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BMMS 3-29-24

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY!!! We Talk About Animals We Could Beat In A Fight, Dead Body Water, Favorite Pies, Willy Nilly, We Gave You Beer For Things You've Learned, Tazer Time Trivia, & The Gimpy Plant!!!

2h 11m
Mar 29
BMMS 3-28-24

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY EVE!!!! Corbin Discovered Something In The WalMart Bathroom, Who Is That Mystery Woman Leaving The Prison, A Google Car Hits 120MPH, Mississippi River Cruises Are Overpriced, Conspiracy Theory Thursday, Get A Second Opinion,, & Top List!!!

2h 9m
Mar 28
BMMS 3-27-24

HUMP DAAAAYYYY!!!! They Got Diddy's Mule, It's A Bad Time To Be A Dryer Repairman, A Glitch Got One Woman $27k In Free Gas, Knockoff Dildos, Lindsey Takes Us Through Some Frivolous Lawsuits, FIB News, Hot Dog Flavored Seltzer, & How To Avoid A Barfight!!!

2h 1m
Mar 27
BMMS 3-26-24

Welcome To Tuesday!!!! P. Diddy's House Was Raided, Donn't Be Sticking Eels Up Your Butt, Snake Venom Is A Party Drug, Getting Drunk And Going To The Wrong Home,  Listener E-Mails, & Corbin Had To Leave For An Emergency....Have A Good Day!!!!

1h 50m
Mar 26
BMMS 3-25-24

Welcome Back From The Weekend!!! We talk About The Best & Worst Parts, What Happened To Riley Strain, Beware Of The Sword, You Can't Beat It At A Chipotle, Using Pigs For Transplants, We Spoke To An Awesome Listener, Jeff Hensley Stops By, What's This 100 Mile Ultra Marathon?!?!?!?

2h 6m
Mar 25
BMMS 3-19-24

Welcome To Tuesday!!!! We Talk About Unspoken Rules For Men, Imagine Coming Home From Vacay To Find Out You're Dead, You Can't Fornicate In Front Of A Popeyes, THC Milkshakes, Bad Toasts, Listener E-Mails, To Tell The Truth, & Gimpy Got An Ancestry Update!!!!

2h 42m
Mar 19
BMMS 3-18-24

Welcome Back From The Weekend!!!! We Talk About The Best & Worst Parts, How Long Do You Wait To Tell Someone You Have Cancer, You Can't Rig A Roulette Machine, You Can't Jerk It Onto The Produce, Giant Hybrid Sheep Anyone, Jeff Hensley Stops By, & Wendy's Is Getting A New Frosty Flavor!!!

2h 14m
Mar 18
BMMS 3-15-24

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY!!!! Eating Pepperoni And Cheese By  Itself Is Amazing, Oklahoma Finally Changed The Age Of Consent, We Are Encouraged To Eat Snails, Cooking Salmon In The Dishwasher, Uncooked Bacon Is The Worst, We Gave You Beer For Your Weird Turn Ons, Willy Nilly, Tazer Time Trivia, Mike From Andolini's Stops By, & We Learn Where Ceasar Salad Comes From!!!

2h 12m
Mar 15
BMMS 3-14-24

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY EVE!!! There's A Frozen Dead Guy Festival, Attacking Your Roommate With A Machete, You Can't Do Naked Jumping Jacks In Your Front Lawn, Watch For Kagaroo Crossing, Conspiracy Theory Thursday, Top List, &  Things Guys Hate In A Woman's Dating Profile!!!

2h 12m
Mar 14
BMMS 3-13-24

HUMP DAAAAYYYYY!!!!! If They Ban Tik Tok They Should Ban These Other Companies, Dude Has An Interesting Way To Pipck Up The Ladies, Mice Eating Weed, LIndsey Tells Us Where To Eat In The Fattest Cities In AMerica, FIB News, Why Are They Rereleasing Movies, & An Engagement Party Gone Horrible Wrong!!!!

1h 51m
Mar 13
BMMS 3-12-24

We're Back From Our Extended Weekend!!! Apparently There's Some Jive Going Around About Kate Middleton And Her Picture Editing Skills, Imagine Having A Leech In Your Throat, Cops Finally Caught Deez Nuts, Running Away From Home And Staying In A Target, Listener E-Mails, To Tell The Truth, & We Summoned A Whole Generation WIth A Little Bit Of Music!!!!

2h 31m
Mar 12
BMMS 3-8-24

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY!!!! Some Actors Don't Know How To Keep Track Of Their Oscars, Corbin Is A Lock Picker, Imagine Getting Stung On Your Junk By A Scorpion, Teachers Shoukd Carry Guns, Beaten Up Over Suasage, We Gave You Beer For Your Memberships, Willy Nilly, & Tazer Time Trivia!!!!

2h 6m
Mar 08
BMMS 3-7-24

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY EVE!!! Did Matt Rife Do Dirty Things To Get Famous, Beaten With A Cowbell, You Can't Keep A Dead Body In Your Apartment For 5 Days, Don't Stick Your Head In A Pickle Barrel, Gimpy Shares Secrets Men Keep, Conspiracy Theory Thursday, Top List, & Mr. Skin Joins Us!!!

2h 18m
Mar 07
BMMS 3-6-24

HUMP DAAAAYYYY!!!!! We Discover Some Gadgets We Don't Really Need, We Learn What The Roman's Used For Mouthwash, An Old Man Got Dooped By The Vagina, You Can't Steal Venus Flytraps, When Hookers Fight, We Put Together A Burger Bracket, FIB News, Top 5 Songs, Expensive Movie Props, & Bowling In The Buff!!!!

1h 54m
Mar 06
BMMS 3-5-24

Hooray For Tuesday!!!! An Air Force Employee Was Dooped To Give Out Secret Info, Breaking Off A Toothbrush In Your Wiener, Roller Blades Made With Cocaine, Hold On Officer..I'm Pooping, Corbin Turns Us On To A Groovy Bluegrass Band, Listener E-Mails, To Tell The Truth, & Farts!!!!

2h 23m
Mar 05
BMMS 3-4-24

Welcome Back From The Weekend!!! We Talk About The Best & Worst Parts, Cracker Barrel Has A New Spring Menu, When A Stripper Beats You With Her Wad Of Cash, Students Are Licking Feet Down South, Went To Remove A Gallbladder And They Took My Tesicles Instead, We Spoke To An Awesome Listener, Jeff Hensley Stops By, & TRUST NO ONE!!!!

2h 7m
Mar 04
BMMS 3-1-24

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY!!!!! Liam Neeson Is To Star In The Re3make Of Naked Gun, Eating Magnets TO Build Your Body, Head Butting Is Never A Good Idea, We Gave You Beer For Your Terrible House Guests, We Learn What The Raest M&M Is, Wiily NIlly, & There Was A HUGE Pot Bust!!!

2h 20m
Mar 01
BMMS 2-29-24

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY EVE!!!! Comedian Richard Lewis Has Passed, You Shouldn't Try Poisoning With Bleach, Don't Hold Up A Store With Pastries, What Do You Do When You Find A Bone In Your Yard, Gimpy Found Something On Tik Tok He Wanted To Share, Conspiracy Theory Thursday, This Wekk's Top List Was Special, & Hot Ass Old Ladies!!!

2h 6m
Feb 29
BMMS 2-28-24

HUMP DAAAAAYYY!!!!!! We Learn About Barbie Names, One DUde Tried To Steal A Plane An Wrecked It Instantly, A Bride Gets Beat Up By Her Brother At Her Wedding Reception, AI Is The Worst, Before & After WIth Lindsey, FIB News, Wendy's Is Going The Ways Of UBER, & NFL Legend Troy Aikman Stops By!!!!

1h 58m
Feb 28
BMMS Talks To Troy Aikman

NFL Legend Troy Aikman Stops By To Talk About His New Beer Eight Elite Lager!!

Feb 28
BMMS 2-27-24

Hooray For Tuesday!!!! You no Longer Need Airplane Mode, Can't Get YOur Injury Claim Of You're Out Chunkin' Trees, Never Pee On A Cops Leg, Dead Ass or Fake News, Listener E-Mails, To Tell The Truth, & How'd I End Up In Mexico?!?!?!?

2h 42m
Feb 27
BMMS 2-26-24

Welcome Back From The Weekend!!! Stabbing Your Friend, You Can't Buy A Porsche With That Fake Check Sir, We Spoke To An Awesome Listener, Jeff Hensley Stops BY, Gimpy Had A Weird Dream, We Know What Kind Of Undies Martha Stewart Wears, & Going Commando!!!

1h 53m
Feb 26
BMMS 2-23-24

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY!!!!!! We Gave You Beer For Your Pain, A Lunar Lander Landed, Putin Is Cracking Down On Kinky Sex Parties, People Want Nipples Like Beckham, Willy Nilly, Tazer Time Trivia, We All Need To Eat More Fruits And Veggies, & We're Going STREAKING!!!!!

2h 14m
Feb 23
BMMS 2-22-24

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY EVE!!!! There's A Major Cellular Outage Across America, A Puppy (Kennel) Kicker Slaps A Tourist On Her Way Out The Door, Letting Your Young Daughter Give A Bikini Wax, Weird Things Banned Around The World, Conspiracy Theory Thursday, Top List, & Danny Masterson Is Being Moved To A Smaller Less Kill Me Prison!!!!

2h 7m
Feb 22
BMMS 2-21-24

HAPPY HUMP DAAAAAYYY!!!! There's Some Changes Coming To Your Self Checkout, Imagine Having Maggots Growing In Your Nose, Smacked For Being Called Booger Face, What Used To Be Acceptable 30 Years Ago, Top 5 Songs, FIB News, & A Substitute Teacher Makes The Students Cry!!!!

1h 50m
Feb 21
BMMS 2-20-24

Welcome Back From A Long Weekend!!! Lindsey Had A Creative Project, You Can't Go TO An Antique Mall And Shove Things Up YOur Butt, LIstenr E-Mails, AEW's Jake Hager Joins Us In Studio, To Tell The Truth, & A Little Girl Disappears And We Blame The Guy That Lives In A Camper Behind Her House!!!!

2h 34m
Feb 20
BMMS 2-16-24

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY!!!! Gimpy Tells Us All About The Godsmack Show Last Night, Bullying With Peanuts, Some People Should Be Thrown From Planes, Pastor Trades Meth To Watch The Sex, Porn Isn't That Bad, Willy Nilly, & WeAgreed On Something!!!!

1h 25m
Feb 16
BMMS Interviews Sully from Godsmack

Sully stopped by for a chat about his documentary, the new tour and playing poker.

Feb 16
BMMS 2-15-24

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY EVE!!!! Corbin's Brother Was At The Chiefs Parade And Left Him Wondering If He Was In The Shooting, Don't Beat Yo Mamma With Grits, Scenes We'd Like Cobin & Lindsey Recreate, Conspiracy Theory Thursday, Top List, & The Longest Streaks In Sports History!!!

2h 8m
Feb 15
BMMS 2-14-24

HAPPY HUMP DAAAAAAYYYY!!!! It's V-Day So Why Not Test Each Other With A Newlywed Type Game, A Time Traveler's Warnings, More Lewd ACts From Penn State, One Dude Thinkns He's Cracked The OJ Case, Poop Talk With Lindsey, FIB News, & Shot Because Of A Bump!!!

1h 47m
Feb 14