Awake Us Now

Pastor Chris Dodge


Awake Us Now is a body of believers who:
WORSHIP the Triune God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Praise Him with joy and thanksgiving for He is God and He is good;
WALK by faith in the power of the Holy Spirit. This is the clear teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ and the clear declaration of the Scriptures. Such a daily walk is a far cry from mere religion or "church as usual;"
WITNESS to Jesus Christ our Savior in daily life situations. Take seriously His call to make disciples. Be alert to the opportunities God provides to encourage and mentor others in the Christian life. Utilize the developing technologies to reach a new generation with the timeless Gospel of Christ.

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The Gospel According to Matthew - Week 3

In our study of Matthew this week we look at chapters 2 and 3, with an emphasis on deliverance through Jesus the Messiah and the fulfillment of the New Covenant through Him as well.

Sep 26
Rescued by Truth: Week 35

An antidote is a remedy for countering the affects of poison. Pastor shares Truth #20: “It all begins and ends in a garden,” and digs into freedom, the power of Jesus, and the power of God’s Word to deliver us from bondage to sin, death and the devil!

Sep 24
The Gospel According to Matthew - Week 2

This week our study of Matthew takes us into chapter 2 and the story of Jesus’ birth focusing on the Magi, their interaction with Herod, and their interesting gifts to Jesus.

Sep 19
Rescued by Truth: Week 34

This week Pastor goes back to the beginning to explore this truth: God’s Word is for my generation. Adam and Eve were real people and there is a growing body of evidence showing some astounding discoveries over recent years. This evidence points to a Brilliant Creator. Join us and be convinced of the truth of the Story of Creation.

Sep 17
The Gospel According to Matthew - Week 1

The Gospel of Matthew emphasizes Jesus as Israel’s long awaited Messiah. Jesus is the fulfillment of the prophetic promises in God’s Word, the Deliverer, Savior and King. Matthew zeroes in on Jesus’ call to discipleship. Will we heed this call today and commit fully to the King of Kings, the promised Savior of the world? Matthew chose to follow Jesus and Jesus changed Matthew’s life. If we choose to follow Jesus, He will change our lives, too. Why is the Gospel of Matthew Pastor Dodge's favorite? Why is this Gospel the first book of the New Testament? Jesus changed Matthew's life when Matthew chose to follow Jesus. Jesus still today is calling us to follow Him. If we choose to follow Jesus, He will change our lives just like He did Matthew's.

Sep 12
Rescued by Truth: Week 33

Pastor Dodge shares an archeological discovery uncovered from the 1980’s that dates back to the early first century. This discovery draws our attention to the Bible’s account of “Jesus Calms the Storm” found in Mark 4:35-41 and speaks to truth #18: “The Lord is near, even in the storm.” The 1st Century fishing boat uncovered on the shores of Galilee in 1986 helps us understand the boat in which Jesus fell asleep during a storm (Mark 4:35-41). This story points to this Truth: The Lord is near, even in the storm. The disciples, seeing the wind and raging waves fall still at Jesus' command, were terrified and asked themselves, "Who is this?" The rest of Scripture gives the answer: He is God, and we can turn to Him when the inevitable storms of life overwhelm us.

Sep 10
Rescued by Truth: Week 32

Synagogues were places for community gatherings and reading of the word, which began to spring up following the destruction of the Temple. Galilee, a place Jesus ministered and taught in, had an abundance of synagogues. In the excavations at Capernaum, you can stand above the foundation of the synagogue where Jesus preached in Mark 1:21-27. Yet Capernaum was one of three Galilean towns condemned by Jesus for unbelief in the face of miracles (Matthew 11:20-24). The ruins at Capernaum remind us that Jesus is the only sure foundation of faith and salvation. 

Sep 03
Rescued by Truth: Week 31

We need to take God seriously and we need to hear clearly what He is telling us! The Bible says that the Tabernacle was kept at Shiloh during the period of Judges, and recent excavations at Tel-Shiloh add archeological evidence and bring the Bible to life! But the Bible also relates how often Israel ignored the commands and true worship of God and fell into idolatry, with consistently disastrous results. The stones of El-Tel remind us of this truth: It is important to take God seriously. Discover what the stones are crying out!

Aug 20
Rescued by Truth: Week 30

If you are wrestling with the claims of the Bible or have worries, concerns, or doubts around what it says, or maybe you even think it’s just a book full of fairy tales or that what the Bible says cannot be trusted and it’s not applicable to my life. Pastor will tackle these things with an account from the Bible, backed up through archeology, and ancient writings from authors that were not Christians. Take a listen, because it’s dangerous to ignore clear evidence!

Aug 13
Rescued by Truth: Week 29

Titled “Stone Boxes,” this is a sermon probably unlike any you’ve ever heard! What are the stone boxes Pastor is going to talk about? Clue: these boxes are ancient. And what do these old stone boxes have to say to us today? What parallels can be found between Then and Now? Pastor shares a new truth: Truth #16 - It is dangerous to ignore clear evidence!

Aug 06
Rescued by Truth: Week 28

Rescued by Truth Week 28, “Stumbling Stones,” has profound significance for today. This message is based on 1 Corinthians 10:11, words that call us to learn important lessons from what happened in the past. The stones are crying out to us and speaking boldly to our confused, mixed-up and deceived times. The stones teach us important life lessons.

Jul 30
Rescued by Truth: Week 27

Pastor Dodge continues excavating Truth #15: “The stones cry out to our generation.” This week we hear from “hidden stones” as he shares the newly discovered backstory to the healing of the blind man, bringing John 9 and 2 Chronicles 32:30 together in a powerful way!

Jul 23
Rescued by Truth: Week 26

This week Pastor Dodge shares a message entitled “Stones Speak,” which delves into Truth #15: “The stones cry out to our generation.” The message is based on Luke 19:40 “... the stones will cry out.” What causes the stones to cry out? And what recent and exciting discovery does Pastor share with us?

Jul 16
Rescued by Truth: Week 25

"Design demands a designer." Evidence of intelligent design is all around and within us, but for what were we designed? The answer begins with " have a relationship with God..." and is meant to end with " know God's unconditional love."

Jul 09
Rescued by Truth: Week 24

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands." (Psalm 19:1). Yet many question this ancient truth written by King David, because a worldview has been accepted and perpetuated. Come discover the truth: God is the Creator!  Modern scientific research has shown the universe to be incredibly complex and organized, leading even some atheists to conclude that there must be an intelligent creator. But Scripture goes even further, pointing not only to the obvious evidence of God's "eternal power and divine nature" in the natural world (Romans 1:20), but telling us of the the love, mercy, and salvation a personal God offers us through His Son, Christ Jesus.

Jul 02
Rescued by Truth: Week 23

What does it mean to give thanks to God because He is good? The enemy loves to tell us God’s the bad guy. That’s a lie! The truth is: God IS good and His goodness is incredible.

Jun 25
Rescued by Truth: Week 22

Purity is not optional for a genuine disciple of Jesus. Pastor counters the societal confusion around purity with truths from the Bible, and teaches us four steps to living in purity.

Jun 18
Rescued by Truth: Week 21

The New Testament warns us that persecution is not unexpected, yet reminds us that the Lord remains faithful through it all and He calls us to be faithful to Him even in the face of opposition!

Jun 11
Rescued by Truth: Week 20

The apostles knew it was important for us to grow in our faith. God doesn’t want us to remain baby believers, or merely converts. His desire is for us to mature in Christ! And in this crazy day in which we live, it is especially important that the children of God be fully mature, fully grown up in Christ, prepared for what is ahead.

Jun 04
Rescued by Truth: Week 19

The Holy Spirit was given 2,000 years ago, but the outpouring continues today for believers in Jesus Christ! If you want to be the person God declared you to be, you need the Holy Spirit.

May 28
Rescued by Truth: Week 18

Truth #8: “We are all called to be witnesses of Jesus Christ.” From Acts 1:1-8 we explore the ways we are His witnesses: lifestyle, language and by the love we share, show and give to others. Love is the heart of the Bible’s message, that God’s steadfast love endures forever. Love is the way we demonstrate the character of God and how we bear witness to the loving Son of God who gave His life for us all!

May 22
The Book of Ruth - Week 4

Pastor completes our study of the Book of Ruth this week as we see God work through the details of His plan for Ruth, Naomi and Boaz as chapter 4 closes out. It’s a beautiful story packed with a prophetic picture of Jesus, our Guardian Redeemer.

May 16
Rescued by Truth: Week 17

We explore Truth #7: “The Old Testament Points to Jesus,” focusing on Luke 24:45 to see how everything written about a Savior in the Old Testament books of The Law, The Prophets and The Writings pointed to Jesus and was fulfilled by Jesus. He is returning, and He will rule forever!

May 15
The Book of Ruth - Week 3

Pastor takes us through the rest of chapter 2 as the story continues with the Lord leading Ruth to glean barley in a field owned by a man name Boaz. We will see just how perfect God’s plan is for these two women!

May 09
Rescued by Truth: Week 16

We explore Truth #6: “Making disciples is our greatest mission.” We will focus on the last verses in Matthew 28 and dig into what it means to be a disciple. Pastor will also point out the command is to make disciples, not converts or church members!

May 08
The Book of Ruth - Week 2

Ruth - Week 2 with Pastor Chris Dodge. This week we will complete our study of chapter 1 and begin chapter 2, where we will see the story of how the Lord provides for Naomi and Ruth through Boaz and we will see the mighty hand of God in His wonderful provision for these women. Watch via our app. Text HELLO to 1-888-364-4483 to download our APP. The Book of Ruth, an Old Testament book of the Bible, teaches us how to live for God alone and gives us a glimpse into the meaning of love. We will see how true love requires sacrifice, and see a foreshadowing of the sacrificial love of Jesus bringing new light to the depth of God’s love for each one of us. This study with Pastor Chris Dodge will encourage us to live lives of obedience to God. No matter what it costs us in keeping our eyes on Jesus, we win the prize because God’s love is eternal.

May 02
Rescued by Truth: Week 15

Because Christ is risen, we too shall rise! But what will our resurrected bodies be like? Scripture gives us hints of the glory to come. Luke 24:36-41; 1 Corinthians 15:42-43; Philippians 3:20-21; Revelation 21:1-5. 

May 01
The Book of Ruth - Week 1

Week 1 of The Book of Ruth digs into Ruth 1:1-13 with the story of an impoverished widow named Naomi had lost all hope, but was to learn that God's faithfulness and steadfast love rescues his people even in the most desperate situations. The Book of Ruth, an Old Testament book of the Bible, teaches us how to live for God alone. We will see how true love requires sacrifice, and see a foreshadowing of the sacrificial love of Jesus bringing new light to the depth of God’s love for each one of us. This study with Pastor Chris Dodge will encourage us to live lives of obedience to God.  No matter what it costs us in keeping our eyes on Jesus, we win the prize because God’s love is eternal.

Apr 25
Rescued by Truth: Week 14

The enemy has altered our core beliefs with well-crafted lies, not just influencing us in our homes and communities, but yes, even in our churches. Join us as we explore the lies and open our hearts to being Rescued by Truth. In week 14, Pastor shares the truth of being imperishable and immortal.

Apr 24
Rescued by Truth: Week 13

When examined in light of 1st Century culture, the "scandal" of crucifixion, the visible empty tomb, and the transformation of lives in generations of believers, the Biblical evidence for the Resurrection supports only one conclusion: Christ is risen - He is risen indeed!

Apr 10