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Apostle Dr. T.L. Elliott is Kingdom driven about restoring individuals to Godly identity. His teachings and messages are made available to give listeners Godly revelation and illumination.

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The Work Of The Cross

Resurrection Sunday message regarding the "Work (Occupation) of the Cross" for the sake of the World's Salvation and celebrating a Risen LORD. Scriptural reference: Colossians 1:19-22.  Supporting scriptures:  Lev 17:11; Deu 12:22-23; Gal 3:13; Heb 9:22

Mar 31
Physical & Spiritual Significance of the Blood Sacrifice of Christ

A literal revelation regarding bloodshed and how it associates with the spiritual bloodshed of Christ Jeus (Yeoshua) in conjunction with Passover.  Scriptural references associated with the subject of blood: Ex 12:7; Matt 26:28; Rom 11:17-27; Eph 2:10 - 3:6; John 15:2

Mar 24
Divine Leadership For Leading Leaders

Conference message regarding divine leadership is designed to lead (influence) leaders as servants for the LORD GOD.  Scriptural refernces:  Num 27:18-20. 23; Deu 31: 1, 5-7; Josh 1:6-7

1h 2m
Mar 24
Standing On The Prophets of GOD Or Strange Women

Workshop session regarding teaching Believers to be able to discern (spiritually recognize) who is influencing their life and knowing the difference, based on the characteristics they demonstrate.  The question we must ask ourselves is, Are they strange women (leading us into ungodliness) or are they godly prophets (messengers that lead us into the haracteristics of the LORD GOD)?

1h 7m
Mar 23
Bible Study Malachi Ch3 Pt6

Continuation of teaching regarding correction of ministry leadership in service of the LORD. Passage focused on the value of a repentant leader before the LORD.  Scriptural reference: Malachi 3:16-18

Mar 16
Bible Study: Malachi Ch3 Pt5

Continuation of teaching on the prophecy of Malachi directed towards ministry eadership.  The focus was on the leadership doubt of the character of the LORD GOD.  Scriptural reference: Malachi 3:13-15

Mar 16
The Purpose For Being Servants

Teaching for Mountaintop Christian Ministries regarding the purpose for being a servant for the LORD.  The following areas were addressed: What is a Servant? Why be a Servant? Who are Servants? When are we Servants? Where within ourselves are we Servant? How are we made Servants?

1h 23m
Mar 14
Community Leadership Training: Common Ordinances Recognized By the Church Pt10

Continuation of teaching on the ordinances recognized in the church by ministry leadership.  The session resumed a focus on the ordinance of the church known as baptism.

1h 5m
Mar 11
Purged For Work

Message regarding their is a requirement for us to be "purged for the work (occupation) of the LORD" as HIS Living Temples. Supporting scripture: 2 Timothy 2:19-21.  Additional scriptural references: 2Cor 6:16; Rom 8:28; Ex 27:3; 1Kin 8:64; Num 5:17

1h 11m
Mar 10
Bible Study: Malachi Ch3 Pt4

Continuation of teaching on the Biblical intent of tithe and offering taught by leadership for the house of the LORD. Scriptural reference: Malachi 3:10-12. Additional scriptural references: Deu 18:4; 14:28-29; 12:17-18; Lev 27:30-33; Num 18:26-28

Mar 08
The Voice & The Purpose of Divine Grace Pt1

Teaching on the definition of "divine grace. Teaching also clarifies "who is divine grace as well as who receives divine grace." Foundational scripture reference on grace to include its meaning: 2Cor 12:9 Scriptural reference regarding "who is divine grace" and "who receives it:" Ps 145:8; 1Cor 15:10

Mar 04
What I Am Working For

Message regarding asking ourselves are we working to eternally serve the LORD or to temporally appease our personal agendas. Scriptural reference: John 6:22-33, with a focus on verses 27-29. Supporting scriptures: John 4:48; 6:47-56

Mar 03
Bible Study: Malachi Ch3 Pt3

Continuation of teaching on leadership and proper giving unto the LORD in relation to tithe and offering. Scriptural reference: Malachi 3:6-10

Feb 16
Community Leadership Training: Common Ordinances of the Church Pt9

Teaching focused on the conclusion of the ordinance of Death & Funerals and introduced the ordinance of Baptism.

1h 0m
Feb 11
Work for Life

John 6:27-29: Message regarding "laboring in the occupation of the LORD GOD," with the intent of all that we do being for the best interest of living eternally in HIM.

Feb 11
Catechism Teaching for Leaders Based on Malachi

Teaching for ministry leadership regarding key areas we must be mindful of when serving the LORD and HIS people. Focus was in the area of maintaining the standards of excellence that the LORD GOD has set for maintaining HIS sanctuary. Teaching points were addressed based on Malachi chapters 1, 2, and 3.

Feb 11
The Voice: The Purpose of Divine Righteousness Pt9

Conclusion of teaching on the subject of "the purpose of divine righteousness, with a focus in the area of "when do we recognize having godly righteousness in our lives."

1h 5m
Feb 05
Faith Takes Work

Sub-title for this message: Divine Patience is the Perfect Work Message regarding how "faith & patience" are characteristics we are to develop as products of living a lifestyle based on Godly work. Scriptural reference: James 1:2-4

Feb 04
Bible Study: Malachi Ch3 Pt2

Continuation of teaching on the errored operations of the priests of the LORD and how they are to be spiritually refined by the LORD. Scriptural reference: Malachi 3:4-6

Jan 28
Bible Study: Malachi Ch3 Pt1

Teaching on the LORD's "refining process" required for HIS people and HIS priests/leadership. Scriptural reference: Malachi 3:1-3

Jan 19
Community Leadership Training: Common Ordinances Recognized In The Church, Pt8

Continuation of teaching on the common ordinances of the church. The focus of training was a conclusion on the ordinance of "marriage/covenant" and and introduction to the ordinance of "funerals."

Jan 15
Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Colossians 3:17: Message regarding whatever we do with the word we hear and the deeds (work) we perform, they are done in the character of the LORD GOD and give HIM glory. Supporting scriptures: 1 Cor 10:31; Gal 5:22-23

Jan 14
The Voice: The Purpose of Divine Righteousness, Pt8

Continuation of teaching on the subject of "divine righteousness" with a focus on "where we need to obtain or have touch points of righteousness in our lives."

1h 2m
Jan 08
Divine Faith By Divine Work

James 2:17-18: Message regarding how our "divine faith" is t empower our "divine work (profession, business, occupation)" that we do for the LORD or we will find that we are operating our faith unto the profession of spiritual death.

Jan 07
New Year or New You

2 Cor 5:17-18: Message regarding are we limited in our relationahip with the LORD because we have based our lives on New Year resolutions to be religious or are we becoming a "New Creation in HIM" that serves as a daily process not driven by the calendar.

Jan 06
Bible Study: Malachi Ch2, Pt3

Continuation of teaching regarding the error of the priests and their leadership in the house of the LORD. Scripture identifies the compromise of the priest's/leradership's Godly relationships in theoir families that jeopardizes their service unto the LORD. Scriptural reference: Malachi 2:14-17

Jan 05
Prophetic Proclamation for 2024

Divine Proclamation for the building of the Church or body of Believers in 2024.

Dec 31, 2023
The Totality of Divine Sanctification for The Believer

Leviticus 19:2: Message delivered as a role-up of 6 key elements regarding "sanctification" that was learned over the year of 2023 for the sake of salvation for the Believer. 6 areas addressed in the message regarding sanctification: What, Who, Why, How, When, and Where sanctification impacts the Believer.

1h 6m
Dec 31, 2023
Bible Study: Malachi Ch2 Pt2

Continuation of teaching on the error of the priests and their consequences as articulated in Malachi 2:10-13. Supporting scriptures to thsi passage: Job 31:15; 1Cor 8:6; Num 25:6-13; Ezra 9:1-2; Neh 13:29-31

Dec 22, 2023
Community Leadership Training: Common Ordinances of the Church Pt7

Continuation of teaching on the subject of common ordinances of the church, with a focus in the area of Covenant & Marriage and how they are related to each other.

1h 9m
Dec 10, 2023