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BMMS 3-30-23

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY EVE!!!! Thers's A New Simple Phone Out There, Hiding In Insulation Is No Fun, Let's Mummify Dead Mommy So She Can Watch TV With Me, Poorest NFL Owners, We Talk To Brent Smith From Shinedown, Top List, & We talk Smoke & Guns!!!

2h 12m
Mar 30
BMMS 3-29-23

HAPPY HUMP DAAAAYYYY!!!! NOT Using The Top Sheet Is A Thing, College Kids Being College Kids, Ranking Tarantino Characters, Top 5 Songs, FIB News, & You Can See A Massive Pile Of Poo If You Like!!!

2h 16m
Mar 29
BMMS 3-28-23

Welcome To Tuesday!!! WhenNews Folk Go Off Script, Imagine Getting Out Of The Shower And Getting Shot, Gotta Get This Bitch To Her Interview At Taco Bell, LIstener E-Mails, To Tell The Truth, We Attempt To Spell, & iHeart Radio Awards!!!

2h 35m
Mar 28
BMMS 3-27-23

Welcome Back From The Weekend!!! We Talk About The Best & Worst Parts, Why Does One Need A Mansion, Addiction Makes You Do Crazy Things, When Rough Sex Goes Too Far, We Spoke To An Awesome Listener, Jeff Hensley Stops By, & Getting Things Stuck In Your Butt!!!

2h 7m
Mar 27
BMMS 3-24-23

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY!!! Twitter Is Charging To Be Verified Now, Tarining Buffalo To Attack, Sneaky Alligator, We Gave You Beer For YOur Bad Neighbors, Willy Nilly, Cucked, And Big Timer Mike From Andolini's Stops By!!!!

2h 16m
Mar 24
BMMS 3-23-23

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY EVE!!! The Supreme Court Is Looking At The Dumbest Case Ever, Why Cops Shouldn't Horse Around, Is It 50, Conspiracy Theory Thursday, Top List, & Are You Rubbing Your Phone On Your Junk?!?!?!?

2h 0m
Mar 23
BMM 3-22-23

HUMP DAAAAYYYYY!!!!! Why Does One Need Anger Managment, PIzza Assault, Dad Jokes With Lindsey, There's A Fungus Among Us, FIB News, Top 5 Songs, & Where Do You Go When You're Romaing The Streets?!?!?!?

2h 13m
Mar 22
BMMS 3-21-23

Welcome To Tuesday!!!! Amanda Bynes Decided To STroll Around L.A. Naked, Old Dudes Don't Need To Be Going On Spring Break, You Can Buy Cyanide On Amazon, Hiring A Hitman Never Works Out, LIstener E-Mails, To Tell the Truth, & Is It Wrong To Shove Face In Cake?!?!?!?

2h 49m
Mar 21
BMMS 3-20-23

Welcome Back From The Weekend!! We talk About The Best & Worst Parts, How Long Do Wanna Live, Eating Legos For Science, Boobytraps Are Bad MMkay, We SPoke To An Awesome Listener, Jeff Hensley Stops By, & Don't Eat The Dog Food!!!!

2h 10m
Mar 20
BMMS 3-17-23

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY!!!! Day Drinking IS The Best, Robot Lawyers Are A Thing, Are You A Grower Or A Shower, Death By Antlers, We Gave You Beers For Your Happiness, Cucked, Willy Nilly, & Eating Horses!!!

2h 13m
Mar 17
BMMS 3-16-23

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY EVE!!!! Trouble Rises At Corbin's House, Fighting Over Penis Size, Gimpy Shares A New Book He Got, Conspiracy Theory Thursday, Top List, & We Try To Guess The SOunds You Made Using The TalkBack Feature!!!!

2h 11m
Mar 16
BMMS 3-15-23

HUMP DAAAAYYYYYY!!!! Diplo Did Things With A Dude But Swears It Ain't Gay, Burning Down The House, Watch Out For That Monkey, Gimpy Is The Second Smartest On The Show, FIB News, Stealthing, Top 5 Songs, & The Best Action Movies Is Tango & Cash....According To LIndsey!!!

1h 49m
Mar 15
BMMS 3-14-23

Welcome To Tuesday!!! We're Back From An Extended Weekend!!!! Corbin Finally Found His Driver's License, Disturbing News Out Of Hamster Land, We Try A Drink We Found On Tik Tok, Listener E-Mails, To Tell The Truth, & Things You Say You'd Never Do But Did Anyway!!!

2h 41m
Mar 14
BMMS 3-10-23

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY!!!!! Vynal Is Actually Selling, Who Remebers CB Radios, How Did Flipping The Bird Become A Thing, If YOur Dying Spouse Wants To Bang Their Ex Do You Let Them, Cucked, Willy Nilly, We Gave You Beer For Refusals, We Talk About Our Special Hidden Rooms, They Say You're Supposed To Leave Your Amazon Driver Snacks, & Does Mark Cuban Have Money Worries?!?!?!?

2h 17m
Mar 10
BMMS 3-9-23

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY EVE!!!! Corbin Lost His License, When A Threesome Ends In Arrest, PE Myths, Conspiracy Theory Thursday, Top List, & Sammy Davis Jr. Was A Hell Of A Skater!!!

2h 14m
Mar 09
BMMS 3-8-23

HUMP DAAAYYYYY!!!! We Gets No Recreational Weed, Dolphin Dav Can't Swim With The Dolphins Anymore, Lindsey Karen's Out About A Ten Girls Clothes, Top 5 Songs, Fill In The Blank News, Don't Go To Mexico, & Nerds Can't Answer Sports Questions On Jeopardy!!!!

2h 25m
Mar 08
BMMS 3-7-23

HOORAY FOR TUESDAY!!! Rocklahoma LIneup Came Out. Don't Upset A Stripper, LIstener E-Mails, To Tell The Truth, Mistakes Serial Killers Made, & How Many People Has Family Killed?!?!?!?

2h 40m
Mar 07
BMMS 3-6-23

Welcome Back From The Weekend!!! We Talk Aboutt The Best & Worst Parts, Chris Rock Has A New Special Out, Lindsey Secretly Wants To Cut A Penis Off, They're Trying TO Ban Tik Tok, We Spoke To An Awesome Listener, Jeff Hensley Stops By, Pete Davidson Wrecked His Car, & If Your Spouse Was In An Accident...DO You Listen To Music On The Way To The Hospital?!?!?!?

2h 15m
Mar 06
BMMS 3-3-23

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY!!!! Corbin Shares Some Spoilers, Airbag Jeans Are A Thing, The Firing Squad Is Coming Back, Cucked, Willy Nilly, LLindsey Is A Psychic, & Corbin's Cheese Is Slowly Sliding Off The Cracker!!!!

2h 23m
Mar 03
BMMS 3-2-23

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY EVE!!!!!! California Under Too Much Snow, Mooning Never Resolves Anything, Eat These Frogs, WhenLife Kicks You In The Balls, Conspiracy Theory Thursday, Top List, & Are These Boobs Too BIG?!?!?!?

2h 15m
Mar 02
BMMS 3-1-23

HUMP DAAAAYYY!!!! Gimpy Triggers Corbin First Thing, We Create The NAD Awards, Muff Meth, We talk Vacations With Lindsey, Top 5 Songs, Can't Believe These Restaurants Are STILL Open, & Penis Injections!!!!

2h 26m
Mar 01
BMMS 2-28-23

Tom Brady Wants To Do Stand Up, When You Get Busted WIth A Ton Of Child Porn....Litteraly, Things They Don't Teach You In School, Listener E-Mails, To Tell The Truth, & Necro...Here We Go!!!!

2h 34m
Feb 28
BMMS 2-27-23

Welcome Back From The Weekend!!! We Talk About The Best & Worst Parts, Dilber Is In Trouble, Meth Burritos, When A Cookie Causes You To Pull Your Gun, We Spoke To An Awesome listener, Jeff Hensley Stops By, & Weird Food Combos!!!!

2h 13m
Feb 27
BMMS 2-24-23

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY!!! Best Sandwich Shops, When Is Too Old To Be Breatsfeeding, Pepsi Gives You Big Balls, Killer Cocks, Willy Nilly, Cucked, We Gave Beer To A Bunch Of Fraidy Cats, You Shouldn't Fat Shame Your Kids, & Moving Tips!!!

2h 7m
Feb 24
BMMS 2-23-23

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY EVE!!!! Corbin Spotted A Roach At Work - Lindsey Freaks Out - Gimpy Defends The Roach, Calling In Bomb Threats Is Bad, Watch Out For A 7 Foot Harassing Penis, Old Folks Bangin', Conspiracy Theory Thursday, & A Very Spicy Top List!!!

2h 7m
Feb 23
BMMS 2-22-23

HUMP DAAAAYYY!!!!! You Empty Your Bladder In 21 Seconds, Kids Tryna Kill Grandma, Don't Stick Your Finger In Your Eye, Poetry With Lindsey, Fill In The Blank News, Erection Changes Everything, Top 5 Songs, & Where'd This Dead Body Come From?!?!?!?

2h 6m
Feb 22
BMMS 2-21-23

Welcome Back From The Long Weekend!!! We Talk About The Best & Worst Parts, Gimpy Was Startled By Some Possums, LIndsey Got A New Toy, Listener E-Mails, When Loud Sex Turns To Guns, He Dead, & Gimpy Has An Idea For A Statue For His House!!!!

2h 48m
Feb 21
BMMS 2-17-23

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY!!!! Corbin Is Back FromBeing Sick, Gimpy's Body Is A Toxic Wasteland So He Never Gets Sick, We Gave You Beer For Your Mistakes, Cancer Sniffing Rats, Syphilis Babies, Cucked, Willy Nilly, & Andolini's Stops By!!!

2h 6m
Feb 17
BMMS 2-14-23

HAPPY VD!!!!! You Can't Go Around Smearing Poop On Your Haters, I Shhould Be Able To Keep This Crapper In My Front Yard If I Want To, Showing ID To Access Internet Porn, LIstener E-Mails, When Was The Last Time You Bought A Condom, To Tell The Truth, & Food You Can And Can Nnot Eat In Bed!!!

2h 46m
Feb 14