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Tides of Trash: A Student-Led Exploration into Beach Pollution | All Swell?

What’s the most common beach pollution? How is our health affected by beach pollution? These are just some of the topics Genevieve and Kyra discuss in this edition of All Swell? After a beach clean up they are joined by two other students as they re-cap what they found and the issues with beach pollution. They also provide resources for helping combat beach pollution. 

Sep 29
Meet Jonathan Ballesteros: Mr. All Go improving Low Flow | Wave Makers

Join Wave Makers host Tamara Kahn as she sits down with a friend who has always shared her spirit of adventure and now a passion for Blue tech as well. Jonathan Ballesteros, the entrepreneurial mind behind Geyser Systems, shares his story of launching the groundbreaking company that’s redefining the way we approach water conservation. Listen as they explore Jonathan’s personal journey, from his passion for technology and entrepreneurship to his mission-driven commitment to creating a more sustainable future for our water resources. Learn how Geyser Systems is revolutionizing a water usage overdue for an overhaul: the shower. 

Sep 27
Chasing the Tide: A 370-Mile Coastal Odyssey Unveiled

In the latest episode of the American Shoreline Podcast, hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham sit down with the team behind the forthcoming documentary "Chasing the Tide," set to begin filming in October. With just a week left before the cameras roll, guests Jay Kleberg, Chrissy Kleberg, and John Aldrich discuss the final stages of preparation, including the expert interviews they've already conducted and the scouting expeditions they've undertaken. The episode provides a deep dive into what the filmmakers aim to achieve with the project, why they felt an urgent need to make the film, and the logistical and environmental challenges unique to shooting on the Texas coast.

Sep 25
A Sea of Poetry: An Autumn Equinox Special with Portland Poets Society | Sea Change

Tune into this special episode of the Sea Change Podcast to celebrate the autumn equinox with Jenna, Portland Poets Society, and a sea of poetry! A special thanks to the contributors from the Portland Poets Society community and beyond for sharing their wisdom and art with us.

Sep 23
The Not So Secret World of Microplastics in the Great Lakes | North Coast Chronicles

We shouldn't be surprised that plastics make their way into the Great Lakes.  But, did you know that about 22 million pounds of plastic get into the Great Lakes each year?  A study by the University of Toronto found that 90% of Great Lakes water samples over the last 10 years have unsafe microplastic levels. On the September episode of North Coast Chronicles: Tales from the Great Lakes, we share that in a study of microplastics on 37 National Park beaches, microfibers were found at every site and made up 97% of the microplastic debris. But, the highest concentration of microplastics in this national study was found at the Apostle Islands National Seashore in Wisconsin!  Andrea Densham, sustainability expert with the Alliance for Great Lakes joins us to explain the sources of these toxic microplastics, the impact on the Great Lakes ecosystem, and ways to address the crisis.  

Sep 22
A Masterclass in Leadership: Forging the Future of the American Blue Economy | American Blue Economy Podcast

In this month's episode of the American Blue Economy Podcast, our host Rear Admiral, Tim Gallaudet, PhD, US Navy (ret) looks at the topic of leadership. Whether it is the work of government agencies like NOAA, universities and research institutions, or private companies, leadership is an important component of the U.S. effort to provide a positive example to the world in advancing a sustainable ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes-based economy.  Admiral Gallaudet's guest is retired Navy SEAL Captain and Dr. John "Coach" Havlik Coach Havlik will share what he has learned from his three decades of service as a Navy SEAL, as well as his recent doctoral dissertation in education and elements of his book The Leadership Reclaiming humility in an age of arrogance Admiral Gallaudet will also describe how he forged NOAA's leadership role in the American Blue Economy. Whether you are a seasoned expert or early career professional, you have the opportunity to lead in a positive way - this episode is for you if you want to learn how!

Sep 20
Bridging Oceans and Skies: ASPN and NOAA Unveil New Podcast

In this special episode, Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham are thrilled to announce a landmark collaboration with NOAA: the upcoming podcast "Planet NOAA: From Sun to Sea, and Everything in Between." Co-hosted by Peter and Aya Collins, Director of Communications and Education for the National Ocean Service, today's episode is more than just an announcement; it’s an in-depth look at the journey that led to this partnership. Aya Collins and Lori Arguelles, NOAA's Director of Strategic Communications, join us to share personal insights and the story behind "Planet NOAA." Discover how this unique collaboration was conceived, get to know the personalities behind it, and learn what to expect from this riveting new show that will span topics from solar phenomena to oceanic exploration.

Sep 18
Rescue, part 30: Water and World Ocean Health | World Ocean Radio

We are nearing the end of the RESCUE series. This week, in its 30th edition, we're talking about water: the well-spring of world ocean health and the essential natural system that sustains us all, thus its protection and sustainability are the key strategy for RESCUE.

Sep 16
Adapting to Rising Tides: John Englander on 'Moving to Higher Ground' | Shorewords

In 2021, John Englander was on Shorewords, talking about his book, Moving to Higher Ground. Much of the conversation was about options for adapting to the rise in sea level projected by the recently released 2021 IPCC Report. Recent news indicates that climate conditions have not improved since 2021. The 2022 State of the Climate Report found that global sea level was 4 inches above the 1993 baseline, floods in Southeast Asia were one of the costliest natural disasters in recorded history, destroying crops and property, causing over 1.700 fatalities, and affecting over 30 million people. This summer, ocean temperatures were up to 100 degrees F and floods are again in the news. This week, the United Nations released the 1st Climate Report Card since the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement that found that time is running out to keep the increase in global temperature at or below 1.5 degrees Celsius, the goal of the Paris Agreement. It seemed like a good time to revisit John Englander’s book and his suggestions for adapting to rising sea level. 

Sep 15
Anchors Aweigh: Your Comprehensive Guide to the 2023 ASBPA National Coastal Conference | Going Coastal

In this episode of Going Coastal, Jon and Deb are joined by the three co-chairs of this year’s National Coastal Conference - Brian Caufield, Maura Boswell and Lee Weishar.  Find out the meaning behind this year’s theme - Anchors Aweigh: Revolutionary Times for Coastal Habitats. Learn about the magic of October in New England and how to make the most of your time in Providence, Rhode Island. If you plan on attending, please be sure to find Marissa, Deb and I as we’d love to chat about the future of Going Coastal.

Sep 13
Nautical Nightmares and Coastal Conundrums: A Chat with David Abel

In this episode of the American Shoreline Podcast, Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham sit down with returning guest David Abel, an award-winning reporter and documentary filmmaker. With an eye for coastal narratives, David unpacks the stories behind his two latest films: "In the Whale" and "Inundation District." The first film offers an unprecedented account of Michael Packard's harrowing experience being swallowed and subsequently spat out by a humpback whale. The second dissects the fraught decision to build a lavish waterfront district at sea level, despite rising seas and climate warnings. Tune in for a compelling conversation that navigates the treacherous waters of human folly and resilience in the face of nature's grandeur and wrath.

Sep 11
RESCUE, part 29: Trans-Generational Urgency | World Ocean Radio

We are nearing the end of the 33-part RESCUE series. This week we turn our attention to the young people around the world that are approaching outdated conventions with resilience and resolve. Thousands upon thousands of youth activists are having their voices heard and their calls to action heeded. We must reinforce their resolve, their commitment and their acceptance of RESCUE: R for renewal; E for environment; S for society; C for collaboration; U for understanding; and E for engagement.

Sep 09
Reminiscing on five years of the Sea Change Podcast: Meet Tyler Buckingham, Co-Founder of the American Shoreline Podcast Network | Sea Change

You know the show, you love the show, but do you know how the Sea Change Podcast came to be? Join us for a special episode as we celebrate the podcast's upcoming five-year anniversary! To kick off the celebration, Jenna is going back to the show's roots with the person who made it all possible, Co-Founder of the American Shoreline Podcast Network, and co-host of The American Shoreline Podcast, Tyler Buckingham. Not only do the two reminisce on their podcasting journey but they also look ahead at what's to come and discuss Tyler's new role with Blue Robotics. Trust us, this is a conversation you don't want to miss.

1h 0m
Sep 06
Digital Rebirth: USS New Jersey’s Second Life as a Virtual Museum

In this special reairing for Labor Day, join Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham as they explore the extraordinary legacy of the USS New Jersey (BB-62), the most decorated battleship in U.S. Navy history. Guests Ryan Szimanski and Libby Jones provide an in-depth look at the ship's diverse service history, spanning World War II to the Cold War. Discover how the ship has been rejuvenated through digital media, allowing virtual access to this floating monument from the comfort of your home. Tune in for a deep dive into naval history and the innovative ways we can interact with it today—only on ASPN.

Sep 04
Creating a Ocean-Literate Society - An Artist's Perspective | Ocean Decade Show!

How do we as humans understand the ocean's influence on us? Do we understand the influence that we have on the ocean? Both of these questions fall under the concept of "ocean literacy", a key part of the Ocean Decade that's focused on understanding our relationship with the ocean. On this month's episode of The Ocean Decade Show, artist and filmmaker Anne de Carbuccia is our guest tackling these questions from her unique vantage point. Anne and Taylor spend time discussing her artistic origins, the goals of her foundation, and her new role as a member of the Ocean Literacy Group of Experts for the Ocean Decade. To learn more about Anne and her art, visit HTTPS://ONEPLANETONEFUTURE.ORG/ and HTTPS://ANNEDECARBUCCIA.COM/ARTWORKS/ To learn more about the Ocean Literacy Group of Experts, visit

Aug 31
Meet Danica Reinicke: Surfs up for Citizen Scientists! | Wave Makers

In this episode of Wave Makers, host Tamara Kahn is delighted to share a company helping anyone who delights in the ocean get involved in helping it! Smartfin turns surfers and paddlers into scientists collecting critical ocean data. 40% of the world's population lives within 60 miles of the coast, yet there is still a gap in understanding those coastal waters. CEO Danica Reinicke shares how the idea for this innovative data device was born and what they still need to get it to the recreation lovers of North America. She also briefly shares her journey from engineering and medical industry to environmental and sustainable endeavors. Discover more about Smartfin at or connect via Instagram @surfsmartfin

Aug 30
Voices from the Shore: Chronicles of Environmental Evolution

In this episode of the American Shoreline Podcast, Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham dive deep into the unique intersection of oral history and environmental change. Special guest Tara Hinton, a rising junior at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, shares her pioneering work, mining archives for oral histories at the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Heritage Center. These histories, some of which date back decades, offer invaluable insights into the environmental shifts observed by communities over time, especially in the wake of events like Hurricane Floyd. To deepen the discussion, the hosts also welcome back a friend of the podcast, Dr. Rob Young, Director of the Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines at Western Carolina University. Together, they explore how these narratives can shape our understanding of climate change, inform policy, and reveal the resilient spirit of coastal communities.

Aug 28
RESCUE, part 28: A Transformational Tool for Ocean Literacy | World Ocean Radio

This week we continue the multi-part RESCUE series with a highlight of the World Ocean Explorer virtual aquarium project of the W2O, an innovative tool by which to present responsible science, innovative education, and a unique virtual experience freely accessible to all. For further information, to promote and support, please visit Dive deep, share with your children and grandchildren, and spread the word.

Aug 26
The Value of Maritime Shipping to the Great Lakes with Administrator Adam Tindall-Schlicht | North Coast Chronicles

The Value of Maritime Shipping to the Great Lakes with Adam Tindall-Schlicht, Administrator to the Great Lakes Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation.  Last month, a coalition of maritime interests published an economic analysis on the value of maritime to the Great Lakes.  Is maritime trade in the Great Lakes growing and how does it impact jobs and related industries?  Administrator Tindall-Schlicht shares the results of this timely study and shares his broader vision for an environmentally sustainable system.

Aug 25
Climate Change & Migration | All Swell?

In this episode, Kyra and GG discuss one of the biggest questions concerning climate change, will environmental changes cause people to move? GG discusses working on a multi-university collaborative team to investigate environmental drivers, conflict, and migration. They also announce some exciting in-person events for NC-based TCS members.  

Aug 24
The Meeting Point: How States and Federal Government Collaborate on Coastal Zones | Capitol Beach

On The Capitol Beach, host Derek Brockbank is joined by Adam Schempp with the Environmental Law Institute and Daniel Govoni with North Carolina Division of Coastal Management to explore federal consistency as established by the Coastal Zone Management Act. Federal consistency is a rare policy that  the federal government to coordinate with a state before any federal action takes place in that state’s coastal zone. Each state, with the approval of NOAA, can establish “enforceable policies” that determine what state rules and regulations can trigger federal consistency. Daniel is a federal consistency coordinator for NC and provides local examples and a state perspective; Adam and ELI have recently released a report entitled, “Strong Enforceable Policies: Examples and Tips”, and provide a national explanation. Further learning on this topic can be done through Digital Coast’s learning module on federal consistency  This podcast gets wonky – which I think we mention 5 or 6 times during the pod! – but provides a great overview of complicated but important coastal policy.

Aug 23
Could The Marine Resource Committee Model Be America's Coastal Solution?

In this episode of the American Shoreline Podcast, hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham unravel the innovative approach of the Island County Marine Resources Committee with Dr. Jill Lipoti and Patrick Havel. Delve into how the committee is revolutionizing the way local voices are incorporated into pivotal decisions affecting the ocean and coast. Could this be the future template for other regions across the American shoreline? With a rich blend of sustainability knowledge and global scientific expertise, Jill and Patrick advocate for a fresh, community-centric model in marine resource management that might just set the precedent for other regions to follow.

Aug 21
Whale Whispers in San Ignacio: A Journey with James Dorsey | Shorewords!

Whale kisses: For centuries, grey whales have traveled from the Arctic area San Ignacio Lagoon for a protected nursery area. For twenty years, James Dorsey has been a naturalist at the lagoon introducing tourists to these incredible animals. Join Lesley Ewing, host of Shorewords!, in conversation with James Dorsey for tales of the lagoon, the whales, the many people who work to enhance the whale community, and on-going development and climate pressures that might threaten this sustainable human-whale ecosystem.  

Aug 18
Sailing, Flying, Diving: NOAA Corps' Mighty Fleet and Their Role in Blue Economy | American Blue Economy Podcast

On the July episode of the American Blue Economy Podcast, our host Rear Admiral, Tim Gallaudet, PhD, US Navy (ret) shines a spotlight on the NOAA  Corps of Commissioned Officers and their many blue economy contributions. Joining him is a stellar lineup of current and former members of the NOAA Corps, including retired NOAA Corps Commander G. Mark Miller, CEO and Founder of Greenwater MarineSciences Offshore Inc in Alexandria VA, Captain (select) Rebecca Waddington, a certified NOAA pilot and currently the Executive Director to the Deputy Under Secretary for Operations of NOAA at the NOAA HQ building in Silver Spring MD, and Lieutenant Commander (select) Dustin Picard, Chief of the NOAA Corps Recruiting Branch, also in Silver Spring. They describe how this unique uniformed service runs the NOAA Fleet of ships, prop and jet aircraft, boats, dive boats, aerial, underwater, and surface drones, and remotely operated vehicles that are essential for NOAA's science, service, and stewardship mission. Be ready to get underway, aloft, and underwater on one of the most adventurous episodes of our series!

Aug 16
Diving Deep: Engineering, Ecology, and The Echoes of the Titan Incident with Shanee Stopnitzky

In an episode, hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham welcome Shanee Stopnitzky explore the vast complexities of marine ecology, technology, and human exploration. From the promise of artificial upwellings to making deep-sea exploration accessible to all through the Community Submersibles Project, Shanee delves into her pioneering work in marine environments. The conversation takes a somber turn as they reflect on the tragic Titan submersible incident, discussing its implications for the submersible community and Shanee's personal relationship to the event. Gain an in-depth understanding of the Prism initiative—an underwater sanctuary designed to transform our relationship with marine ecosystems—and discover the profound wonders of our oceans. An episode that navigates the peaks of human innovation and the valleys of tragedy in our relentless quest to explore the deep.

1h 0m
Aug 14
RESCUE, part 27: How to Advance Ocean Literacy | World Ocean Radio

This week on World Ocean Radio we continue the RESCUE series with recommendations to further protect the ocean--by building ocean literacy into every level of education and action around the world.

Aug 12
Staten Island with Mac Cardona of cWave Lab | Sea Change

One year ago, this oceanside conversation became an instant classic. Tune in to meet Jenna's dear friend and Founder of cWave Labs, Mac Cardona. Mac is a wildlife biologist and a visual story sharer who was called to action by her many years of experience in the scientific field, where she identified how some communities are excluded from sharing in the beauty of nature through inaccessible information and places.

Aug 11
ASBPA's Blue Flag Award: Setting the Standard for Coastal Protection | Going Coastal

In this episode of the Going Coastal Podcast, we discuss the ASBPA Blue Flag Award Program with Annie Mercer, program coordinator for ASBPA, and Porsche Nauls, Departmental Facilities Planner II LA County Department of Beaches and Harbors, and one of the two Blue Flag award winners this year. The Blue Flag Award is an international eco-label awarded to beaches, marinas, and water sports facilities that meet a set of environmental, educational, and safety standards. The program is designed to promote sustainable practices and raise awareness of the importance of protecting coastal resources. In this episode, Annie and Porsche discuss the benefits of participating in the Blue Flag Award Program, the challenges of achieving award status, and the importance of protecting coastal resources. They also share their personal experiences with the program and offer advice to students and young professionals who are interested in pursuing a career in coastal management. This episode is a great resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about the ASBPA Blue Flag Award Program or who is passionate about protecting coastal resources.

Aug 09
Sands of Time: New Jersey’s Shore at the Brink

In this favorite episode, hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham dive deep with Andrew S. Lewis, exploring his captivating New York Times Magazine piece, "The Long, Slow Drowning of the New Jersey Shore." A culmination of the Pulitzer Center’s Connected Coastlines reporting project and adorned with striking visuals from Devin Oktar Yalkin, Lewis's article paints a vivid picture of the multi-dimensional challenges facing New Jersey’s coastline. Join us as we navigate the stories of the people at the heart of this issue - from the scientists and coastal managers to the artists and local leaders - and ponder on the evolving future of the New Jersey shore.

1h 6m
Aug 07
ECOP Evolution - New National Nodes with Hanna Lachance | Ocean Decade Show!

This month on The Ocean Decade Show, we're harkening back to a key part of the Decade that we first covered way back on Episode 3 of the podcast - Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOPs). The ECOP Programme has grown exponentially since it was first featured on the podcast, and one of the most exciting updates has been through the launch of Regional and National Nodes. These Nodes are a new and novel way to focus on the unique intergenerational opportunities and challenges associated with early career ocean folks around the world. The United States hosts one of these National Nodes, and this month Taylor is speaking to Hannah Lachance, a U.S. ECOP Node Steering Committee member, about this exciting evolution in the ECOP space. Visit to learn more about the ECOP Programme overall and these exciting Nodes!

Aug 04