASBPA National Coastal Conference! Are you ready for Long Beach? | Going Coastal

In this episode of Going Coastal, Jon and Marissa chat with Ms. Kimberly Garvey, Dr. Doug George, and Mr. Andrew Wycklendt of the conference planning committee to discuss the upcoming 2022 ASBPA National Coastal Conference. Taking place in Long Beach, CA, the California Shore and Beach Preservation Association (CSBPA) has taken the lead in organizing the conference this year. Kim and Doug are the president and vice president, respectively, of CSBPA, and Andrew brings a Hawaiian perspective to the planning committee. The National Coastal Conference is right around the corner! Learn about the upcoming short courses being offered this year, what fun activities to expect from your SNP Chapter, and how best to enjoy CA while you’re in town! Virtual attendance will be offered through the Whova App. Visit for more information about the Conference, how to register, and how to become a member of ASBPA or get involved with your regional ASBPA Chapter. Follow Marissa on LinkedIn: Follow Jon on Instagram and Twitter: @StevensCoastal

Aug 10
A Rising Tide: How the Infrastructure Act is Pumping up NOAA

On this jam-packed episode, hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham their attention to the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the opportunities it will provide for coastal communities from around the American Shoreline. Now, in it's first year, the dramatic funding impacts of the new law are being felt across government, including at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Up first, Assistant Administrator of the National Ocean Service Nicole LeBoeuf explains how NOAA's broad mission greatly overlaps with the core intentions of the Infrastructure Act, and how NOAA's last 50 years of science and policy expertise at the local and regional levels and have prepared the Agency for this transformational moment and beyond. Then (27:50), Joelle Gore and Carrie Selberg Robinson join the show to discuss several specific grant opportunities that are currently available at the Agency (and will be for the next 5 years), and how local coastal communities can become involved in applying for them! Don't miss it, only on ASPN!

1h 18m
Aug 08
Current Ocean Decade Fellow Kaitlen Lang on the State of the Decade | Ocean Decade Show!

Fresh from her trip to the UN Ocean Conference, this month Taylor continues the trend of interviewing the current John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellow who's working on the Ocean Decade at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Current Ocean Decade Fellow Kaitlen Lang and Taylor discuss their experiences in Portugal, Kaitlen's interesting path to the Ocean Decade via Great Lakes stakeholder management, and the progress that the U.S. and NOAA have made on the Ocean Decade since Taylor's Knauss Fellowship in 2020! To learn more about the Knauss Fellowship, visit and keep an eye out for the #DecadeDad pins (you'll have to listen to the episode to get that joke!)

Aug 05
Property Owners Lead the Way on Long Island Beach Nourishment | Local Control

On this episode of the Local Control Podcast, host Peter Ravella sits down with Nathaniel Wienecke, board member of the North Sea Beach Colony Association on Long Island.  Nat and the association have invested years of effort and considerable funds to push for shoreline restoration along the Peconic Bay shoreline, including working with the Town of Southhampton to establish a special erosion control taxing district through which Nat and his neighbors paid the cost of a shoreline management project completed earlier this month. As sea levels continue to rise, beachfront owners are likely to play an increasing important role in shoreline management projects from design through permitting and construction.  See how it’s done on this episode of the Local Control Podcast.

Aug 04
What is going on in DC? The August Federal Update | WaterLog Pod

On the August edition of the WaterLog Podcast, Dan and Howard look ahead to the FY23 appropriations bills, the status of the Water Resources Development Act of 2022, the big climate deal just released on Capitol Hill, and legislation to help coastal communities impacted by offshore wind developments.

Aug 03
Regenerative Aquaculture is Coming to the American Shoreline: Introducing the Channel Islands Kelp & Mussel Company

On this episode, Peter Ravella (joining the recording from Hilo, HI) speaks with Tyler Buckingham and Drew Westphal about the Channel Islands Kelp & Mussel Company, a brand new regenerative aquaculture business they are starting in Ventura, CA. They discuss the current status of aquaculture in the US and NOAA's Aquaculture Opportunity Area (AOA) process, the challenges facing new entrants to the aquaculture space, and how the Channel Islands Kelp & Mussel Company is approaching them.  It's a great show, only on ASPN!

Jul 31
Voices of a Healthy Ocean E1: Road Trip Kickoff!

It is our pleasure to introduce a new collaborative mini-series with our friends at the Healthy Ocean Coalition (HOC)! Hop in and buckle up, dear listeners, because you're about to embark on a road trip with Jenna Valente, Host of the Sea Change Podcast and Director of Advocacy for the HOC and Sarah Winter Whelan, Executive Director of the HOC. This is not just any old road trip, this is a road trip with a purpose, a road trip with meaning. Sarah and Jenna will be amplifying and celebrating five remarkable people that live and work along the Eastern Seaboard between New York City and Georgia that are making a positive impact in their communities and beyond. Tune in to their kickoff show to learn about where they are going and who they are meeting with along the way.

Jul 31
Mental Health in Coastal and Marine Science | All Swell?

This week Kyra and GG have an open conversation about mental health in grad school and work. They discuss imposter syndrome, loneliness and share tools they’ve learned to help with these challenges. They also share a few exciting updates from fellow TCS members.

Jul 29
Cod Bless Arica Sears: Field Notes from Norway | Big Tourism

Situated in the Arctic circle and playing host to northern lights, a midnight sun and the largest cod stock in the world are the Lofoten Islands. Join Big Tourism’s host Arica Sears as she shares travel notes from a recent trip to this incredible coastal destination. Learn about farmers hunting sea eagles with their bare hands, the connection between the islands and Nigeria and even some beach bums Arica ran into in the middle of nowhere. The trip was a great combination of coastal industries, cultural heritage and of course sustainable travel takeaways.

Jul 27
The Power of Youth: A Look at the Gulf of Mexico Youth Climate Summit

On this episode, hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham welcome Maggie Peacock and Armon Alex to the show to talk about the upcoming Gulf of Mexico Youth Climate Summit (GOMYCS), which will be held virtually July 29-30. Maggie and Armon are the Co-Directors of Youth Engagement for the Gulf Reach Institute and together they co-founded GOMYCS as a way to assemble and amplify youth voices from around the entire Gulf of Mexico. Their hope is for young environmental stewards from around the Gulf of Mexico, including from Mexico and Cuba, to unite for two days dedicated to learning and connecting with fellow researchers, students, and activists about the critical issues facing the Gulf. Maggie and Armon are both undergraduate students at Texas A&M Corpus Cristi (Go Islanders!). For information on how to register for GOMYCS click here!  Its a great conversation with two inspiring youths, only on ASPN!

1h 3m
Jul 24
Charting the Great Lakes on the NOAA Survey Ship Thomas Jefferson | North Coast Chronicles

North Coast Chronicles: Tales from the Great Lakes journeys to Lake Erie with CDR Matt Jaskoski, Commanding Officer of the NOAA Survey Ship THOMAS JEFFERSON.  After 35 years, NOAA returns to the Great Lakes to update hundreds of nautical charts to modern standards.  While not exactly updating lead line surveys (the real old fashioned charts), many charts were last updated when bathymetry surveying was single dimensional and limited in detail.  Homeported in Norfolk, Virginia, the THOMAS JEFFERSON is used to map the ocean to aid maritime commerce, improve coastal resilience, and understand the "marine" environment. The THOMAS JEFFERSON ventured up the East Coast and into the St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario, around Niagara Falls through the Welland Canal and into Lake Erie where it has been running survey operations to understand the "lake" environment!  Commander Jaskoski talked to us while on the ship in the Erie, PA area after having already surveyed around the Lake Erie islands in the western basin.  We learn when and how they use launches to manage near shore surveying, what it's like to live on the ship, and how to find a career with the NOAA Corps sailing for science!

Jul 22
Meet Malte Niebelschuetz: Playing with Plastic to keep it out of the Ocean | Wave Makers

On this month’s episode of Wave Makers, host, Tamara Kahn, dips into the fun topic of toys!  This one is a meaningful conversation with a down-to-earth change maker Malte Niebelschuetz  When Malte quit his corporate job in Germany and moved to San Diego, he was shocked to see how big an issue there is with plastic on the beaches. And yet, he noted, plenty of plastic continues to be used everywhere. Inspired by others working to reduce plastics in the ocean, Malte set out to repurpose this waste in a fun and educational way. Shore Buddies works “to bring Sustainability into Play, to keep Plastics out of the Oceans.”  Listen to hear how Malte got started and how toys and education can help save marine life and support others with similar missions. You can help too, by supporting the Shore Buddies WeFunder campaign, or even by purchasing a stuffed animal! $1 from every product purchase helps save Marine Life. Websites hyperlinked above:

Jul 21
Women Wavemakers in the Blue Economy Part II: Pioneering the Blue Economy from a Women's Point of View | American Blue Economy Podcast

In this month’s episode of The American Blue Economy Podcast, our host Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet, PhD, US Navy (ret) introduces us to 3 women wavemakers in the American Blue Economy. Borrowing from the name of the Wavemakers podcast on Coastal News Today & American Shoreline Podcast Network hosted by Tamara Kahn, we learn how women are making many notable contributions in #bluetech and the #blueeconomy Our guests include Marine Slingue, Vice President for North America at the navigation technology company iXblue, KellyPeters, Senior Content Marketing Manager at the commercial space and weather company, and LauraTrilles, Senior Program Director at the environmental services company Lynker Be sure to dive in and make some waves with us!

Jul 20
From Headwaters to the (Delta) Dispatches | Delta Dispatches

Today’s episode explores the other end of the Mighty Mississippi by welcoming Trevor Russell, Water Program Director with Friends of the Mississippi River Based in Minnesota, Russell paints a picture of the upper river, discusses his organization’s work to enhance the health of the Mississippi River from the Twin Cities and beyond. In particular, he highlights the organization’s award-winning State of the River report, the Mississippi River Restoration & Resilience Initiative (MRRRI) Act they are advocating for along with the Mississippi River Network, and more!

Jul 19
Checking Out SandSnap: ERDC's Crowdsourced Sand Grain Database

On this episode, host's Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham welcome Dr. Brian McFall and Dr. Shelley Whitmeyer to the show to talk about SandSnap, a cool new citizen science tool that they developed to help advance the understanding of sand grain size along the American shoreline, and beyond. Geophysical coastal models rely on sand grain characteristics, which can vary significantly up and down the coast. By collecting images of beach sand (with a US coin for size reference), the SandSnap algorithm can provide nearly instantaneous grain size analysis. The image, its GPS location, and the corresponding grain size data are then saved in a publicly accessible database for modelers to use to better predict coastal processes. Brian and Shelley talk us through the creation of SandSnap (which began as an email authored by Shelley), how they are improving the accuracy of the system, and how broad public participation in SandSnap can help improve our scientific understanding of the Nation's coasts.  Brian McFall is a coastal engineer at the U.S. Army Engineering Research and Development Center (ERDC) with an expertise in wave mechanics and coastal morphological evolution.  While working for ERDC he has also created the Sediment Mobility Tool (SMT) which calculates how often sediment in a nearshore berm will be mobilized and where it is likely to go.  Shelley Whitmeyer is an assistant professor as James Madison University where she teaches coastal science.  It's a great show, only on ASPN!

Jul 18
A Coastal Writer's Paradise: Exploring Martha's Vineyard's Literary Place on the American Shoreline | Shorewords!

It’s summer and like thousands of New Englanders, we’re heading to Martha’s Vineyard.  Join host Lesley Ewing in conversation with Professor David Foster, biologist, board member of the Edey Foundation and Trustees of Reservations on Martha’s Vineyard, and author of The Meeting of Land and Sea: Nature and the Future of Martha’s Vineyard.  On this episode of Shorewords, we’ll look landward to explore the history of this iconic vacation spot, the changing land use practices that have underpinned this island community for centuries and how our understanding of landscape history and related science can be best used to conserve and prepare an area for the future.

Jul 15
Food Tastes Like it Should in NZ: How culinary events can bring communities together and visitors over | Tasty Solution

Join hosts Arica Sears and Jane Connelly as they sit around the virtual table with one of New Zealand’s most recognized culinary tourism professionals Sarah Meikle. Sarah is the Festival Director of New Zealand's largest and tastiest culinary festival, Visa Wellington On a Plate and speaks to the power of culinary events. In addition to bringing more visitors in the off season, can events also be a place for innovative food launches? Can gathering around a culinary event also help communities develop their international identities?

Jul 14
Student Research Spotlight: Cristal Espinosa, Recreation Specialist with Miami-Dade County | Going Coastal

In this episode of Going Coastal, Jon and Marissa speak with a recent graduate from Florida Atlantic University (FAU), Ms. Cristal Espinosa. A native Miami resident fluent in Spanish, Cristal has a passion for the ocean, environmental science, and field work. Tune in to learn about Cristal’s experience with sea turtle monitoring during the National Park Service’s Mosaics in Science Diversity internship program, and how removing trash from coastal mangroves can be fun!

1h 1m
Jul 13
Exploring a Living Lab on Louisiana’s Coast | Delta Dispatches

Christopher Esposito, Ph.D., Research Scientist with The Water Institute of the Gulf, joins the podcast to discuss his journey from being an educator in a New Orleans math classroom to a leading scientist helping understand and inform coastal restoration efforts on Louisiana’s coast. Chris discusses the newly-launched Bay Denesse Living Lab Initiative, a physical site in Plaquemines Parish where scientific research is combined with active restoration, as well as other projects from coastal science to river management.

Jul 12
Asian-Cajun Fusion: Shrimp from the Bay to the Bayou

On this episode, hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham welcome Carl A. Brasseaux and Donald W. Davis back to the show to talk about their newly released book, //Asian-CajunFusion:ShrimpfromtheBaytotheBayou. Carl and Don were last on the show in as part of our live coverage of the Social Coast Forum in February of 2020. At that time the book was still in development. Carl and Don worked throughout the pandemic to complete this beautiful book and it is available for purchase today from the University of Mississippi Press.  Shrimp is easily America’s favorite seafood, but its very popularity is the wellspring of problems that threaten the shrimp industry’s existence. This book provides insightful analysis of this paradox and a detailed, thorough history of the industry in Louisiana. Dried shrimp technology was part of the cultural heritage Pearl River Chinese immigrants introduced into the Americas in the mid-nineteenth century. As early as 1870, Chinese natives built shrimp-drying operations in Louisiana’s wetlands and exported the product to Asia through the port of San Francisco. This trade internationalized the shrimp industry. About three years before Louisiana’s Chinese community began their export endeavors, manufactured ice became available in New Orleans, and the Dunbar family introduced patented canning technology. The convergence of these ancient and modern technologies shaped the evolution of the northern Gulf Coast’s shrimp industry to the present. Coastal Louisiana’s historic connection to the Pacific Rim endures. Not only does the region continue to export dried shrimp to Asian markets domestically and internationally, but since 2000 the region’s large Vietnamese immigrant population has increasingly dominated Louisiana’s fresh shrimp harvest. Louisiana shrimp constitute the American gold standard of raw seafood excellence. Yet, in the second decade of the twenty-first century, cheap imports are forcing the nation’s domestic shrimp industry to rediscover its economic roots. “Fresh off the boat” signs and real-time internet connections with active trawlers are reestablishing the industry’s ties to local consumers. Direct marketing has opened the industry to middle-class customers who meet the boats at the docks. This “right off the boat” paradigm appears to be leading the way to reestablishment of sustainable aquatic resources. All-one-can-eat shrimp buffets are not going to disappear, but the Louisiana shrimp industry’s fate will ultimately be determined by discerning consumers’ palates. Check it out, only on ASPN!

Jul 10
The Power of Community Building in Combatting Climate Change | Sea Change

Human beings crave community and the feeling of belonging but we live in a world that can feel increasingly isolating, this can leave people feeling frustrated and powerless. During this episode of the Sea Change Podcast, Jenna and her guest Anna Ziai explore the power that community building and well-informed, just policy can have in empowering people and mitigating the impacts of climate change. Anna is a graduate of University of Chicago Law School and is an environmental lawyer at the Sierra Club, where she uses federal legislation to address the climate crisis and its effects on people, animals, and habitats.

1h 23m
Jul 08
The July DC Coastal Update: NFIP, WRDA, and the FY23 Energy & Water Appropriations | WaterLog

On the July episode of the WaterLog podcast, Howard and Dan discuss legislative proposals to reform the National Flood Insurance Program, the status of the Water Resources Development Act of 2022, and FY23 Energy & Water Appropriations.

Jul 06
“River Hero” Arthur J. Johnson on Community Resilience and Coastal Restoration | Delta Dispatches

On this week’s podcast, Jacques is joined by Arthur J. Johnson, CEO, of the Lower 9th Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development (CSED). Arthur was recently recognized by the River Network for his leadership and impact on communities along the Mississippi River. Arthur discusses new programs at CSED, including glass recycling for coastal restoration and a new young leadership cohort. Arthur also reflects on the need for restoration of the MRGO Ecosystem to support people and nature across the Greater New Orleans region.

Jul 05
Catching Waves with Lou Harris and the Black Surfing Association

On this episode, hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham talk to Lou Harris, the founder and director of the East Coast Chapter of the Black Surfing Association. Based out of the Rockaways in New York City, Harris and BSA offer boards and surfing lessons free of charge. With a compelling social media presence and strong community support, Harris has organized paddle-outs that can bring as many as 500 surfers to the beach to support reforms in police violence and gun control, and has earned the endorsement of major surf brands that donate gear and clothing to the cause. Don't miss this great July 4th show, only on ASPN!

Jul 03
The Ocean Memory Project: An Exploration of the Intersection of Ocean and Memory | Ocean Decade Show!

This month Taylor is joined by artist Daniel Kohn and marine scientist/musician Heather Spence, two of the co-leaders of The Ocean Memory Project, a collaborative network of researchers from across the Sciences, Arts and Humanities dedicated to exploring the intersection of Ocean and Memory. In addition to discussing the importance of incorporating the arts throughout the Ocean Decade, Taylor, Heather and Daniel dive deep into the Ocean Decade process and design in an effort to answer the question "how can the global ocean community make sure we're building an inclusive and transformative initiative?" To learn more about Heather and Daniel's work, and the work of the rest of The Ocean Memory Project, visit

1h 7m
Jul 01
Live from Lisbon, it’s The Ocean Decade Show!

From her vantage point overlooking the UN Ocean conference, Taylor gives a quick recap of what’s happened thus far in Lisbon during this long delayed conference, gives an overview of some of the Ocean Decade events happening this week in Lisbon, and name drops all the major ocean celebrities she’s seen in the streets of Lisbon.

Jun 29
Inside the Navy's Climate Action 2030 Plan with Assistant Secretary of the Navy Meredith A. Berger

On this episode, hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham dive into Climate Action 2030 chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/, a U.S. Navy's plan anticipate and adapt to climate change across all elements of the Department. Joining is show is Meredith A. Berger, the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy, Installations, and Environment, to talk us through the report and highlight some of the important considerations the Navy made when creating it. Secretary Berger is responsible for providing oversight and policy for Navy and Marine Corps energy and climate resilience; infrastructure sustainment, restoration and modernization; military construction; acquisition, utilization and disposal of real property and facilities; environmental protection, planning, restoration and natural resources conservation; and safety and occupational health.

Jun 27
Hanging Ten on the Great Lakes | North Coast Chronicles

Surf the Great Lakes?  You betcha!  Two well-known shredders in the Great Lakes join this episode of North Coast Chronicles to share the shark-free sport that now includes thousands of devotees.  Ella Skrocki and Ben Sass, both of whom work at surf shops catering to the regional wave trade, share the best surfing spots and the secrets of hanging ten in the winter when swells are the biggest but the weather is the coldest!  Layback and lineup for this fun episode of North Coast Chronicles: Tales from the Great Lakes.

Jun 24
Understanding PFAS: A Major Coastal and Ocean Issue | All Swell?

This episode on All Swell? Covers the 3rd National PFAS Conference hosted in Wilmington, NC. Genevieve is joined by two other NC student researchers, Ashley Connors and Krystal Taylor to discuss PFAS, research, advocacy, and environmental justice.

Jun 22
A Coastal Breeze: Poems of the Summer Solstice with the Portland Poets Society | Sea Change

Tune into this special episode of the Sea Change Podcast to celebrate the summer solstice with Jenna, the Portland Poets Society, and a sea of poetry! A special thanks to the contributors from the Portland Poets Society for sharing their wisdom and art with us. Happy Summer, from the American Shoreline Podcast Network.

Jun 21