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Welcome to the world's longest-running, DAILY commercial real estate investing podcast hosted by Joe Fairless. Joe went from buying $35,000 single-family homes to controlling over $1,900,000,000 worth of large apartment communities in under a decade.

Commercial real estate is a compelling investment option, but knowing where to look and who to listen to can be overwhelming — especially when your money and legacy are on the line. The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show provides commercial real estate expert insights, education, and timely information to our community of active and passive investors looking to succeed in commercial real estate. Build wealth, build a legacy, and do more good in the world.

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JF3496: The Experience Myth, Why Steady Deal Flow Is a Superpower, and Key Questions LPs Should Be Asking — The Due Diligence Show ft. Lance Pederson

Welcome to the Due Diligence Show, a new Best Ever series featuring deep dives into every aspect of the due diligence process. In this series, our host, Slocomb Reed, will interview expert guests to uncover their stories, tips, and strategies to give you the information you need to master the due diligence process. In this episode, Lance Pederson, co-founder and CEO of Passive Advantage, joins Slocomb to discuss due diligence for limited partners, including questions LPs should be asking GPs, the importance of deal flow, and the myth that experience equals better or more advantageous deals.   SPONSORS: Viking Capital Baselane

Mar 31
JF3495: How to Raise Capital on LinkedIn and What You’re (Probably) Doing Wrong on Social Media ft. Amy Sylvis

Amy Sylvis, principal at Sylvis Capital, joins host Ash Patel on the Best Ever Show. In this episode, Amy discusses the 800 units she’s recently closed in Dallas, how she broke onto the CRE scene, and the power of networking. She also dives into her process for creating consistent content for social media and her strategy for raising capital on LinkedIn. Repeat Guest: JF2721: How This New Multifamily Investor Closed 4 Deals in First 6 Months ft. Amy Sylvis AMY SYLVIS | REAL ESTATE BACKGROUND __ __ __ __ SPONSORS: Viking Capital Baselane

Mar 30
JF3494: Here is How Much You Need to Retire – The Simple Formula | Passive Investor Tips ft. Travis Watts

On this episode, Travis Watts emphasizes the importance of saving a percentage of take-home pay during working years. Inspired by Mr. Money Mustache (Pete), the episode covers the FIRE movement and suggests increasing savings rate for earlier retirement. It also mentions tools like Baseline for managing finances and investments needed to retire, using a 5% annual return and living on 4% of the portfolio's value as assumptions. SPONSORS: Viking Capital Baselane

Mar 29
JF3493: Racketeering, Collusion, and the Biggest Losers of the NAR Settlement — Best Ever Roundtable

This edition of the Best Ever Roundtable — featuring hosts Ash Patel, Slocomb Reed, and Joe Cornwell — turns into a debate of sorts as the hosts discuss the recently proposed NAR settlement. Ash shares personal stories of realtor experiences, both in residential and commercial, and argues that the proposed settlement could put an end to the “racketeering” and “collusion” that exists in the industry. Socomb and Joe — both brokers — take the other side, with Slocomb defending realtors and Joe highlighting who the biggest losers in the settlement, should it come to fruition. SPONSORS: Viking Capital Baselane

Mar 28
JF3492: The 4 Key Points of Underwriting, the State of Self-Storage, and Investing Through Market Cycles ft. Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith, principal at Elevation Capital Group, joins host Joe Cornwell on the Best Ever Show. In this episode, Ryan discusses his upbringing in real estate, investing in mobile home parks and self-storage, and investing through multiple market cycles. He also breaks down the state of self-storage and the four key points he uses in his underwriting process.   Repeat Guest: JF1868: Investor Creates Software To Better Manage Real Estate with Ryan Smith   SPONSORS: Viking Capital Baselane

Mar 27
JF3491: Buying Cash, Killing Deals by Overnegotiating, and Falling in Love with the Numbers vs. the Asset ft. Rob Powell

Rob Powell, CEO and Principal of RESOLUT Real Estate, joins host Slocomb Reed on the Best Ever Show. In this episode, Rob discusses how he missed out on building a mobile home park portfolio by having unrealistic expectations and overnegotiating. He also shares his strategy behind buying cash, residential vs. non-residential commercial real estate, and why you should fall in love with the numbers, not the asset. ROB POWELL | REAL ESTATE BACKGROUND __ __ __ SPONSORS: Viking Capital Baselane

Mar 26
JF3490: The Great Basis Reset, Wheel-and-Spoke Markets, and Exiting a 500-Unit Multifamily Deal ft. Irwin Boris

Irwin Boris, senior vice president of investments at Heritage Capital Group, joins host Ash Patel on the Best Ever Show. In this episode, Irwin and Ash nerd out on the nuances of industrial real estate, including small-bay flex, outfitting spaces for unique tenants, why Irwin covets “wheel-and-spoke” markets. Irwin also shares his thoughts on the current economic climate and explains why he’s selling a 500-unit multifamily property despite it not being the best time to sell. IRWIN BORIS | REAL ESTATE BACKGROUND __ __ __ __ SPONSORS: Viking Capital Baselane

Mar 25
JF3489: How Little Things Can Cause Big Problems, Third Parties, and Nailing Your 30-60-90 Plan — The Due Diligence Show ft. Sandhya Seshadri

Sandhya Seshadri, a Dallas-based apartment syndicator and asset management coach, shares insights on multifamily property due diligence, focusing on physical, financial, and environmental assessments. With over 1400 apartments under management, she emphasizes hiring third-party experts for unbiased due diligence, examining physical condition, lease agreements, and financials to avoid surprises and ensure projections meet investor expectations SPONSORS: Viking Capital Baselane

Mar 24
JF3488: A Self-Proclaimed Deal Junkie on TopGolf, Undercapitalization, and Why 2024 Presents a Rare Opportunity ft. Dave Allred

Dave Allred, CEO of Axia Partners, joins host Joe Cornwell on the Best Ever Show. In this episode, Dave — a self-proclaimed deal junkie — discusses how he landed TopGolf on a NNN lease, how he reverse-engineered his goals to achieve lifestyle freedom, and why he’s excited about the opportunity that exists right now. He also explains how, even though his heart is in multifamily, he has expanded by being opportunistic in other asset classes. Repeat Guest: JF2555: Half a Million by 25 with Dave Allred   SPONSORS: Viking Capital Baselane

Mar 23
JF3487: Paused Distributions, Bottlenecks, and the Power of Diversification ft. Andrew McNair

Andrew McNair, president and founder of Swan Capital, joins host Ash Patel on the Best Ever Show. In this episode, Andrew discusses the danger of investing with syndicators with short track records, working with (and marketing to) retirees, and the power of diversification. He goes on to discuss how, as a fund manager, he’s vetted syndicators in the past, and how that process has changed over time during a challenging economic climate. ANDREW MCNAIR | REAL ESTATE BACKGROUND __ __ __ __   SPONSORS: Viking Capital Baselane

Mar 22
JF3486: FIRE Movement And Real Estate - What You Need To Know | Passive Investor Tips ft. Travis Watts

In todays episode, Travis Watts emphasizes the importance of diversification, understanding market trends, and the value of patience and consistent investing strategies to achieve long-term financial success. SPONSORS: Viking Capital Baselane

Mar 21
JF3485: Have CRE Prices Bottomed Out? Big Players Think So — Here’s What it Means for Investors ft. Logan Freeman

Welcome the the Best Ever midweek news brief, a new series where we will highlight the top headlines CRE investors should be paying attention to this week, followed by a deep dive on a larger news topic or trend alongside a CRE expert. TODAY’S HEADLINES: __ __ __ __ __ __   TODAY’S GUEST: Has the CRE market hit the bottom? Some big players seem to think it has. Goldman Sachs said last week that it’s ready to start actively investing in commercial real estate again, and Blackstone is on the bandwagon, too. According to Blackstone President Jon Gray, the time to make a move is not after interest rates come down, but before. He also says that as investors, sometimes, you can miss the bottom by being overly cautious, and he believes that now is probably a good time to move fast and buy real estate before rates come down. Logan Freeman, co-founder and principal at FTW Investments, joins host Paul Mueller to discuss.   LOGAN FREEMAN | REAL ESTATE BACKGROUND __ __ __ __ __ __   SPONSORS: Viking Capital Baselane

Mar 20
JF3484: Bringing In More Capital to Negotiate Higher Returns — the Nuances of Managing a Fund ft. Igor Shaltanov and Nikita Volchek

Igor Shaltanov and Nikita Volchek, founders of Avista Fund, join host Slocomb Reed on the Best Ever Show. In this episode, Igor and Nikita discuss the nuances of operating a fund, including how they align the interests of the investors and fund managers and how funds can negotiate favorable terms for investors. IGOR SHALTANOV AND NIKITA VOLCHEK | REAL ESTATE BACKGROUND __ __ __ __ SPONSORS: Viking Capital

Mar 19
JF3483: The Best Time to Buy Multifamily Is Coming — How and When to Capitalize ft. Zamir Kazi

Zamir Kazi, CEO of ZMR Capital, joins host Slocomb Reed on the Best Ever Show. A college dropout who learned how to renovate properties by watching YouTube, Zamir now has 50 properties with more than 10,000 units under management. In this episode, Zamir discusses the “perfect storm” that has given rise to distress, his 200-plus unit buy box, and why he’s being patient and waiting for the right time — which he says is coming — to buy in the face of the wave of upcoming distress. ZAMIR KAZI | REAL ESTATE BACKGROUND __ __ __ __   SPONSORS: Viking Capital

Mar 18
JF3482: Skipping These 5 Due Diligence Steps Could Cost You BIG — the Due Diligence Show ft. Charles Seamen

Charles Seamen, a real estate syndicator focused on multifamily, joins host Slocomb Reed on the Best Ever Show for another installment of the Due Diligence Show. In this episode, Charles highlights five crucial steps in financial due diligence — steps that could cost you BIG if you skip them or don’t execute them properly. These include reviewing lease audits (and evaluating them properly), reviewing service contracts, what’s actually included in the sale (tools, equipment, inventory, etc.) and more.  SPONSORS: Viking Capital

Mar 17
JF3481: The Formula for Risk Mitigation and How to Play (and Win) in Single-Tenant Industrial ft. Neil Wahlgren

Neil Wahlgren, a partner at MAG Capital Partners, joins host Ash Patel on the Best Ever Show. In this episode, Neil discusses risk mitigation in single-tenant industrial, focusing on the importance of credit analysis and vetting a business’s financials. He also evaluates the current industrial real estate market, the state of industrial lending, and explores how his firm handles expiring leases for long-term tenants.   NEIL WAHLGREN | REAL ESTATE BACKGROUND __ __ __ __   SPONSORS: Viking Capital

Mar 16
JF3480: How Today’s Lost Deals Fuel Tomorrow’s Distress, and Why ‘You’re Doing Yourself a Disservice’ if You’re Only in Multifamily ft. Chad King

Chad King, CEO and founder of Titan Capital Group, joins host Ash Patel on the Best Ever Show. In this episode, Chad discusses his GP portfolio, which consists of $106 million AUM across multiple asset classes. An expert underwriter, he also shares his strategy behind losing out on deals today to buy distress tomorrow, how to buy right in self-storage, and the opportunity available now in the office sector. CHAD KING | REAL ESTATE BACKGROUND __ __ __ __ SPONSORS: Viking Capital

Mar 15
JF3479: Wall Street Is Eating Up Main Street | Passive Investor Tips ft. Travis Watts

On this episode of Passive Investor Tips, Travis Watts discusses the impact of Wall Street and corporations like Amazon entering the single-family real estate market. It covers the advantages for investors and homeowners due to increased demand, but highlights the negatives for first-time buyers and renters competing with major entities.   SPONSORS: Viking Capital

Mar 14
JF3478: ‘Anything Is Possible’ — How to Get the Best Financing Terms by Building Relationships with Banks ft. JD Gray

JD Gray, president of Cadon Ridge Advisors, joins host Joe Cornwell on the Best Ever Show. In this episode, JD shares how he got started in real estate, including the importance of finding a great mentor and cutting his teeth on a value-add self-storage deal. He also discusses using debt and equity to scale into bigger projects, his direct-to-seller strategy for finding off-market deals, and building relationships with banks to get favorable financing terms. JD GRAY | REAL ESTATE BACKGROUND __ __ __ __   SPONSORS: Viking Capital

Mar 13
JF3477: ‘The Money’s Still There’ — How Investor Sentiment Has Changed in Value-Add Multifamily ft. Linda Lim

Linda Lim, founder and CEO of Essential Element Capital, joins host Slocomb Reed on the Best Ever Show. In this episode, Linda discusses shifting your strategy when deals don’t pencil, the nuances of investor relations in a challenging economy, how investor sentiment has changed in value-add multifamily, and anticipating market shifts in 2024-25.   LINDA LIM | REAL ESTATE BACKGROUND __ __ __ __ SPONSORS: Viking Capital

Mar 12
JF3476: Raising Capital from Physicians, the ‘Buyer Beware’ Mantra, and the Nuances of Operating a Fund of Funds ft. Danny Bramer

Danny Bramer, founder of The Cash Flow MD, joins host Ash Patel on the Best Ever Show. After an autoimmune condition robbed him of his ability to practice anesthesiology, Danny turned to real estate investing. In this episode, Danny discusses operating a fund of funds, the nuances of raising capital from physicians, and the questions passive investors should ask before investing in a fund of funds. DANNY BRAMER | REAL ESTATE BACKGROUND __ __ __ __   SPONSORS: Viking Capital

Mar 11
JF3475: Due Diligence Show: The 5 Sins of Due Diligence ft. Dax Ferguson

In this kickoff episode, Dax Ferguson, CEO of Heritage Construction and Consulting Services, joins Slocomb to discuss the most common due diligence mistakes investors make, including skipping units during a unit walk, not scoping plumbing lines, not doing a thorough lease audit, and more.   SPONSORS: Monarch Money My1031Pros Viking Capital

Mar 10
JF3474: Mistakes You’re (Probably) Making on LinkedIn, Story-selling, and Scaling to 2,500 Units ft. Anders Jacobson

On this episode of the Best Ever Podcast, Ash Patel interviews Anders Jacobson, CEO of Brighton Capital, shares his journey from a 13-year sales career to building a portfolio of over 2,500 multifamily units. He discusses the importance of getting started in real estate and the role of syndication in his success. Anders also highlights the significance of addressing pain points for investors and the power of storytelling in sales and real estate. He offers advice on attracting new investors through social media and networking events. Anders emphasizes the value of adding free content and providing genuine value to others. He encourages individuals to overcome limiting beliefs and start taking action in real estate.   TAKEAWAYS: __ __ ANDERS JACOBSON | REAL ESTATE BACKGROUND __ __ __ __   SPONSORS: Monarch Money My1031Pros Viking Capital

Mar 09
JF3473: Selling for Success | Multifamily Fundamentals

In this episode of Multifamily Fundamentals, Matt Faircloth focuses on strategic insights into when and how to sell multifamily real estate, emphasizing the importance of timing for exit strategies, the considerations for holding vs. selling, and preparing multifamily properties for sale to maximize returns. It provides a comprehensive guide on navigating the selling process, including evaluating market conditions, dealing with encumbrances, and leveraging broker relationships for successful transactions. SPONSORS: Monarch Money My1031Pros Viking Capital

Mar 08
JF3472: How Single-Family Differs From Commercial Real Estate | Passive Investor Tips ft. Travis Watts

Travis Watts discusses the choice between discipline or regret in investing, emphasizing the importance of discipline for financial success. He reflects on personal family experiences to highlight the value of time over money, advocating for a life of freedom and fulfillment through wise investing.   SPONSORS: Monarch Money My1031Pros Viking Capital

Mar 07
JF3471: Creative Fund Structures, the Secondary Syndication Market, and Raising $100M ft. Christion Sadler

On todays episode, Joe Cornwell interviews Christion Sadler. Christion Sadler is an award winning real estate entrepreneur based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. With over 18 years as an independent real estate investor, Christion has bought, sold, and managed projects spanning many asset classes including single family, multi family, commercial, and land. CHRISTION SADLER | REAL ESTATE BACKGROUND __ __ __ __ SPONSORS: Monarch Money My1031Pros Viking Capital

Mar 06
JF3470: The Changing Tides of Investor Sentiment ft. Gideon Pfeffer

Gideon Pfeffer, CEO and managing partner at The GSH Group, joins host Slocomb Reed on the Best Ever Show. In this episode, Gideon discusses his pivot from investing in single-family homes to the multifamily space, investor sentiment and what he’s seeing in 2024, and why the “Stay Alive Till ‘25” approach is beginning to wane.    GIDEON PFEFFER | REAL ESTATE BACKGROUND __ __ __ __ SPONSORS: Monarch Money My1031Pros Viking Capital

Mar 05
JF3469: The Psychology of Investing and Why NOW Is the Time to Be Opportunistic in Multifamily ft. Ravi Gupta MD

Ravi Gupta is a managing partner and COO at Viking Capital Investments, a multifamily syndication company. Today, he joins host Ash Patel on the Best Ever Show. Ravi is a trained physician who, with his partner, Vikram Raya, went from investing as a hobby to raising more than $230 million in equity and acquiring more than $800 million in real estate. In this episode, Ravi discusses the mindset shift that must happen to pivot from your W2 job to being a syndicator or full-time investor, having an impact by improving communities through multifamily investing, and why the biggest opportunity in multifamily is available right now.   RAVI GUPTA | REAL ESTATE BACKGROUND __ __ __ __   SPONSORS: Monarch Money My1031Pros Viking Capital

Mar 04
JF3468: The Rise of Preferred Equity and What’s Really Happening with Multifamily Distress ft. Vicki Schiff

Vicky Schiff, CEO at Avrio Management, joins host Joe Cornwell on the Best Ever Show. In this episode, Vicky — a CRE entrepreneur and Adjunct Professor of Real Estate at Pepperdine Graziadio Business School — discusses preferred equity, its place in the capital stack, and the opportunity it presents for investors in the current CRE landscape. She illustrates this by breaking down a specific case study and goes on to discuss how rising interest rates have given rise to pref equity, all while explaining what’s really happening in the world of multifamily distress.   Previous Episode VICKI SCHIFF | REAL ESTATE BACKGROUND __ __ __   SPONSORS: Monarch Money My1031Pros Viking Capital

Mar 03
JF3467: Tenant Horror Stories, Election Impact, and the Hard Landing That’s (Probably) Coming ft. Ash Patel and Joe Cornwell

Best Ever Show hosts Ash Patel and Joe Cornwell convene for a two-man Best Ever Roundtable. In this episode, Ash and Joe discuss the differences between screening tenants for commercial properties vs. residential, including the difficulties they’ve faced and mistakes they’ve made. They also dive into mindset tactics to overcome fear and imposter syndrome, strategies for working with mentors and accountability partners, and where they think the real estate market is going — and how they plan to adjust accordingly. To cap it off, Ash shares what he thinks will be the hidden catalyst that could get real estate back on track in 2024.   SPONSORS: Monarch Money My1031Pros Viking Capital

Mar 02