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3-29-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses the school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee with David Young, gets an Opening Day preview from Jeff Brantley, and reviews the legal trouble facing former President Donald Trump.

1h 58m
Mar 29
3-29-23 Willie with Jeff Brantley

On Opening Day Eve, Willie is joined by the 'Cowboy' Jeff Brantley to preview the 2023 Reds Campaign.

Mar 29
3-28-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses the bail hearing of a local man charged in an old cold case with attorney James Bogan, the controversy surrounding the firing of the Cincinnati Fire Chief with attorney Steven Iamm, and two fisherman taking a plea deal in a cheating scandal.

1h 52m
Mar 28
3-27-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses the weekend in sports with Mo Egger, bids farewell to the career of George Vogel as he plans to retire this week, and the state of the Donald Trump indictment in New York with Scott Powell.

1h 51m
Mar 27
Live on Sunday Night with Bill Cunningham 3/26/2023

Willies guests include Grant Newsham, The GREAT Wayne Allyn Root and Scott Powell.

2h 2m
Mar 27
Bill Cunningham -- 3/24/23

Willie is wrapping up the week. Happy Friday! Bill Seitz, John London, and more. Catch the latest on Newsradio 700 WLW.

1h 32m
Mar 24
Bill Cunningham -- 3/23/23

Happy Thursday! Bill is fired up and ready to go. Bringing you the latest on the Trump verdict and Cincinnati Public Schools. Tune in!

1h 34m
Mar 23
The Bill Cunningham Show -- 3/22/23

Willie sits in to get you caught up on everything going on around the world, politics, and more! Tune

1h 35m
Mar 22
3-21-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses the pending Donald Trump indictment with Robert Sherman, national politics with Michael McDonald of the Catholic League, and Willie and Seg welcome in two female state wrestling champions on the Stooge Report.

1h 46m
Mar 21
3-20-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie breaks down a busy weekend of sports with Mo Egger, the political attacks by the left on the right with David Yost, and Jennifer Braceras debates with Willie if we should pass the EPA.

1h 50m
Mar 20
Live on Sunday Night with Bill Cunningham 3/19/2023

Trump is expecting to be arrested Tuesday and Willie explains the flaws with the case. If he is arrested....Trump will win the presidency in 2024. Willie's guests include Gaberial Nagales, Kevin Jackson and Jennifer Braceras.

1h 55m
Mar 20
3-16-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses the incident at Joe Mixon's house, the defense strategy with James Bogan, and the actual charges with Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers. Also the NCAA tournament is underway, and some state champs join the stooge.

1h 39m
Mar 16
3-16-23 Willie with Melissa Powers

Willie discusses the charges filed against those in the Joe Mixon house following an Anderson Township shooting with Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers.

Mar 16
3-15-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie previews the NCAA Tournament and the NIT with Mo Egger, discusses national politics with Kevin Jackson of the Black Sphere, and why conservative speakers are having issues on college campuses with former ANTIFA member Gabriel Nadales.

1h 42m
Mar 15
3-14-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses keeping the Reds healthy this year with Dr. Tim Kremchek, preventing the left from legalizing abortion in Ohio with Elizabeth Whitmarsh from Ohio Right to Life, and should Xavier allow Joe Deters to speak on campus?

1h 47m
Mar 14
3-14-23 Willie with Elizabeth Whitmarsh

Willie welcomes in Elizabeth Whitmarsh of Ohio Right to Life to discuss a ballot proposal to legalize abortion in Ohio by placing it in the Ohio Constitution.

Mar 14
3-13-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie brings on Sheriff Richard K. Jones to discuss what is happening at the southern border, Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy previews his 2024 run, and Senator JD Vance updates us on what is happening in East Palestine, Ohio.

1h 49m
Mar 13
3-13-23 Willie with Vivek Ramaswamy

Willie talks with 2024 GOP Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy about his campaign to replace Joe Biden in the nation's highest office.

Mar 13
Live on Sunday Night with Bill Cunningham 3/12/2023

Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank have failed and collapsed. Willie explains what that means. He also talks to Steve Milloy. Ex-Antifa member Gabrielle Nadales. All things immigration and more with Dan Stein and Craig Bannister.

1h 55m
Mar 13
3-10-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses the state of policing with Chris Cuomo, Biden's immigration policy failures with Dan Stein, and who will be Ohio's next Senator with Jack Windsor.

1h 31m
Mar 10
3-10-23 Willie with Chris Cuomo

Willie discusses policing in American cities with liberal talk host Chris Cuomo.

Mar 10
3-9-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses the latest surrounding a shooting at Joe Mixon's house with Channel 5's Sheree Pallelo, national politics with Craig Bannister of CNS Research, and climate change with climate expert Steve Milloy.

1h 41m
Mar 09
3-9-23 Willie with Steve Milloy

Willie discusses the media reactions to weather events with climate change expert Steve Milloy.

Mar 09
3-8-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie gets an update on the Joe Mixon case from Dan Hils, reports of an upgraded fentanyl with Dr. Lakshmi Sammarco, and the truth that Antifa doesn't want you to know.

1h 45m
Mar 08
3-8-23 Willie with Gabrielle Nadales

Willie looks to expose the truth behind Antifa by talking with former Antifa member Gabrielle Nadales.

Mar 08
3-7-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie breaks down an unfortunate punishment for one northern Kentucky criminal with Rob Sanders, what becoming an overnight millionaire is like with former Bengal Tim McGee, and a former train engineer explains what might be happening with all of the derailments.

1h 33m
Mar 07
3-7-23 Willie with Rob Sanders

Willie is joined by Kenton County prosecutor Rob Sanders with the story of one criminal in Northern Kentucky who learned the hard way that police dogs will take a bite out of crime.

Mar 07
3-6-23 Mick Cronin Joins Willie On The Stooge

Former UC head basketball coach, and the current head coach of the #2 ranked UCLA Men's basketball team Mick Cronin joins Willie and Seg on the Stooge Report to break down UCLA's season.

Mar 06
3-6-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses the recent rain derailments with Brian Hemrick, breaks down the Murdaugh trial with attorney James Bogan, and gets the latest from D.C. with Congressman Brad Wenstrup.

1h 54m
Mar 06
Live on Sunday Night with Bill Cuninngham 3/5/2023

Mayor Beetlejuice of Chicago lost her race to remain mayor of Chicago. She blames racism and sexism. Also Son of the South and the song Zip-a-dee-doo-dah is now considered racist and Disney is removing it from their parks and more. Willie also talks to Jenny Beth Martin, Congressman Brad Wenstrup and Michael Chapman.

1h 55m
Mar 06