Being Here

Ariel & Shya Kane


Your life is happening in this moment. Through Being Here, discover how to be satisfied in all areas of your life, relate honestly and naturally, remain centered during life's challenges and dissolve those knee-jerk behaviors that rob you of your spontaneity and creativity. Join internationally acclaimed seminar leaders and best selling authors Ariel and Shya Kane and open the door to living in the moment.

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For the Very First Time

What if learning things newly is a gift? Tune into Being Here with Ariel and Shya… for the very first time.

Feb 21

When you give someone your full attention it's an act of generosity. Join the Kanes on today’s episode of Being Here and fine tune your giving spirit.

Feb 14
Letting Those Around You Shine

When you support another person’s greatness, it only makes you brighter. Join the Kanes in this illuminating episode of Being Here and bask in the brightness. Go ahead – get your shine on!

Feb 07
Listening and Love

When you truly listen to someone, they often feel loved and chances are you do, too. Join the Kanes in Being Here and listen with your ears as well as your heart.

Jan 31
Celebrating Interdependence

Independence is an illusion. How about celebrating your inter-dependence? Join the Kanes in Being Here and let the celebration begin!

Jan 24
Relationship Magic

When you’re kind to yourself, you set the stage for magic. Join Ariel and Shya in Being Here and have fun painting all your relationships with your magic kindness wand.

Jan 17

Join this lively conversation with Ariel and Shya Kane and experience Being Here, right now, in this moment of your life.

Jan 10
A Miracle in Progress

What if you are not a “work in progress” but a miracle that keeps expressing itself as your life unfolds? Join the Kanes in Being Here and experience the miracle of being you.

Jan 03
From Inept to Adept

Adept: very skilled or proficient at something. It only takes a moment to move from feeling inept to being adept. Being Here is key. Join the Kanes for this transformational episode and experience how capable you really are.

Dec 27, 2023
When in Doubt, Take a Break

Ever try to force yourself to complete a project and it starts to feel like a fight? Go ahead, take a break. Join Ariel and Shya on this relaxing episode of Being Here and take a moment to clear your head.

Dec 20, 2023
Family: A Master Class in Listening

Ever think you know what your family members are going to say in any given situation? Ever silently complain, “Oh no! Here they go again!”? On this timely episode of Being Here, unwrap the best gift of the season: Your ability to truly listen and cherish those you love – yourself included.

Dec 13, 2023
A Cat is Not a Dog

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Albert Einstein There is a difference between seeing what is and judging what you see. Tune in to Being Here and discover the refreshing nature of embracing your life, just as it is, rather than complaining about what you would prefer.

Dec 06, 2023
ROMO - Relief of Missing Out

FOMO is a common term for “Fear of Missing Out”. But have you ever experienced ROMO – Relief of Missing Out? Want to take a nap? Want to go offline? What if whatever you are doing (or not doing) is perfect? Join the Kanes and discover the relief of simply Being Here.

Nov 29, 2023
Automatic Re-BUT-tal

Ever notice when someone gives you a compliment that you have an automatic rebuttal that says, “OK, butI still need to lose weight” or “Yes, BUT…” Put your listening ears on and join the Kanes in this lively conversation about how absolutely great you already are - no ifs, ands or BUTS!

Nov 22, 2023
Just Blink

Simply open your eyes and look again - welcome to a new world. Join Ariel and Shya in this refreshing episode of Being Here and discover your world newly in every Augenblick (German for the moment or the blink of an eye.)

Nov 15, 2023
Refresh Your Curiosity

When we were children everything was interesting. In our teens, we knew everything and many of us fine-tuned being bored. Do you ever fall into that jaded teenage persona? Tune in to Being Here and refresh your curiosity and revitalize your life.

Nov 08, 2023
Having Well-Being in Uncertain Times

Ever feel stressed because you don’t know what will happen next? No worries! Join the Kanes and discover that relaxation and well-being are natural byproducts of Being Here.

Nov 01, 2023
The Little Things

Look! A leaf! - Going for a walk with toddlers can take forever because they stop and explore every leaf, stone, bug and crack in the pavement. Everything is new for them! Join the Kanes in Being Here and revive your ability to appreciate the “little” things. 

Oct 25, 2023
Singing in the Rain

You can either complain about the rain or start dancing. Join the Kanes in Being Here and celebrate being alive – no matter the circumstances, no matter the weather.

Oct 18, 2023
Intimacy Includes

Most people think intimacy is primarily about sex. But it includes silly things, trivial things, private things… Such as your spouse may know you shouldn’t eat peanut butter because it gives you farts! Join the Kanes for Being Here and expand your sense of intimacy with ease.

Oct 11, 2023
Reclaiming Your Sense of Wonder

It is so easy to lose your sense of wonder and when you do, life becomes serious. Lost it? You don’t have to figure out where it went. Simply Being Here is enough. Join the Kanes for this inspiring episode and experience Instantaneous Transformation where life is full of wonder.

Oct 04, 2023
That's the Trick

Ever realize that you need to clean your fridge, complete a project, empty out a junk drawer? How do you get it done without beating yourself up for not having it done already? That’s the trick! Join Ariel and Shya for this relieving episode and find yourself handling things with ease.

Sep 27, 2023
The Healing Power of Listening

Simply open your eyes and look again - welcome to a new world. Join Ariel and Shya in this refreshing episode of Being Here and discover your world newly in every Augenblick (German for the moment or the blink of an eye.) 

Sep 20, 2023
Relax You've Got This

Ever tie yourself up in knots with self-doubt? Relax into Being Here and experience that you are always enough.

Sep 13, 2023
Speak Up!

"Let the words fall out, honestly, I want to see you be brave."  ~ Brave, by Sara Bareilles & Jack Antonoff Join Ariel and Shya and special guest Susan Finch in Being Here and experience your ability to naturally express yourself with ease.

Sep 06, 2023

Entropy: A gradual decline into disorder. Is your home or your life “messy?” You can complain about it, make yourself wrong for it or include and then deal with it – your choice.  Join the Kanes in Being Here and celebrate being you, dust bunnies and all.

Aug 30, 2023

Ready to give yourself a vacation from your internal pressures, judgments and expectations?  It’s easy. Join the Kanes in Being Here and take a vacation from your busy, busy mind.

Aug 23, 2023
If you Don’t Ask the Answer is Always No

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” ~ Wayne Gretzky Dating, sales, where to go for dinner… If you don't ask, the answer is always No. Tune in to Being Here and supercharge your ability to Speak Up and ask.

Aug 16, 2023
Beam Me up Scotty

In the old Star Trek series, you had to drop your “Phaser Shields” in order to be transported onto the ship. This works in communication, too. When you lower your defenses, you're able to listen. Tune in Being Here and transform your ability to connect. 

Aug 09, 2023
You Don't Know What You Don't Know

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious”. ~ Albert Einstein It is so easy to pressure yourself to know things already in order to not look “stupid”. Join Ariel and Shya in Being Here and rekindle your passionate curiosity.

Aug 02, 2023