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Episode 797 ~ February 1st, 2024: Say YES!

It's FunDrive time, babies. Please say YES to CiTR and show your support with a donation: Thanks to Izzy, Naomi, Alex, Jasper, Ciara, Nate, Shirley & Sheila for helping out with the opening sketch, and Ruby for popping by a little later. What fun!

1h 8m
Feb 01
Episode 796 ~ January 25th, 2024: Time with U

And we're back! Tributes to Melanie and Mary Weiss (of the Shangri-Las), both of whom died this week. New tunes from Aaron Read, LOVING, Free Play Angel, Discovery Zone, Jane Penny (of TOPS), Non La & Chastity Belt. Fundrive starts next Thursday! Get excited, get, get excited!

Jan 25
Episode 795 ~ January 18th, 2024: Snow Day

Snow day, baby! University's closed so I recorded in my kitchen. Thanks to CiTR's Ciara for getting it on air at the last minute! NEW tunes from LOVING, TJ Felix, Soft Fossil, Jackson Ramsey, Kim Gordon & Shabason, Krgovich, Sage Peter Doolan's fantastic Thai music blog Rage Moulton & Andy Resto's "A Christmas Codicil: Love and Lies at the Honeydew Mountain River Lodge"

1h 0m
Jan 18
Episode 794 ~ January 11th, 2024: What A Lovely Mess!

Happy new year! New tunes from *deep breath* Patrick Holland, Born At Midnite, Julia Holter, Waxahatchee, Kacey Johansing, Marika Hackman, and an album release by the Golden Age of Wrestling this Saturday! Also: Happy 102nd birthday to Kaye Kaminishi, a member of the Vancouver Asahi baseball team, and happy Asahi Day in the City of Vancouver! And: Listen to Kris Rothstein's great new podcast "In Search of Lost Venues": The debut episode features the one and only Chris-A-Riffic!

1h 2m
Jan 11
Episode 793 ~ December 28th, 2023: Best of the Year

So much great music this year! Some of the highlights, with guest co-hosts Ellie and Alice.

2h 1m
Dec 28, 2023
Episode 792 ~ December 21st, 2023: Must Be Kringle

Yet again we are BACK to the North Pole for our annual trip to the CiTR Arctic Research Station, and we get a visit from Kris Kringle! An assortment of holiday hits and misses, with new tunes from Be Afraid, la lune & Morgan Reese. Happy holidays, everybody!

1h 4m
Dec 21, 2023
Episode 791 ~ December 14th, 2023: Meet Me at the Park

New tunes from Bill Can, L CON, Yuma Abe, IN MIRRORS, and Tiga & Hudson Mohawke NEXT WEEK: the Duncan's Donuts holiday spectacular from the CiTR Arctic Research Station at the North Pole. TWO WEEKS: the Duncan's Donut best-of-2023 super special

1h 0m
Dec 14, 2023
Episode 790 ~ December 7th, 2023: Meet Me at the Park

Felt inspired to play some park songs, not just because of the tool at City Hall. Premiered the DEBUT song by local rockers la lune, and new tunes from Discovery Zone, Joseph Shabason, clairo, White Poppy, The Golden Age of Wrestling (with Future Star), L CON, Empress Of & Feeling Figures. And a happy Hanukkah!

1h 20m
Dec 07, 2023
Episode 789 ~ November 30th, 2023: A Mellow Mess

Rest in Peace to Shane MacGowan of the Pogues (and good riddance, Henry Kissinger). New tunes from Non La, Ducks Ltd., Feeling Figures, Hotline TNT & Kevin Romain. Congrats to SHiNDiG 2023 finalists Seeing Grey, The Hausplants, worrywart & Feedlot. The winner will be crowned on Tuesday, December 5th at Red Gate!

1h 1m
Nov 30, 2023
Episode 788 ~ November 23rd, 2023: Flutes of Fancy

A mostly mellow ep. New tunes from Titanic, André 3000, WOODS, Sofia Kourtesis, V Vecker Ensemble, doohickey cubicle & bloom effect. Be well!

1h 0m
Nov 23, 2023
Episode 787 ~ November 16th, 2023: Why Indeed

New tunes from Cat Power, Born At Midnite, Matmos, Cosmetics, Chastity Belt, Ducks Ltd., Surveillance, SoyJoy, Kellarissa & Kylie V. What an ep.

1h 0m
Nov 16, 2023
Episode 786 ~ November 9th, 2023: Tough Luck

Tough Age celebrated a decade as a band and a new tune from Julia Holter. ALSO, a ticket giveaway for Atlin Gun, who play the Commodore on Wednesday, Nov 15th.

1h 0m
Nov 09, 2023
Episode 784 ~ October 26th, 2023: BOO!

The 16th Annual Duncan's Donuts' Halloween Spooktacular! One hour of wall-to-wall creeps. Don't listen, too spooky!

1h 1m
Oct 26, 2023
Episode 783 ~ October 19th, 2023: The Hard Part Begins

New tunes from boymoder, Geese, Ora Cogan, Total Chroma, Caroline Polachek & The Painters, and happy birthday to Chris-A-Riffic & Patrick of Gal Gracen

Oct 19, 2023
Episode 782 ~ October 12th, 2023: IS That Guy Famous?

New tunes from Sean Nicholas Savage, Lost Girls, VOICE ACTOR, Total Chroma, Yaris Paris, Vanishing Twin, Faith Healer, Wetface, Anna McClellan & White Poppy

Oct 12, 2023
Episode 781 ~ October 5th, 2023: The Sound of Air

Reissues for Hiroshi Yoshimura & S.C. Sharma, and NEW tunes from ML Buch, Tiga & Hudson Mohawke, and Blue Hawaii

1h 0m
Oct 05, 2023
Episode 780 ~ September 28th, 2023: Waters of September

New tunes from The Golden Age of Wrestling, DEBBY FRIDAY, Tough Sell, PLEASEBENiCE, YEP & KCAR, and R.I.P. to Valeria Fellini, member of cub and many other Vancouver bands.

Sep 28, 2023
Episode 779 ~ September 21st, 2023: Equinoxin'

Congrats to Debby Friday on the Polaris win! New tunes from Tinashe, Yu Su, Grimm, KCAR, A. Savage, Mitsk & Wildflower, plus a cameo from Alice.

1h 0m
Sep 21, 2023
Episode 778 ~ September 14th, 2023: Honky Tonkin'

New tunes from Rec Centre, and lots of shows happening this week. Get into it!

Sep 14, 2023
Episode 777 ~ September 7th, 2023: Live From a Dentist's Office

Not quite, but goodness gracious that drilling is really something. NEW TUNES from BE AFRAID, Tirzah, Discovery Zone, Who Is She?, Famous Mammals, THEEE RETAIL SIMPS & Helena Deland

Sep 07, 2023
Episode 776 ~ August 17th, 2023: Unless It's Got That Pop

New tunes from SHEER MAG, pooched, Hotline TNT, Devon Parkin, TJ Felix & Σtella

Aug 17, 2023
Episode 775 ~ August 10th, 2023: To Kingdom Come

New tunes from Connie Converse (!?), Ace Martens, Aster Dawn, Fortunes Favor, Splitter & pudding, plus a visit from my parents.

1h 1m
Aug 10, 2023
Episode 774 ~ August 3rd, 2023: Pride-a-Palooza

An interview with Jeff of Devours. We talk Pride weekend, Golden Age of Wrestling's forthcoming record, Devours summer tour, and soap!

1h 0m
Aug 03, 2023
Episode 773 ~ July 27th, 2023: Messy Day

R.I.P. Sinead O'Connor. Some great shows happening this weekend: boy genius, P:ano & Freak Heat Waves/Cindy Lee. Also, new tunes from Failing, Mulch & Mitski.

1h 2m
Jul 27, 2023
Episode 772 ~ July 20th, 2023: I'm A Genius Too, Brian!!

New tunes from Faith Healer, Lost Girls, Freak Heat Waves, Patrick Holland, Sea Lemon, Big Thief, ANOHNI and the Johnsons & Grimm, plus a preview of this weekend's Green Auto Fest. Woo!

Jul 20, 2023
Episode 771 ~ July 6th, 2023: Summer in the City

Happy birthday, mom! New tunes from Who Is She?, Sweeping Promises, The Baseball Project & Girl Ray.

1h 0m
Jul 06, 2023
Episode 770 ~ June 29th, 2023: School's Out!

Newly released tracks from Arthur Russell, Olof Dreijer [ex-Knife] & John Carroll Kirby

Jun 29, 2023
Episode 769 ~ June 22nd, 2023: A Moment Divine

Summer has arrived. New tunes from Freak Heat Waves & Cindy Lee, Speed Reader, Bile Sister, Faye Webster, Sorry Girls, and Jeremy Dutcher.

1h 0m
Jun 22, 2023
Episode 768 ~ June 15th, 2023: Velvet Cave

New tunes from Jack J, John Carroll Kirby, Decisive Pink, Tough Age, TJ Felix, FLAT EARTH, SoyJoy, Hand Habits, Pantayo, Jayda G & My Name Is Del, and previewing an absolute stack of great shows on Friday.

Jun 15, 2023