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Stocks Sell Off Into Close, and What the Fed Means for Regional Banks 3/22/23

Major markets closed near their lows of the day after the central bank chair suggested the end of the rate hike cycle is approaching, but that the fight against inflation was not over. Regional bank stocks resumed their sell off. We’re joined by the head of U.S. Bank Research at KBW for his outlook for the sector.   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER

Mar 22
Countdown to the Fed Decision, and TikTok’s CEO Appeals to U.S. Users 3/21/23

Stocks rallying ahead of tomorrow’s all-important decision from the central bank. Will the Fed raise rates or pause, and have markets gotten too far ahead of themselves ahead of the announcement. Plus, TikTok’s CEO putting out his own viral video ahead of his Congressional testimony later this week. What it means for the social media app and how lawmakers look to regulate it.   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER  

Mar 21
Time to Buy the Banks? And What’s The Fed’s Next Move 3/20/23

The Swiss government engineered a rescue of Credit Suisse over the weekend and U.S. banks are buying up the assets of their failed compatriots. So with all these backstops in place, should you be putting your faith in financials? Plus Goldman Sachs the first big bank to call for the Fed to pause in its rate hike cycle. How will all the turmoil in the financial sector impact the central bank’s decision?   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER  

Mar 20
The Fattest Trade in the Market, and an Unlikely Safe Haven Play? 3/17/23

Stocks dropped to end a volatile week, but while banks took broad markets lower, big tech held up. One of our traders, though, isn’t so convinced by the recent “flight to stability”. How he’s playing the move now. Plus bitcoin prices soared this week as investors looked for safety in the usually-volatile crypto. Can the momentum last?   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER

Mar 17
Is There Any Alternative to Tech? And Big Banks Come to the Rescue of First Republic 3/16/23

Banks may be under pressure this week and markets may be volatile, but no one seems to have told big tech. The FANG+ names have been crushing the broader market this week, but can their outperformance continue. Plus a wild day for First Republic Bank as big banks come to the regional’s rescue. What’s next for the trade?   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER

Mar 16
: Do Stocks or Bonds Have it Right? Plus “Big Short” Investor Steve Eisman 3/15/23

Treasury yields sinking today, with the 2-year hitting its lowest level since September, as regional banks fell for the 7th day in 8. But equity markets closed well off the lows of the day. So who’s got it right – stocks or bonds? Plus “Big Short” trader Steve Eisman joins with a stark warning. Why he says, “don’t be a hero” in this market.   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER

Mar 15
Regional Relief 3/14/23

Regional banks posting a comeback today. Are these stocks a compelling buy right now or will there be a steep price decline down the line? Fast Money traders’ debate the move.  FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER

Mar 14


Mar 13
The Latest on SVB’s Collapse, and the Other Sector Getting High By the Bank’s Failure 3/10/23

The FDIC shut down the embattled Silicon Valley Bank on Friday, the biggest bank failure since the Financial Crisis. So how far will the ripple effects for this company reach? Plus it’s not just tech start-ups with exposure to the bank. We dig into what’s next for the biotech space.   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER

Mar 10
The Big Bank Breakdown, and How the Biden Budget Is Going After Investment Gains 3/9/23

Silicon Valley Bank plunging more than 60% today as the rapid rise in interest rates wreaked havoc on its bond portfolios. But is this company’s trouble a sign of deeper concerns in the financial industry and the market? Plus President Biden’s new budget proposal could raise capital gains taxes to more than 40%, and it could impact a lot more people than you’d expect.   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER  

Mar 09
The Most Important Jobs Report of the Year…Really! 3/8/23

We’re counting down to Friday’s employment report, which could give investors clues as to how aggressive the Fed could be with its next rate hikes. What can we expect, and how much will the data move the central bank. Plus semi stocks on the move today and TikTok takes focus on Capitol Hill.   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER

Mar 08
End of the Bear Market Rally? And the Next Frontier in Weight Loss Drugs 3/7/23

Stocks plunged Tuesday after Fed Chair Jerome Powell suggested the central bank would keep rates higher for longer. So have markets finally come to terms with what the Fed’s been trying to tell us? Plus WeightWatchers the latest company to get in on the weight loss drug craze. What it means for the all the players, and are these treatments really the “Holy Grail” for obesity treatments.    FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER

Mar 07
Countdown to Powell Testimony and the Stocks That Are “So Bad They’re Good” 3/6/23

Stocks fading fast into the close ahead of tomorrow’s testimony by the Fed Chair before the House Financial Services Committee. So should investors expect Powell to give markets a boost when he takes the stand? Plus the Chart Master has his eyes on a couple names that are seeing bearish-to-bullish reversals. He dives to bring us the details.    FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER  

Mar 06
Stocks Surge to End Week, and a Mega Week for Meta 3/3/23

Stocks rose sharply on Friday, with major indexes ending multi-week losing streaks, as bond yields fell below 4% again. But can the strength continue? Plus from the metaverse to artificial intelligence, how Meta’s newest venture could be a big boon for the former Facebook.   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER  

Mar 03
The Big Disconnect Between Stocks and Bonds, and Earnings from Broadcom & Nordstrom 3/2/23

Treasury yields continued their march higher today, and it’s having an impact on everything from car loans to corporate borrowing. But why are stocks rising even as credit costs rise? We try to find some answers. Plus after-hours moves in Broadcom and Nordstrom, and why investors seemed so disappointed by Tesla’s investor day.   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER  

Mar 02
Tesla Kicks Off Investor Day, and Salesforce Surges Post-Earnings 3/1/23

Investors keyed in to Elon Musk and his big reveal at Tesla’s investor day, but will it be a “sell the news” kind of event? The traders weigh in. Plus a big after-hours jump in shares of Salesforce after its latest earnings report. We dig in on the numbers and bring you the trades.    FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER  

Mar 01
China Goes Prime Time on Capitol Hill, and 3 Things Determining How the Economy Lands 2/28/23

A new House committee holding a prime time hearing tonight to examine the “communist threat” posed by China. What they’re looking at, and what it means for companies doing business with Beijing. Plus Rebecca Patterson joins to discuss the factors she says will dictate whether the economy pulls off a soft or hard landing.   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER

Feb 28
Countdown to Goldman’s Investor Day and Buffett’s Defense of Buybacks 2/27/23

Shares of Goldman Sachs have been lagging rival Morgan Stanley this year, but with the investment giant holding its first investor day in 3 years tomorrow, could CEO David Solomon say something that could rev shares back up? Plus Warren Buffett sounding off against critics    FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER

Feb 27
Stocks Sink on Hot Inflation Report, and Apple Breaks Below Key Level 2/24/23

Markets closing out their worst week of the year with more losses after the Fed’s preferred inflation measure showed prices rose faster than expected in January. What that means for the central bank and your money. Plus Apple dropped below its 200-day moving after for the first time since the start of the month. The Chart Master dives in for some answers on where it’s going next.   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER

Feb 24
Another Black Eye for Boeing, and How Tapped Out Is the Consumer? 2/23/23

Boeing halting deliveries of the 787 Dreamliner after issues with its fuselage component, the latest challenge for the jetmaker. Plus shares of consumer stocks from Wayfair to Domino’s to Dollar General getting punished today. Is this the latest sign the consumer has run out of steam?   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER

Feb 23
Is AI All It’s Cracked Up to Be? And Apple’s Latest Moonshot 2/22/23

China reportedly looking to ban ChatGPT, and new reports show the cost of AI-enabled search is much more expensive than traditional methods. So do these latest headwinds deal another blow to the prospects for the new hot thing in machine learning? Plus Apple reportedly making a big breakthrough in health monitoring. What it means for the stock and the outlook for wearables.   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER

Feb 22
Stocks Post Worst Day of Year, as Consumer Stocks Flash Warning Signs 2/21/23

The Dow dropped nearly 700 points and fell back into negative territory for the year and the Nasdaq fell 2.5%. The moves coming after stark warnings from Home Depot and Walmart about the strength of the consumer this year. We’re joined by former Walmart U.S. CEO Bill Simon to give his take on the retailers’ results, plus Canaccord’s Tony Dwyer on why he thinks there’s more pain to come for the markets.   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER

Feb 21
The Great Market Disconnect, and the Chart Master Updates His Apple Call 2/17/23

Stocks held steady to end the week, with the Dow rising 130 points, even as 10-year yields hit their highest level since November. So why don’t equity markets seem to believe the Fed when it says to get used to higher rates. Plus Apple falling below a major support level today, and Carter Worth says it’s going even lower from here. He breaks down his latest call and digs in on what the charts are saying.   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER

Feb 17
Why Are Risk Assets Rallying? And When AI Falls in Love 2/16/23

There are plenty of reasons to believe the Fed when it says rates will stay “higher for longer” – hot inflation, a strong consumer, and the talk from all those central bankers. Then why don’t risk assets want to believe what they’re hearing? Plus Bing’s AI-powered chatbot is showing its feelings – and it’s not always pretty. What one reporter learned from his interactions with Microsoft’s bot.   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER

Feb 16
A Stunning Admission From Ford’s CEO and Big Jumps for Roku, Cisco and Zillow 2/15/23

Ford’s top executive admitting the company is lagging way behind its competitors on costs and vows to cut inefficiencies in production. What the automaker has to do to regain its footing. Plus shares of Roku, Cisco and Zillow all on the move after their latest earnings reports. We dig into the numbers and bring you the trades.   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER

Feb 15
Paul McCulley Breaks Down the CPI Report and Airbnb’s Big Quarter 2/14/23

Stocks closing well off their lows of the day even after a hotter-than-expected inflation report. Pimco’s former chief economist joins to dive into what the latest CPI print means for the Fed. Plus Airbnb posting a big jump in revenues in its latest quarter. How the traders are playing the name now.  FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER

Feb 14
The $100B AI Question, and the Countdown to January CPI 2/13/23

Microsoft continues to rally as Alphabet struggles in the race for the crown in artificial intelligence. But can the recent dominance continue? Plus, markets jumped ahead of tomorrow’s CPI print. But what will the latest read on inflation mean for the Fed and investors?   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER

Feb 13
End of the Risk-On Trade? And the Ad Winners at the Super Bowl 2/10/23

Shares of some of the year’s highest flyers coming back down to earth in a big way this week. So is this the end of the rally we’ve seen in the high tech, high growth names? Plus casino stocks surging ahead of the Super Bowl, and ad prices at record highs. We break down the winners and losers of Sunday’s big game.   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER

Feb 10
Lyft Plunges on Weak Guidance, and the Two Trades on Alphabet 2/9/23

Shares of Lyft dropping over 20% after its latest earnings report and guidance. Two traders have been long the stock – what they’re doing now. Plus shares of Alphabet on pace for their worst week since November. One of our traders is hitting “sell”, but some others are taking the opportunity to buy.   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER

Feb 09
Disney, Affirm and Robinhood on the Move After Earnings, Plus How to Trade Capri’s “Disaster” Quarter 2/8/23

Bob Iger presenting his first Disney earnings report since re-taking the reins at the entertainment giant. We dig in on the numbers from the latest results. Plus Michael Kors parent Capri Holdings plunging after its earnings report. Why one trader is hitting the sell button, and another is adding shares to their cart.   FAST MONEY DISCLAIMER

Feb 08