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Episode 754 ~ February 23rd, 2023: Keep On Knocking

A Black History Month special, featuring new music from Jayda G, Yves Tumor, Vagabon, Witch Project & Jairus Sharif. There are lots of Black organizations in Vancouver that could use your support! Vancouver Black Library: The Hogan's Alley Society: Vancouver Black Therapy & Advocacy Foundation: UBC Black Student Union:

1h 0m
Feb 23
Episode 753 ~ February 16th, 2023: Thank You Thank You

Thanks to everyone who pitched in on the FunDrive! Hot show: new tunes from Devours, MIDI Janitor, Westerman, Mega Bog, and tune in for a ticket giveaway for Andy Shauf's March 11th show at the Orpheum. Oh yeah.

1h 0m
Feb 16
Episode 752 ~ February 9th, 2023: Tread On By

Fundrive follow-up! Featuring new tunes from Anodyne, Hank, H Hawkline & DEBBY FRIDAY, and a preview of tonight's Fundrive Finale and the tomorrow's return of Mixed Gems.

1h 0m
Feb 09
Episode 751 ~ February 2nd, 2023: Something In The Air (& That Something is FunDrive)

The FunDrive kickoff show! Featuring an original-ish radio play, "The Transmitter of Love." New tunes from Meggo & Hank, and a tribute to Tom Verlaine. Help out the station if you can:

1h 1m
Feb 02
Episode 748 ~ January 26th, 2023: Wanna see me disco?

Le Tigre make a return, and new tunes from Kylie V (hbd!), Fever Ray, Yaeji, Braids & bananahaus. FunDrive starts next week! Help out if you can:

1h 0m
Jan 26
Episode 748 ~ January 19th, 2023: Be happy! Be healthy! Long life!

New tunes from bananahaus, Apollo Ghosts, Species Traitor, boygenius, DEBBY FRIDAY & Lee Paradise, plus a Domestic Departure Records label spotlight.

Jan 19
24hrs of Radio Art special: BIRDNOTES

Wondering what birds you’re likely to hear today? BIRDNOTES has you covered. Get your daily avian auditory forecast, with host Duncan McHugh and field reports by Bryan Zandberg & Tim Martin. Featuring… American Crows Song Sparrows Dark-eyed Juncos Spotted Towhees Anna's Hummingbirds European Starlings American Robins Northern Flickers House Finches Varied Thrushs Glaucous-winged Gulls Northern Shovelers Great Blue Herons Double-crested Cormorants Canada Geese Barrow's Goldeneyes Common Mergansers American Coots Horned Grebes Ring-necked Ducks Bald Eagles Red-winged Blackbirds Fox Sparrows Red-breasted Nuthatches Downy Woodpeckers American Goldfinches Bushtits Golden-crowned Kinglets Steller's Jay?s Red-tailed Hawks Redheads American Avocets Prairie Falcons California Scrub-Jays Northern Mockingbirds Black-capped Chickadees Mallards Widgeons Great Black-backed Gulls Buffleheads

Jan 18
Episode 748 ~ January 12th, 2023: No Decent Shoes For Rain

New tunes from Everything But The Girl, John Cale, GADFLY, U.S. Girls & Co-op, and a Jeff Buckley connect-the-dots.

Jan 12
Episode 746 ~ December 29th, 2022: That's A Wrap, 2022!

Guest co-host Alice sits in for a special year-end, two hour best-of-2022 ep of Duncan's Donuts. Wall-to-wall hits! And my pick for local artist of the year: Big Rig! Thanks for listening, everybody! Have a great last bit of 2022 and see you in the new year!

2h 3m
Dec 29, 2022
Episode 745 ~ December 22nd, 2022:

We're back to the North Pole for our annual trip to the CiTR Arctic Research Station, and we get a visit from the big (and kinda horny?) man himself...SANTA! An assortment of holiday hits and misses. Happy holidays, everybody!

1h 5m
Dec 22, 2022
Episode 744 ~ December 15th, 2022: That's Tearing My Heart Out

A tribute to Angelo Badalamenti, and new tunes from Rooms, House Wind, Weyes Blood, Dear Nora, Decisive Pink & Dummy NEXT WEEK: It's the holiday special live from the CiTR Arctic Research Station at the North Pole.

Dec 15, 2022
Episode 743 ~ December 8th, 2022: Anything Could Happen

A tribute to The Clean's Hamish Kilgour, and new music from Dear Nora, Bratboy, Rooms, House Wind & Lithics.

Dec 08, 2022
Episode 742 ~ December 1st, 2022: Like Fire? No, Like Ice

World Cup fever? New music from Born at Midnite, Flex TMG, Weyes Blood & RINSE DREAM? Hyping shows on a busy weekend in Terminal City? A tribute to Christine McVie? It's all here!

1h 0m
Dec 01, 2022
Episode 741 ~ November 24th, 2022: A Visit With TJ

Local artist T.J. Felix co-hosts the hour, picking songs and chatting about their life, music & comics. Find their music here: & art here:

1h 18m
Nov 24, 2022
Episode 740 ~ November 17th, 2022: Loosey Goosey

A smorgasbord of fresh tunes from H. Hawkline, Andy Shauf, Sorry Girls, Tennis, Black Belt Eagle Scout, Jenny Hval, Fever Ray, dumb & TJ Felix, who'll be in-studio next week as a special guest co-host. Pretty good ep.

1h 1m
Nov 17, 2022
Episode 739 ~ November 10th, 2022: It's Getting Musky

Twitter's imminent demise inspired me to play the (probably) worst track I've ever punished listeners with. Sorry. New tunes from Shirley Hurt, Mattress, Special Interest & a preview of the CHOMS showcase at Green Auto this Saturday.

1h 3m
Nov 10, 2022
Episode 738 ~ November 3rd, 2022: Avoiding Imbroglio

New music from Flex TMG, SELF IMPROVEMENT, Lee Paradise, Kuri, Lucy Dacus, Hemlocke Springs, VOICE ACTOR, SAULT & Genesis Owusu, and R.I.P. to the great Rodney Graham.

Nov 03, 2022
Episode 737 ~ October 27th, 2022: Special K

I hopped on a call with K-Car to talk about their show at Red Gate tonight. They're playing a benefit for Girls Rock Camp Vancouver along Kellarissa & Ashley Shadow. They'll also be playing with Frog Eyes on November 19th, and should be recording a new album soon. Thanks, K-Car!

Oct 27, 2022
Episode 736 ~ October 27th, 2022: C'est l'Halloween!

It's the 15th Annual Duncan's Donuts Hallowe'en SPOOKTACULAR. Is my voice modular on the fritz? You bet. Do I try to make up for it with some hammy voice acting. You betcha. Hope you have a fun and safe Halloween, everybody!

1h 0m
Oct 27, 2022
Episode 735 ~ October 20th, 2022: Swimming in Smoke

Summer is finally going to end, and the forthcoming rains will wash away the smoke. Bring on autumn. New tunes from Plains, SALES, Lee Paradise & New Chance, Lil_Babeee_4EVA, Westerman, and a preview of Wallgrin's release show this Saturday.

1h 1m
Oct 20, 2022
Episode 734 ~ October 13th, 2022: I Took the Boring Potion

Endless Summer. New tunes from Lil_Babeee_4EVA, Black Belt Eagle Scout, Shirley Hurt, Hand Habits, Lucy Dacus, Weyes Blood, and Shabason & Krgovich.

Oct 13, 2022
Episode 733 ~ October 6th, 2022: The Copper Anniversary

New tunes from Born At Midnite, Men I Trust, Hand Habits, AC-PDF, Fever Ray & getting HYPED for MLB playoffs.

1h 0m
Oct 06, 2022
Episode 732 ~ September 22nd, 2022:

Congrats to Pierre Kwenders on the Polaris win, and new music from Blue Hawaii, Total Chroma/Devours, Blood Orange, White Lung, Swim Team & Bill "Smoggy" Callahan. Also featuring my mind wandering a bit.

Sep 22, 2022
Episode 731 ~ September 15th, 2022: Maybe It's Just Me

New Weyes Blood & previewing some weekend action.

Sep 15, 2022
Episode 731 ~ September 8th, 2022: Summer For Out School's

School's back from summer and the Queen died. New tunes from Swim Team, Big City, Dear Nora, Eliza Niemi, a special project for Arbutus Records & Time the Mute's record is unleashed upon the world.

Sep 08, 2022
Episode 730 ~ August 25th, 2022: Sitting By the Riverside

Summer's finishing up strong, and the new music flows like a cooling river. New tunes from Kellarissa & Devours, Kamikaze Palm Tree, Lithics (RIP), dumb, The Artists, Roswit, Midnight News, Sleuth, Horse Tits & Status/Non Status. Incredible!

1h 0m
Aug 25, 2022
Episode 729 ~ August 18th, 2022: Go Sing It on the Mountain

Shane Turner calls in from his mountain-top tower lookout to chat about his Mountain Mansion project, life as a fire lookout & the tight-knit tower community. Listen to the album here:

1h 0m
Aug 18, 2022
Episode 728 ~ August 11th, 2022: August Parties?

New tunes from Shabason & Krgovich, Daphni, Kiwi Jr, Ponytails & Mountain Mansion, and previewing some fun shows happening this weekend.

1h 3m
Aug 11, 2022
Episode 727 ~ August 5th, 2022: Stay Soft

New tunes from U.S. Girls, divorcer, Rooms, Tim the Mute, Muncho Joe, Big City & Plains (feat. Katie of Waxahatchee), and a long lost album from Robert Dayton & his project Hallmark.

Aug 04, 2022
Episode 726 ~ July 28th, 2022: From the Land of the Midnight Sun

A special episode of Duncan's Donuts, recorded on location at Mät’àtäna Män (Kathleen Lake) in Yukon's Kluane National Park with pals Darren & Fern and some cameos from my family. Features a Whitehorse scene report and some pop requests. Regular programming returns next week.

1h 1m
Jul 28, 2022