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Healthy Sexuality - Week 1: Casting Stones

Pastor Rick Lorimer We live in a day and age of sexual complexity and experimentation. Join Pastor Rick as he begins a discussion on Healthy Sexuality and looks to the Bible for direction and help. NEXT STEPS: • I will sign up for a Connect Group.  • I will fill out an application for Personal Care. • I will intentionally fast this week and participate in the devotional on "The Problem with God" Sermon Series:

Aug 07
The Chosen - Jesus Loves the Children

Join us this week as Pastor Johnathan dives into the next message in the “The Chosen Series.”   NEXT STEPS: - This week, look for ways to tangibly love the children in our lives, in our community, and around the world. - This week, I will sign-up to help with Christ Place Kids at my campus.

Jul 31
The Chosen - A Promise

Pastor Paul Welch

Jul 17
The Chosen - The Woman at the Well

John 4:3-44 Season 1, Episode 8   Watch the Episode: 

Jul 10
Stand-Alone Message - The Image of God

Join us this weekend as Pastor Rick explores the ramifications of humanity being made in the image of God, Imago Deo. NEXT STEPS: • This week, I will wake each morning reminding myself that I’m made in the image of God. • I will pray for God’s people to embrace a Whole Life agenda.

Jul 03
BELIEVE - Lay Down Your Title and Pick up a Towel

Join us this week as Pastor Johnathan dives into the next passage in the series, “Believe: A Study of the Book of John."

Jun 14
Stand-Alone Message - More Cupbearers Needed

Guest Speaker, Rod Whitlock discusses the story of Joseph in the Bible.

Jun 05
BELIEVE - The Culture & Power of the Cross

This weekend, we get an up-close view of Jesus processing His crucifixion and why the cross matters today. NEXT STEPS: __ __

Jun 02
BELIEVE - Living The Right Life

Join us this week to explore what “living the right life” looks like. Pastor Rick takes into Jesus' teaching found in John’s Gospel 12. NEXT STEPS: __ __

May 22
Baptism - Why it Matters

Join us this week as Pastor Rick dives into the subject of a believer’s identity. NEXT STEPS: • I will sign up to be baptized at Summer Splash. • This week, I will renew my efforts to identify in Jesus and Him alone.

May 15
Mother's Day at Christ Place 2022

This past weekend we celebrated Mother’s Day with Pastor Laurie Hoyt. She gave an inspiring message and challenged us to know where we come from.

May 08
Stand-Alone Message - Faith or Fear

Guest Speaker, Jeffrey Portmann

May 01
BELIEVE - In the Heat of the Moment

Join us this week as Pastor Lance teaches from the book of John about the resurrection of Jesus’ friend, Lazarus. Next Steps: __ __

Apr 24
2022 Easter AT CHRIST PLACE - History’s Mystery

Join Pastor Rick as we look at the first Easter morning and the shocking news that had seismic implications then and now. It was simply unimaginable.   NEXT STEPS: __ __

Apr 17
BELIEVE - Lessons From A Donkey Ride

Join us this week as Pastor Rick dives into John’s rendition of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, kicking off Holy Week.   NEXT STEPS: __ __

Apr 10
BELIEVE - To Believe or Not to Believe

Join us this week as Pastor Lance continues in our study of John’s Gospel about belief vs. unbelief.   Next Steps: __ __

Apr 03

We are barraged with advertising that appeals to our nature. Join us as Pastor Rick introduces a principle that, if practiced, will revolutionize your financial condition. NEXT STEPS: • I will attend the A Better Way Class next weekend. Go to • This week, I will delay my purchases with the intention of banking the difference.

Mar 27

Join us as Pastor Rick talks about one word, when practiced in your finances sets you up for success. NEXT STEPS: •This week, I will begin to practice living within my means and implement “I PAY.” •Today, I will register for A BETTER WAY at •I will ask for help with my finances.

Mar 20

Join us as Pastor Rick talks about one word that sets you up for success when practiced in your finances.   NEXT STEPS: __ __

Mar 13
BELIEVE - The Good Shepherd

Join us this week as Pastor Johnathan explores the next passage in the series, “Believe: A Study of the Book of John.”   NEXT STEPS: __ __

Mar 06
BELIEVE: To Belong & Believe

Join us this week as Pastor Rick dives into a controversial story in the bible and illustrates what it looks like to belong and believe in Jesus. NEXT STEPS: •This week, I will look for those who may not feel like they belong and do my best to include them in a conversation. •Today, I profess my allegiance first and foremost to Jesus.

Feb 27
BELIEVE - There’s More to Your Story

Pastor Rick Lorimer Join us this week as Pastor Rick dives into the story of Jesus healing the blind man and how God wants to intervene in our suffering. NEXT STEPS: • I’m asking God to help me reframe my pain and use it for His glory. I want to testify to the world around me: “I am that person.” • Today, I will ask for prayer by filling out a connection card and/or coming forward for prayer. • I will become a Vision Builder starting this week by beginning to pray, give, and go.

Feb 13
Vision Builders - Readiness Generosity

Pastor Rick & Pastor Ashley   It’s not what vision is, but what vision does that matters. Join Pastor Rick and Pastor Ashley as they share where we are going in 2022 with missions.   NEXT STEPS: __ __

Jan 30
HEART FOR THE HOUSE: Our Future Church

God wants to grow your faith in 2022 and embrace his mission. Join us as Pastor Rick talks about where God is leading us in the next few years and why your faith is required. NEXT STEPS: • Today, I will sign up for Growth Track and embrace the idea of being sent.   • I’m asking God to expose any grasshopper tendencies in my faith. • This week, I will ask God to help us be a “sending church.”

Jan 23
HEART FOR THE HOUSE: The Rhythm of Sabbath

Pastor Rick Lorimer   Join us as Pastor Rick talks about a day of healing that God wants for each of us.   NEXT STEPS: __ __

Jan 16
Heart for the House 2022: Revival Starts with Me

Pastor Rick Lorimer This week, Pastor Rick looks at Jesus’ introduction to His Church and begins a conversation that he hopes you too will choose to have with Christ. NEXT STEPS: • This week, I will begin each day with a conversation with Jesus.   • I will check out the prayer resource page and participate in the daily S.O.A.P.

Jan 09