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It is our goal here at Calvary Chapel to help Christians grow in the knowledge and love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. So we would like to encourage you to listen in as Pastor Rich Chapman teaches verse by verse from the Word of God. Studying the Word is key in achieving growth and maturity in our Christian walks, so subscribe to this Podcast and start growing today!

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Life is Short; Use it for the Lord (Psalm 90)

Knowing that our life is brief, we need to pray for wisdom. Pray to be able to see what God is doing so that we can be glad even during trials. Pray that God uses and blesses our work for his purpose. How can we best use the time that he has given us?

Mar 17
God Leads Us Through (Hebrews 11:29; Exodus 13:17-Exodus 14)

God still leads his people today if we are willing to listen. Sometimes when we follow God, He leads us into impossible situations. Stand firm in faith. The Lord will fight for you. Remember, God’s way is “through" not “around."

Mar 10
Passover (Hebrews 11:28; Exodus 12)

Some of the very things the Egyptians worshiped were sent to them in the plagues. Eventually, all the things that this world worships will be judged, but Passover celebrates a new start. In the end, God will bring all of His people home out of bondage.

Mar 03
Moses at the Burning Bush (Exodus 3-4)

When God speaks to you, what do you say? If you think you are not up to His calling, remember that humility is good only up to the point where it becomes an excuse. God uses the things in hand that He has already provided us to accomplish His purpose.

Feb 25
Moses: Times of Preparation (Exodus 2; Hebrews 11:27)

In his early years, Moses thought he knew more than he did. Two-thirds of his life was just preparation. How well do we understand that God is preparing us too? While this can be scary, the key is to keep looking to Jesus and to be faithful in the work.

Feb 18
Moses' Faith and His Choices (Exodus 2; Hebrews 11:24-26)

Moses had to decide for himself what he was going to do based on his faith. He chose to follow God, to be known as a Jew, to be mistreated along with his people, and to accept disgrace over the wealth of Egypt. Pray and ask what God wants for your life.

Feb 11
The Faith of the Parents (of Moses) (Hebrews 11:23; Exodus 1-2)

The life of Moses started with the faith of his parents who did not let fear control them. His midwives feared God and did not do what the authorities commanded. The apostles defied authority as did Daniel. In the end, fear God and keep his commandments.

Feb 04
Joseph’s Last Days… Faith, Hope (Gen 50)

Our hearts need to be in the land promised, not just the one we live in today. Our lives are not in the hands of men, but in the hands of God and death is not our end. Live in His promises—to fight our battles, provide for us, and be with us in heaven.

Jan 28
Restoration, Reconciliation, Reunion (Gen 42-45)

Joseph’s brothers lived with guilty consciences for over 20 years and believed that they were being punished by God. Their father Jacob also felt like everything was against him. But God used it all for good and brought about a great healing.

Jan 21
More in 24

As we enter a new year, we should look back and learn from the past, but then forget about it. As we look forward and set goals, let them be for a higher purpose than our own desires. Our motto should be for more desire to see God’s glory in 2024.

Jan 20
Joseph: From Prison to Palace (Gen 40, 41)

God uses good and bad circumstances to make us more like Him. Even when we are in the difficult times, our character matters. His perfect plan for us may take years and may hurt, but serve Him with honor and He will bless you.

Jan 07
New Year’s Eve (“New”)

In this new year, remember your new song, new mercies, and renewed mind. Also look forward to the new heavens and new Earth, a new body, and a new name. If there is anything new that is good, it is what God has done and will do, not what we do.

Dec 31, 2023
The Word Became Flesh (John 1)

We celebrate Jesus' birth because of who He is. He is the Word—the expression of God the Father. Jesus is himself God and the creator of all things. He came because He loves us and to bring us life and light. Christmas celebrates this great gift.

Dec 24, 2023
Joseph Trusted the Lord (Genesis 37:36, 39:1-23)

No matter where we are, God can prosper us with His blessing when we trust Him and this can be a witness to others. Those around us are blessed through the goodness He shows to us but our circumstances may not always improve when we do the right thing.

Dec 17, 2023
Teen Challenge Men's Chorus and the Water of Life (Psalm 41:1-2)

The Men's Chorus from Teen Challenge share their inspiring testimonies about overcoming addiction and Pastor Rich delivers a message on the importance of drinking spiritual water to restore our souls.

Dec 10, 2023
God Gives Us a Home

Norm shares the incredible way that God provided for our church through the provision of this building and the circumstances that led to us being able to acquire it as our meeting place.

Dec 03, 2023

There are things God does for us every day that we take for granted and sometimes we fail to recognize our need to give thanks. One way to thank God is to tell others about Him and what He has done for you. Serve God with a thankful heart.

Nov 26, 2023
Celebrating 15 Years at CC Greenmeadow

Reflecting on how God has worked in so many lives and circumstances to provide for this fellowship of believers.

1h 2m
Nov 19, 2023
Joseph the Dreamer (Genesis 37)

We may think that all our circumstances are against us, but in God's plan, they are all working for us. God works in and through our messed-up families and circumstances. He can do amazing things in spite of what we see as obstacles.

Nov 12, 2023
Anthony and Family -- Israel

There are spiritual enemies against those who stand with the army of God and sometimes that spiritual reality meets the physical world. One example of this is the Devil coming as the serpent. He is still trying to to get people to stop following Jesus.

Nov 05, 2023
Finishing Well (Gen 48)

When your time is done on this Earth, what will they say about you? What will they put on your tombstone? Will they see a testimony in your life or that you were caught up in the things of this world? Have faith, bless others, and worship God.

Oct 29, 2023
Back to Bethel (Gen 35)

Where is the place you need to return to where God first spoke to you? Repent and change direction to face God. Reestablish your walk with Him and you will be restored and renewed, leading to revival. This reality is available to all believers.

Oct 22, 2023
Jacob Wrestles with God (Gen 32)

We sometimes stop trusting God and go back to relying on our own plans, leading to a conflict with Him. God can use these conflicts to show us who the real enemy is. Like Jacob, we must hold on tightly to God during these difficult struggles.

Oct 15, 2023
Jacob on the Run (Gen 28)

God can meet us where we are, even when that place is a result of our bad choices. He promises to be with us, past, present, and future. To one degree or another, we are all in the shadow of death, but to know that He is with us gives us strength.

Oct 08, 2023
Don't Give Up on People

Be an encourager by giving people a chance, a second chance, and a chance even at your own expense. How do you respond to someone else's success. Can you see beyond others failures? Are you a builder or a wrecker? Be like Barnabas.

Oct 01, 2023
Isaac (Gen 25, 27)

In spite of evil and deception, God's will prevails and the truth is revealed. Don't try to help God by using lies or manipulation. The Lord is sovereign and in the end, there is only God and His glory.

Sep 24, 2023
The Word of the Lord (Gen 15:1)

We need to take what we have and put it on the alter. Although this seems scary, remember that He is in charge and the odds are in His favor. God tells us to not be afraid because He is with us and will help us. He is our shield and our reward.

Sep 17, 2023
The Test of Faith (Gen 22)

God tested Abraham and He tests us also to confirm our faith. When Satan tests us, he tries to make us fall. God does it for our benefit to show us how deep or shallow our faith is. Our faith must go deeper than just feelings and emotion.

Sep 10, 2023
The Impossible (Sarah and Abraham)

God did in Sarah's life what was humanly impossible. Although it was a decade or more before God fulfilled His promise, He was faithful. God keeps His promises and He wants us to trust Him. Keep an eye on what He is doing in your life today.

Sep 03, 2023

Abraham expressed his faith through obedience and lived his life as a stranger on this Earth, not staying in a permanent residence, but always ready to move. He erected alters to the Lord as should we-places where we meet with God and submit to His will.

Aug 27, 2023