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The One with Rhod, Jane and Freddie

Bush and Richie are on the hunt for a Rhod, a Jane and a Freddie. Richie confesses to seasonal stockpiling, there's an update on how Grandad's doing and the boys are looking for break-up movies in tonight's Film Club.

Mar 30
The One Without A Paddle

Bush and Richie perform live surgery on 'Grandad' and it's the return of Games Night - where there two tea towels up for grabs.

Mar 29
The One With The Fast Shunter

Bush and Richie talk about the best gifts you've ever been given. Plus Bush has been on Facebook Market place again looking for a new Mascot for the show. And its' Richie's pick in Toastie Tuesday

Mar 28
The One With Stuart Pearce at gigs

Richie is having a five star morning, Bush is on an anti social watch and Sean Dyche was spotted at a Kasabian gig

Mar 27
The One With Depeche Mode

Bush and Richie sit down with Dave Gahan and Martin Gore of Depeche Mode to talk about their new album, Memento Mori, which is out now!

Mar 24
The One With The Head Bag

Bush & Richie reminisce about what bags they were defined by back in the day. Plus you tell them about the times you went behind the scenes.

Mar 23
The One With The Mystery Can

Bush and Richie are back with a brand new game for Games night. Richie needs some fashion advice and Bush wants your Gladiator names

Mar 22
The One Where They Move To The Garden Centre

Bush and Richie talk about life's tedious jobs. There's chat about moving into everyone's favourite shops, and Toastie Tuesdays are back with Boursin.

Mar 21
The One With the Weird Smell

Richie is on the hunt for you positive news, Bush is looking out for old appliances and there's some strange smells in the air.

Mar 20
The One With The Dunk Index Final

It's the big final in Bush and Richie's Dunk Index and it's an Irish themed Film Club

Mar 16
The One With The Annoying Noise

Bush and Richie find out the top 10 worst sounds in the world. After much demand, Washing Machine Chat is back for another round. And it's a dramatic DOUBLE semi-final for the 'Dunk Index'

Mar 15
The One With The Naught Kids

Bush and Richie are back hearing your stories of naught kids. Plus it's the last quarter final of the 'Dunk Index'

Mar 14
The One about Ur Mum

Bush and Richie talk trying things for the first time, there's a competition to win Wet Leg Tickets and it's the semi-final of the Dunk Index.

Mar 13
The One With The Washing Machine

Bush and Richie chat all things Washing Machine and it's the Gingernut vs the Bourbon in tonight's biscuit dunk index.

Mar 09
The One With Graeme Swann dunking a shortbread finger

It's round 1 of the biscuit dunk index and Graeme Swann joins the show to have his say. And you tell us your stories of celebrities you've taught.

Mar 08
The One With The Biscuit Noose

Bush and Richie return and they want to create a them park of the olden days - as kids these days have it too good. Plus they reveal the league table for the biscuit dunk index.

Mar 07
The One in The Dinosaur Costume

Richie returns from his holiday and the aftermath of Rocco's birthday party whilst Bush wants to know what the most durable biscuit is.

Mar 06
The Full Interview with Jake Bugg

Andy Bush catches up with musician Jake Bugg to discuss his return to stage, Happy Valley and his love of Notts County.

Mar 04
The Full Interview with Professor David Wilson

Andy Bush speaks to Crimonoligist Professor David Wilson about his brand new tour 'My Life With Murderers', web sleuths, interviewing serial killers and if there is such thing as "Evil".

Mar 03
The One With The Last 15 Minutes

Professor David Wilson joins Bush to discuss his favourite topic - criminology and it's the return of the Hometime Film Club

Mar 02
The One With The Pants and Curry Sauce

Bush finally makes his chip shop curry fondue & he wants to know what tv show character you'd have on your pants.

Mar 01
The One That Bibbed and Beeped

Bush has an important horn related question and he creates a devilish game for Absolute Radio's Guitar Anthem Poll.

Feb 28
The One With the Alternative Fondue

Bush has bought a chocolate fountain...but he wants to put something in it other than chocolate, and your suggestions are strange to say the least.

Feb 27
The One With Eugene Levy

Bush and Richie are joined by Eugene Levy on tonigh'ts Hometime show, and stay tuned for the Hometime Film Club - Films with Robots!

Feb 23
The One With Glenn Moore

Bush and Richie are continuing the discussion of the Mango Chutney controversy from last nights Toastie Tuesday and realised they owe Producer Adem an apology and want to know what you're sorry for. Stay tuned for the Hometime Games Night!

Feb 22
The one With The Mango Chutney Controversy

Bush and Richie blame producer Adem for a Toastie Tuesday fail...but is all as it seems?

Feb 21
The One With Hugh Jackman & The Car Boot Sale

Hugh Jackman joins Bush and Richie to discuss his new film 'The Son' and it's the day after their car boot sale - but how did it go?

Feb 20
The One Who Has A Car Boot Audit

Bush and Richie want to know what you have in your car boot ahead of their Car Boot sale this Sunday, and stay tuned for the Hometime Film Club - Treasure and Relic hunting Movies.

Feb 16
The One With Modern Day Witchcraft

Bush and Richie want to know things you'd class as modern day witchcraft and stay tuned for the Hometime Midweek Games Night!

Feb 15
The One With The Love Sausage

The guys pay tribute to the objects in life that they love, the results of Bush & Richie's £5 charity shop challenge is not to be missed and they trial the Roastie Toastie toastie.

Feb 14