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The One With a Jacket Potato Debate

A debate is underway if the cheese goes first on a jacket potato or does it go on top of the beans? Richie was successful at getting his Monkey cake for his son's birthday which has led to a discussion can adults be particular about what cake they receive and Sound of the Decade's 60s sound is still yet to be guessed, perhaps it can tonight on the Daily Takeaway.

Feb 28
The One With A Favourite Tunnel

Everyone has a favourite tunnel, right? This daily takeaway contains a heavy amount of Tunnel Talk! Sound of the Decades returns and we are getting closer to the Bonus Day on Thursday! 

Feb 27
The One With The Mishaps

Richie has a huge facial problem and Bush is deciding what to wear for Ray's big 'Bonus Day'.

Feb 26
The One That Was Embarrassed

Bush and Richie get some good news for Ray's Bonus Day and Bush gets a delivery into the studio!

Feb 22
The one on Stage

Richie reveals what happened at last night's Keane gig and the pair start to plot our listener Ray's bonus day

Feb 21
The One That Has A Wiggly

Today is the day that Bush and Richie's Bonus Day Winner is revealed, only one winner will be having a Bonus Day of their dreams on the 29th of February! Drum roll please... Also, Sound of the Decades continues and the launch of Compo Corner! It is all happening on the Daily Takeaway.

Feb 20
The One That Receives Credit Where It's Due

Richie receives some great praise from his delivery driver, Good News is brightening up this Monday in February and Sound of the Decades returns, this time with a brand new 60's sound! With the 00's sound being guessed within a day can this sound be uncovered?

Feb 19
The One That Has Absolutely Every In Their Bag

Bush finally asks his urging question to Richie, Sound of the Decades returns after last night's 90s victory was finally guessed correctly after 3 weeks and Tim Key joins Bush and Richie for a chat all on tonight's daily takeaway.

Feb 15
The One With The Technical Fault

Bush and Richie's toastie maker has broken and there's a winner on Sound of the Decade!

Feb 14
The One With A Special Food Challenge

Toastie Tuesday returns and this week we have a Scottish recipe, the haggis may have stunk out the studio but hopefully it will taste good! Listener Janek got intouch to let us know on his special food challenge and Sound of the Decades returns with the same sound for 3 weeks running, does anyone need any clues? 

Feb 13
The One With The Sticky Willies

Bush and Richie are chatting about school lunches, taking more Bonus Day applications and sharing your good news.

Feb 12

Bush and Richie continue to take your Bonus Day suggestions and Bush is going through his lists.

Feb 08
The One With The Crested Tits

Bush and Richie take your calls for their 'Bonus Day', they are joined by Professor Chris Lintott to discuss the science of Leap Years and Richie has a clothing issue.

Feb 07
The One With A DVD Collection

It is Tuesday once again, which means it is time for Toastie Tuesday! Richie may or may not have broken the toastie maker... and could DVD and Blue ray be making a renaissance? Vinyl has done it so perhaps we could be quids in and maker a fortune when they do make a come back!

Feb 06
The One With A Bonus Day

2024 being a leap year means a bonus day! We want your ideas of what you would do with a bonus day, head to AbsoluteRadio/Win for details on how you can get submit your idea. Sound of the decades returns on it's 3rd day. But, can anyone guess correctly today?

Feb 05
The One With The Extra Day

Karen Brady and Tim Campbell from the Apprentice join the show, listener Ellie gives us an update on the Blue Boy's movements at The Big Cat Sanctuary and Bush and Richie realise it's a leap year

Feb 01
The one Where Elmo Saved The Day

There's a new noise on Sound of the Decade and Richie challenges beloved child hood cartoons to assemble and help out Elmo.

Jan 31
The One That Has The Laundry Duties

Bush declares his laundry responsibilities that are about to kick in, we have an update with Blue Boy at the Big Cat Sanctuary and can anyone guess Sound of the Decades correctly?

Jan 30
The One With Damaged Goods

The Traitors Champion Harry Clarke joins Bush and Richie to talk all about his victory, murders and banishments on the hit TV Show. Also on the podcast tonight, find out what happens to blue boy on it's journey to the big cat sanctuary.

Jan 29
The One That Has After Hours Dramas

Bush and Richie had a Hometime board game evening last night, staying at work after hours... Producer Nick brought microwave popcorn and the making of the popcorn didn't go quite to plan! Can anyone guess the 80's mystery sound on Sound of the Decades tonight?

Jan 25
The One With Bill Bailey

Comedian Bill Bailey joins Bush and Richie to discuss his new tour, Richie is 'Set Jetting' and Bush is looking for a forever home for the Blue Boy painting.

Jan 24
The One That Throws It In The Fire

January is a long month, most people give up on their new years resolutions so Bush and Richie light a fire in the studio... named 'The Bomfire of the New Years Resolutions' to burn your sliding new years resolutions. Toastie Tuesday returns with the most interesting ingredients so far and Sound of the Decades has a brand new sound from the 80's!

Jan 23
The One That Gets Diverted

Bush is feeling rather tired after last night's late activities, Richie congregates the tasks around the house that you are able to do that can save you on a gym membership! Also, can a 6 day roll over on Sound of the decades finally be guessed correctly?

Jan 22
The One That Dealt In Fine Art

Bush and Richie welcome fine art and Antiques Roadshow expert Suzanne Zack to the studio to value their Blue Boy Painting. And will the Sound of the 70s be won?

Jan 18
The One With That Never Chucked

Richie is hoarding and Bush is still in love with The Blue Boy

Jan 17
The One With The New Mascot

Bush reveals the new Hometime Show mascot and Richie is creating a commandment list for kitchens

Jan 16
The One With The Clothes Audit

Bush and Richie are really feeling the cold today and they're still stuck in the 70s as Sound of the Decade returns.

Jan 15
The One That Went Full Detective

Richie is on a WI-FI related mission and Bush finally scales Jelly Mountain!

Jan 11
The One That Wore Crocs

The studio is divided on the wearing of Crocs and Sound of the Decades lands in the 1970s

Jan 10
The One That Climbs Jelly Moutain

Jelly Mountain is still on the people's minds as Bush chats about injuries doing kids activities. Sound of the Decades gets a Tuesday winner and Toastie Tuesday begins as a concoction of Ham, Butter, Brown Sauce, Pepper and Cheese are all on the menu this week. 

Jan 09