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James Miller | Lifeology is a 30 minute weekly inspirational radio show dedicated to teaching practical life lessons. The concept of Lifeology (study of life) asserts that there is always a lesson to learn in life. We are all linked by our ability to express and feel emotions but the scenario in which it is experienced will be different for each person.

What sets Lifeology apart from other radio shows is James is licensed psychotherapist with years of experience. In each episode he teaches valuable tools and techniques that the listener can apply to their life. Each episode also features a guest who has had relevant life experiences in which it changed them or taught them a valuable lesson.

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James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - Confidence Unleashed | Laine D'Souza

Fitness Expert Laine D'Souza talks about her new book Confidence Unleashed which helps the reader conquer self-doubt by providing actionable steps to overcome it. wmrranchfit.com http://wmrranchfit.com/ #confidence #exercise #mentalhealth #mindset

Mar 07
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - Understanding Happiness | Teresa Greco

Teresa Greco shares her epiphany of checking off all of life's boxes but still not feeling fulfilled. Hear what she did to find happiness. TeresaGreco.ca #happiness #authenticself #intentional #stepstotruehappiness

Feb 26
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - 5 Resets for Less Stress and More Resilience | Dr. Aditi Nerurkar

Stress Expert, Dr. Aditi Nerurkar @draditinerurkar talks about her book “The 5 Resets" which teaches you ways to overcome stress and burnout by using 5 powerful mind shift techniques. 5resets.com http://5resets.com/ #draditinerurkar #stressmanagement #resilience #toxicresilience

Feb 08
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - Tomorrow Never Sleeps | Dr. Jackie Heller

Dr. Jackie Heller talks about her book, Tomorrow Never Sleeps which helps people understand how their past traumas influence them today. acquelineheller.com http://acquelineheller.com/ #mindset; #trauma #introspection

Feb 01
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - Mind Mapping Your Life | John Diggs

Life Coach, John Diggs shares his story of reinventing himself by using mind mapping to love life again and to find success in all areas of life. JohnDiggs.com/Lifeology

Jan 23
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - Let's Talk Menopasue | Donna Klassen

Donna Klassen, co-founder of Let's Talk Menopause (LTM), shares how LTM is helping women get the information they need and the healthcare they deserve. LetsTalkMenopause.org #WeDeserveBetter #menopausemovement #menopauseawareness #menopause

Jan 11
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - Controlling Mental Chaos | Dr. Jaime Pineda

Neuroscientist, Dr. Jamie Pineda talks about his book Controlling Mental Chaos which teaches strategies for shutting down uncontrolled thoughts. The-Unencumbered-Mind.com #controllingmentalchaos; #theunencumberedmind #mindset

Jan 08
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - A Trauma Surgeon on Trauma | Dr Craig Thayer

Dr. Craig Thayer, a trauma surgeon shares his personal and professional tragedies and how he overcame them to heal others. CraigThayer.net #traumaa #traumasurgeon #adoption #inspiraiton

Jan 03
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - The Identity of an Adopted Person | Dr. Stephen Rowley

Dr. Stephen Rowley talks about his new book The Lost Coin which gives its readers insight into the identity of an adopted person. stephenrowley108.com http://stephenrowley108.com/ #LostCoinAdoption#adoptionmemoir#adoption#adoptioncommunity #JungianPsychology

Dec 11, 2023
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - From Poor Immigrant to Wealthy Philanthropist |Alessandro Tronco

Alessandro Tronco shares his story of coming to America with five dollars and becoming a wealthy philanthropist. Thebuddhawhodroveabentley.com #mindset #immigrant #mindfulllness #wealth #philanthropy

Dec 08, 2023
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - The Radiant Life Project: | Kate King

Psychotherapist, Kate King talks about her book The Radiant Life Project which teaches you how to live a fulfilled life. theradiantlifeproject.com http://theradiantlifeproject.com/ #personalgrowthjourney#personaldevelopment #womensupportingwomen#womenempowerment#higherconsciousness #innerwork#mentalhealthsupport#mentalhealthhelp#healingjourney #selfhelptools#selfhealers #selfhealing#selfhelpbook#selfhelpbooks #getinspired

Dec 04, 2023
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - The Benefits of Working with a Functional Medicine Doctor | Paul Burgess

Paul Burgess teaches you the importance of working with a functional medicine doctor to help your healthiest life. PaulBurgess.uk #PaulBurgess #PBFM #functionalmedicinedoctor #functionalmedicine

Dec 01, 2023
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - BreakProof: The 7 Necessities for Becoming Resilient | Jenn Drummond

Mountaineer, Jenn Drummond talks about her book Breakproof which teaches you seven practical and applicable lessons to teach you resilience. JennDrummond.com #jenndrummond #mountaineering #resilience #mteverest

Nov 16, 2023
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - The Lost Treasure Podcast | Thaao Penghlis

Days of Our Lives star, Thaao Penghlis talks to James about his new podcast that he wrote and produced, The Lost Treasure. #DOOL #ThaaoPenghlis #podcast #archaeology #archaeologypodcast #TheLostTreasuresPodcast #DaysofOurLives

Nov 09, 2023
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - Defeat Your Cravings | Dr. Glenn Livingston

Dr Glenn Livingston talks about his new book Defeat Your Cravings which teaches you ways to manage any food cravings you may have. DefeatYourCravings.com #cravings #overeating #stopovereating #bingeeating

Nov 02, 2023
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - Lessons Learned from Traveling the World | Boris Kester

World Traveler, Boris Kester talks about his nw book The Long Road to Cullaville which shares his around the world traveling exploits. BorisKester.com #travel #adventure #world #thelongroadtocullaville #everycountry #boriskester #travelbook #traveladventures #fearless #inspiration

Oct 26, 2023
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - Creating Your Healthy Lifestyle | Phil Catudal

Elite Fitness Trainer, Phil Catudal teaches you how to incorporate fitness into your specific lifestyle. TrainedByPhil.com #exercise #fitness #nutrition #lifestyle #fitfam #workout #fitnessmotivation

Oct 19, 2023
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - Soldier Rush | Manuel Mair

Veteran and Fitness Expert, Manuel Mair talks about his obstacle race Soldier Rush and how it raises money to support first responders. SoldierRush.com

Oct 16, 2023
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - The Chosen (TV Series) | Derral Eves (Executive Producer)

Executive Producer, Derral Eves gives an inside look at the Chosen television series. Check your local listings to watch. TheChosen.tv

Oct 09, 2023
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - Seven Principles of Successful Decision Making | Jack Flaherty

Business consultant, Jack P Flaherty teaches you his proven seven principles for effective and successful decisions making. thedecisionswitch.com http://thedecisionswitch.com/ #corporateculture #decisionmaking #decisions #leadership #leadershipdevelopment #thedecisionswitch #success #problemsolving #personaldevelopment #digitaldisruption

Oct 02, 2023
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - If You Live With Chronic Pain | Colleen Jorgensen

Osteopath Colleen Jorgensen empowers you and teaches you that you don't have to let chronic pain run your life. ColleenJorgensen,org #Chronipain #chronicpainawareness #osteopath

Sep 29, 2023
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - What Feminine Leadership Actually Means | Monica Yates

Monica Yates is a trauma healer, feminine/masculine embodiment coach, and period whisperer. In today’s episode, Monica talks to us about What Feminine Leadership ACTUALLY Means. MonicaYatesHealth.com

Sep 21, 2023
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - Life After a Stroke | Jan Burl

Jan Burl shares her inspirational story of learning how to depend on others, self-love, and the importance of slowing down and enjoying life. thundercrestbooks.com http://thundercrestbooks.com/

Sep 19, 2023
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - Selfish is a SuperPower | Jessica Dennehy

Entrepreneur, Jessica Dennehey talks about her book Selfish is a Superpower which redefines what it means to be selfish to live a fulfilled life. JessicaDennehey.com

Sep 14, 2023
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - The Life of an Asexual Person

Sandra Bellamy, an asexual expert teaches you and normalizes what it means to be an asexual person. www.asexualise.com http://www.asexualise.com/

Sep 11, 2023
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - Your Disability Does Not Define You | Jordan Schroeter

Jordan Schroeter was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy but that does not define him. He inspires you to overcome any obstacle you may face. linktr.ee/jordanschroeter http://linktr.ee/jordanschroeter

Aug 31, 2023
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - A Touch of the Madness | Larry Kasanoff

Legendary move Producer, Larry Kasanoff talks about his book A Touch of the Madness which teaches that embracing your "crazy" side is where something truly original is created. ATouchOfTheMadness.com

Aug 24, 2023
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - Awaken Your Soul | Ted Orenstein

Spiritual seeker Ted Orenstein talks about his book, Awaken Your Soul which teaches you how to become enlightened. TedOrenstein.com

Aug 18, 2023
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - Incurable Optimist | Jennifer Cramer-Miller

Author Jennifer Cramer-Miller talks about her memoir Incurable Optimist, which shares how she overcame being diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disease. Incurable-Optomist.com

Aug 14, 2023
James Miller | LIFEOLOGY® Radio - Eating for Your Lifestyle | Tony Castillo

Nutritionist, Tony Castillo teaches you how to eat food specifically for your lifestyle to help you achieve your health goals. NutritionFP.com/Lifeology

Jul 31, 2023