Awake Us Now

Pastor Chris Dodge


Awake Us Now is a body of believers who:
WORSHIP the Triune God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Praise Him with joy and thanksgiving for He is God and He is good;
WALK by faith in the power of the Holy Spirit. This is the clear teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ and the clear declaration of the Scriptures. Such a daily walk is a far cry from mere religion or "church as usual;"
WITNESS to Jesus Christ our Savior in daily life situations. Take seriously His call to make disciples. Be alert to the opportunities God provides to encourage and mentor others in the Christian life. Utilize the developing technologies to reach a new generation with the timeless Gospel of Christ.

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The Living One - Week 4: Who Would Invent This?

Everything stands and falls on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the heart of the New Testament, and also the greatest message the world has ever heard. Christ is risen! Today’s message explores cowardice, crucifixion, corroboration, confusion and finally courage that opens our eyes to be convinced! Christ is risen, and in Him is our hope for today and forever, for He IS The Living One!

Mar 31
Two Year Gospel Study Week 13

Week 13 works through the verses from Mark 7:30 -8:32 with a focus on the stories of healing the blind and the deaf, the spiritual blindness and deafness as a consequence of hardened hearts and unbelief, and ends with Jesus asking His disciples, “Who do you say I am?”

1h 2m
Mar 29
The Living One - Week 3: They Were Clueless

The way of the Messiah leads to the cross, and that is the measure of the love of God. But we discover that many (including Jesus’ disciples) were clueless! This message takes a look at the events of Palm Sunday, and how Jesus had repeatedly predicted his crucifixion and His resurrection on the third day. However, “they were clueless.” Let us not be clueless!

Mar 24
Two Year Gospel Study Week 12

Week 12 explores Mark 6:53 - 7:30 visiting the topics of: Healing; Instructions from God being altered with additional rules that are man-made; the meaning of Hypocrisy; License vs. Legalism; and who is part of the Family of God.

1h 6m
Mar 22
The Gospel According to Matthew - Week 18

This week’s text is Matthew 12:32 - 13:11. Pastor talks about the “unforgivable sin,” Jesus’ “three days” in the grave, and also takes us into chapter 13 where Matthew begins to focus on the parables of Jesus.

Mar 19
The Living One - Week 2: Why Reject Him?

Today’s question is an exploration of why people reject Jesus. What is it that causes people to doubt Him? Why do people turn their backs on what God is offering to everyone through Christ Jesus? Pastor Dodge examines these assumptions and counters them with the truth of the scriptures.

Mar 17
Two Year Gospel Study Week 11

This session studies Mark 6:14-52, taking a look at the disciples’ mission work and being reliant on God; A look at the family tree of the Herods; John the Baptist in prison and beheaded and the opposition that is rising against Jesus and His followers; A look at Jesus the Shepherd; and an exploration into several more miracles.

1h 6m
Mar 15
The Gospel According to Matthew - Week 17

This week’s text is Matthew 12:3-37. Jesus continues to be challenged by the Pharisees' anger, bitterness and scheming as Jesus continues to show who He is. He shows us how a heart-change is needed!

Mar 12
The Living One - Week 1: Did He Really Live?

This teaching compares non-Christian writings of Tacitus, Josephus, Suetonius and Pliny from the first and second centuries to the New Testament writings. The evidence is clear and calls us to recognize we are sinners in need of a Savior, The Living One!

Mar 10
Two Year Gospel Study Week 10

Week 10 explores the verses of Mark 5:21 - 6:13 and takes a look at these themes: Testimony and Unbelief; Fear not; Healing, Anointing with Oil.

1h 9m
Mar 08
The Gospel According to Matthew - Week 16

This week’s text is Matthew 11:13-12:4, with a continued study of John the Baptist as fulfilling the prophecy of “Elijah who was to come” as he points to Jesus as the fulfillment of the prophesied Savior. The class continues exploring Jesus’ identity through the teachings on repentance and forgiveness found in Jesus, as we learn that it is through Him alone that we can come to know the Father.

Mar 05
Two Year Gospel Study Week 9

Week 9 takes a look at Mark 4:26 - 5:20 on the subjects of: Kingdom of God; Faith and Trust; Deliverance from demons; Obedience and witnessing.

Mar 01
Rescued by Truth: Week 53

Today’s message is all about Heaven and how we get there. The Bible says we can be sure of going to heaven, but there is only One Way to heaven and that’s Jesus! Pastor Dodge also shares pieces of Don Piper’s story from the book, “90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death and Life.”

Feb 25
Two Year Gospel Study Week 8

Week 8 explores Mark 3:31 - 4:24 on the topics of the Family of God; Jesus’ teaching and parables on The Kingdom of God.

Feb 23
The Gospel According to Matthew - Week 15

In Matthew 10:29 - 11:15 we learn we are ambassadors for Christ with the Holy Spirit dwelling within us. The Holy Spirit enables us to be effective witnesses wherever we go. We are called to live for Christ, and that has phenomenal consequences both for us and for others. In chapter 11, Matthew shows us Jesus’ identity.

Feb 20
Rescued by Truth: Week 52

A difficult and challenging message, this week we address the reality of hell. Hell is not a topic of regular conversation, yet the reality of hell is true. Therefore, it is essential we understand the consequences of our beliefs, our actions, and our behaviors, and that we understand what the future holds. The Bible teaches we have only two destinies: With God (heaven) - or - Apart from Him (hell). Which destiny are we living for?

Feb 18
Two Year Gospel Study Week 7

Week 7 - Mark 2:23 - 3:30 -- The Sabbath; Religious traditions; Sectarianism; Apostles; Some of the most misunderstood words of the Bible - The Sin against the Holy Spirit.

1h 3m
Feb 16
The Gospel According to Matthew - Week 14

Pastor continues his verse by verse study of the book of Matthew. Today’s teaching is on Matthew 10:7-31. This section of Scripture is filled with some challenging instruction from Jesus that is filled with Divine Wisdom.

Feb 13
Rescued by Truth: Week 51

Are we recognizing the “signs of the times,” which include things from past, present and future? Pastor Dodge explores three specific and important signs that are apparent, visible and happening today! They remind us that as believers, we need to recognize the “signs of the times” and to be awake (i.e. ready for Christ’s return)!

Feb 11
Two Year Gospel Study Week 6

Mark 2:10-22 -- Identity of Jesus; Jesus says "Follow Me"; New Covenant

Feb 09
The Gospel According to Matthew - Week 13

Pastor continues his verse by verse study of the book of Matthew. Today’s teaching is on Matthew 9:18 - 10:10. This week’s study shows us Jesus as the Son of David, the Messiah. We also explore Jesus’ encouragement to spread the Gospel message to all, both Jew and Gentile.

Feb 06
Rescued by Truth: Week 50

“Rescuer,” based on Mark 5:21-43, shares two powerful and encouraging stories of Jesus rescuing people. Even today He is still rescuing us, because as Truth #31 says: Jesus is our Rescuer! He rescues all of us who trust and believe in Him and His victory over sin, death and the devil.

Feb 04
Two Year Gospel Study Week 5

Week 5 studies Mark 1:35 - 2:12 -- Jesus’ prayer life; Healing the sick, casting out demons; Faith in action; Who can forgive sins?; and Jesus refers to Himself as the Son of Man.

Feb 02
The Gospel According to Matthew - Week 12

This week Matthew’s writings reveal the authority of Jesus; even the winds and the waves obey Him! This authority, His authority, identifies Him as the Living God.

Jan 30
Rescued by Truth: Week 49

“Followers” challenges us with the question: Who are we following? Jesus extends this invitation, “Follow Me” to each us. Matthew 8:1 says, “great multitudes followed Him.” Will we choose to follow Him too and live a lifestyle that shows we are His?

Jan 28
Two Year Gospel Study Week 4

Week 4 explores Mark 1:29-35: Living the Faith; Healing sickness and casting out demons; Prayer life.

Jan 26
The Gospel According to Matthew - Week 11

Matthew’s writings continue to show and tell us who Jesus. This week we see Jesus as the Rock, the firm foundation. We finish exploring the Sermon on the Mount and begin working through Chapter 8, where we see Jesus has authority!

Jan 23
Rescued by Truth: Week 48

“Assurance” tackles centuries-old questions: Can I know for certain, what is my eternal destiny? Can I be sure of salvation? Can I know I’m going to heaven? Can I know my sins are forgiven? Can I know that God loves and cares for me? Pastor shares some life-changing truths that will show us the ASSURANCE we need for answering these questions!

Jan 21
Two Year Gospel Study Week 3

Proclaiming the Gospel; Repentance, forgiveness, and Kingdom of God; Following Jesus; Authority over demons. The Gospel of Mark highlights and applies the fundamental teachings of the Biblical faith as encountered through the life and teachings of Jesus.

1h 2m
Jan 19
The Gospel According to Matthew - Week 10

In this section of Scripture, Jesus addresses common issues that all of us deal with.

Jan 16