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Episode 728 ~ August 11th, 2022: August Parties?

New tunes from Shabason & Krgovich, Daphni, Kiwi Jr, Ponytails & Mountain Mansion, and previewing some fun shows happening this weekend.

1h 3m
Aug 11
Episode 727 ~ August 5th, 2022: Stay Soft

New tunes from U.S. Girls, divorcer, Rooms, Tim the Mute, Muncho Joe, Big City & Plains (feat. Katie of Waxahatchee), and a long lost album from Robert Dayton & his project Hallmark.

Aug 04
Episode 726 ~ July 28th, 2022: From the Land of the Midnight Sun

A special episode of Duncan's Donuts, recorded on location at Mät’àtäna Män (Kathleen Lake) in Yukon's Kluane National Park with pals Darren & Fern and some cameos from my family. Features a Whitehorse scene report and some pop requests. Regular programming returns next week.

1h 1m
Jul 28
Episode 725 ~ July 7th, 2022: Pure Evil

New tunes from Megamall, Big Rig, cortico & a Free Play Angel / Mourning Coup collab. Birthday greetings to all the lovely July babies (esp Ellie).

1h 0m
Jul 07
Episode 724 ~ June 30th, 2022: Always Let The Good Ones Go

Farewell to Fanta Records label manager / CiTR Music & Volunteer Manager / Teachable Moments DJ / Angel Dora Dubber & R.I.P. to the Hastings St Value Village. Megamall's new Fanta Records cassette EP is out tomorrow and releasing at the Lido tonight, and I got to dust off my EXCLUSIVE bumper. Good times. Also new tunes from Big Rig & Patrick Holland.

1h 35m
Jun 30
Episode 723 ~ June 23rd, 2022: Nude as the News

Bad times. Good music and new stuff from Rooms, SoyJoy, OK Vancouver OK, Megamall, Sigh One Down, Built To Spill & Tirzah. Glad for the music

1h 0m
Jun 23
Episode 72 ~ June 16th, 2022: Isn't It Lovely

New tunes from Rapport, White Poppy, Grace Ives, Automatic, Cola, Michael Rault, Dehd & Shintaro Sakamoto. Get into it!

1h 1m
Jun 16
Episode 721 ~ June 9th, 2022: Just for the Hell of It

New tunes from Aaron Read, Frog Eyes, Boyhood, Hot Chip & Kamikaze Nurse, who release their hot new album, Stimuloso, TONIGHT! Also, happy birthday, Anna! And a big thank you to everyone who made Music Waste such a grand success this year,

1h 2m
Jun 09
Episode 720 ~ June 2nd, 2022: Time to WAAAASTE

Music Waste is back, baby! Previewing the best fest in the west. has the info you seek. (Also, CiTR's website is back! I'll work on getting the backlog of eps from April & May posted soon)

1h 3m
Jun 02
Episode 715 ~ April 7th, 2022: Voice? Leading!

Kellarissa joins us for a chat about her new album, Voice Leading. What a treat! Also, new music from Muncho Joe & Jenny Hval

1h 1m
Apr 07
Episode 714 ~ March 31st, 2022: Songs for Friends

New tunes From Jenny Hval, Kelly Lee Owens, Grimm, Marci, My Idea, Soccer Mommy, Destroyer, Aldous Harding & Whitney K...alright! Happy birthday to Charlie, Katie & MJ.

1h 2m
Mar 31
Episode 713 ~ March 23rd, 2022: It's Spring Break Somewhere

New tunes from Kamikaze Nurse, colouring outside, Yves Jarvis, Destroyer, Jane Inc, Guerilla Toss & Regularfantasy, all set to melt your faces.

Mar 24
Episode 712 ~ March 17th, 2022: Mael-strom

The Sparks were here! How cool. Also, new music from Tony Price, Apollo Ghosts, Kitty Prozac, Kellarissa & No Frills. Hope you make it to Red Gate for one of this weekend's hot shows.

1h 0m
Mar 17
Episode 711 ~ March 10th, 2022: Now Your Bones Glow in the Dark

A wealth of new & new-ish tunes from Veda Hille! Kellarissa! Jane Inc! Jana Horn! broken egg! Kitty Prozac! and Horsegirl! Things are bad but music is good.

Mar 10
Episode 710 ~ February 17th, 2022: Keep On Knocking

Once again, thank you to all who donated to the Fundrive. You are all so wonderful. A special Black History Month episode, showcasing Black artists. New songs from Mitch Davis and flowerovlove, and a track from the great Wayne McGhie re-issue, "Wayne '76." Vancouver-based author Wayde Compton has been tweeting Vancouver Black history throughout February. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend checking it out and following along:

1h 3m
Feb 17
Episode 709 ~ February 10th, 2022: It's still...FUNDRIVE 2022!

FunDrive 2022 is about to wrap up! Thanks to everyone who pitched in, and if you haven't yet and you have some funds to spare, take a peek at: Excellent swag, and if you donate $100 to D's Ds, I'll take you on a birdwatching day trip. Kinda odd, kinda fun? Sure! There are plenty of fish in the C(iTR)! Please show your love to the station. In addition to grovelling for money, I play new tunes from Jack J! Frog Eyes! Lily Konigsberg's new joint My Idea! Lucu Dacus! Helena Deland! Tess Roby! Wonderful tunes all the time. #Blessed

1h 0m
Feb 10
Episode 708 ~ February 3rd, 2022: FUNDRIVE 2022!

It's happening, everybody. Here is FunDrive 2022! Donate if you can: Lots of excellent swag, and if you donate $100 to D's Ds, I'll take you on a birdwatching day trip. Kinda odd, kinda fun? Sure! There are plenty of fish in the C(iTR). Please show your love to the station. In addition to grovelling for money, I play new tunes from Brutal Poodle, Ducks Ltd, Plum, Nilüfer Yanya & the one and only Jenny Hval

1h 0m
Feb 03
Episode 707 ~ January 27th, 2022: Pull Back the Sky

It's a SOCAN special. And we have NEW music from Liv of Fanshaw! Her new band is called Plum, and their songs are delicious so sweet and so cold Also! New Apollo Ghosts, Blue Hawaii, TEENANGER, Leon Patriz & Golden Age of Wrestling. Fun times.

1h 0m
Jan 27
Episode 706 ~ January 20th, 2022: In Memory of Megan

Megan McDonald of Fine Mist (and other bands) died earlier this week, so I wanted to take this hour to remember her, some of the music that she made, and some of the interviews I did with her over the years. I have a lot of fond memories of Megan, and of being a part of FAN MIST and singing along with her at shows. She was one-of-a-kind, and it's heartbreaking that she's gone. My condolences to her family, friends, loved ones, and Sadie & Ivy.

1h 0m
Jan 20
Episode 705 ~ January 13th, 2022: I Wanna See the Movies of My Dreams

What a week for new tunes! New records announced for Apollo Ghosts, Destroyer and Aldous Harding, and new music from the Cyrillic Typewriter, Picastro, Cate Le Bon & 100 Block Rock. AND re-issues of Catseye and Willie Trasher? It's too much. I love it!

1h 0m
Jan 13
Episode 704 ~ January 6th, 2022: Snowy Snow

Happy new year! Hope you're getting by without too much trouble. New tunes from Widowspeak, Bart, The Smile, House Wind, Leikeli47, Tierra Whack & Julia Holter

1h 0m
Jan 06
Episode 703 ~ December 30th, 2021: Best of 2021 pt 2

It's been a great year for music and... maybe that's it? At least we have the tunes. Happy new year, everybody! Thanks for listening and all the best for 2022.

1h 0m
Dec 30, 2021
Episode 702 ~ December 23rd, 2021: The SOCAN Special, Best of 2021

Part 1 of the best of 2021 specials. Wall-to-wall CanCon hits (well, maybe not "hits"...bangers?)

1h 0m
Dec 23, 2021
Episode 701 ~ December 16th, 2021:

Heck no, but it sure is gonna be weird. Had to call off the annual trip up to the CiTR Arctic Research Station at the North Pole, and the SOCAN overlords are making us work over the holidays, so here we are with a slightly early Duncan's Donuts' holiday special. Happy holidays, all! See you next Thursday for my part 1 best-of-2021 special (CanCon edish).

Dec 16, 2021
Episode 700 ~ December 9th, 2021: The 700 Club?

New tunes from P'tit Beliveau, Beach House, Chastity Belt, Grouper, House Wind & Mitski.

Dec 09, 2021
Episode 699 ~ December 2nd, 2021: Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah! Hope you managed to eat some latkes. New tunes from Julie Doiron, GG Love, Century Egg, The Golden Age of Wrestling, Big Thief & Night Court. Good stuff!

Dec 02, 2021
Episode 698 ~ November 25th, 2021: Play Your Sad Guitar

I did not know that the Carpenters didn't write "Superstar"! All due respect to Delaney & Bonnie. Whoops / fascinating. Anyhow, some great new tunes this week. New Golden Age of Wrestling, future star, Beach House, Night Court & Jenny Hval.

Nov 25, 2021
Episode 697 ~ November 18th, 2021: Flooded

It's been a rough week in BC. Some tunes to soothe the soul. New music from Beach House, Mitski, House Wind, Sweeping Promises, Horsegirl & Century Egg.

Nov 18, 2021
Episode 696 ~ November 5th, 2021: That's The Way I Like It

So many great new tunes! The latest from Chastity Belt, Lily Konigsberg, Divorcer, Julie Doiron, Grouper, Dummy, Debby Friday, and the 100 Block Rock series, and a preview of tonights Spiral XP show at Red Gate.

Nov 04, 2021