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Creativity is an addiction. Unplugged because I never say no to creativity. Totally Uncut because we all make mistakes. Why not turn it into a tool?

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We make choices several times during one single twenty four hour period. Some are made behind walls, in front of windows and while walking through a door. No matter where you're standing challenges and changes are screaming out your name. Being in the right place helps you grow. Releasing steam doesn't mean getting angry or depressed about your present situation. De Frag was created to help inspire you to ask yourself the questions then question the answers. Stop running off to a friend or family member. They may live with you but they don't live in you. This is De Frag!

Mar 28
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This Sunday night... the world of music meets in the same house. The 2015 Grammy awards. Like every year... there's always one performance everybody wants to see. This year it involves a Beatle. Paul McCartney with Kanye West and Rihanna. The head master of the Grammy's Neil Portnow says required a lot to book such a performance.

Mar 24
Arroe Unplugged Page One Thousand Five Hundred Ten

The joys and pitfalls of being a daily writer. Like music and movies, if you set it aside what feels like a great idea is never given a second dance. How many beautiful creative ideas and moments are lost forever because the comfort of the pillow served as a bed anchor? There's no set time! The daily discipline is to take note of the patterns. So many are afraid of their creative journey. The fear of being judged and what if it turns out ugly? It takes courage to grow art. For now, in the United States it's legal. Not so much in Russia, Iran and North Korea.

Mar 08
Arroe Unplugged Page One Thousand Five Hundred Six

You'd think after so much fame putting a Rolling Stones live performance together would be a simple sip of tea. Not according to Keith Richards. There has to be several moments of together time for anything to jell. Which includes those unexpected moments when guests appear on stage. Jagger loves that stuff.

Mar 04
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Pod Crashing Episode 193 With Jacinda Davis And Kevin Fitzpatrick From Proof Wrongfully convicted Jeff Titus is out of prison today due to evidence uncovered by ID's series and the work of podcasters JACINDA DAVIS and SUSAN SIMPSON -- and it's their fifth exoneration in six months! You may remember you talked to Jacinda a few years back ahead of the show's premiere. Thought you might be interested in talking to her again about their process to uncover overlooked evidence, working with law enforcement, as well as the legal process to achieve such a meaningful outcome for Jeff and so many others. They never stopped working on the case and stayed in touch with Jeff on a weekly basis

Mar 03
Arroe Unplugged Page One Thousand Five Hundred Two

His words helped usher in a new age. While connecting divided highways that now link the entire nation into a solid generation. Wavy Gravy. The infamous emcee at Woodstock.

Feb 28