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Hebrews ~ Everything Starts with Jesus: Help! - Audio

Salvation - God never lets go. Ever! No matter what. Everyone needs a spiritual assistant to become like Jesus. Pursue people for Jesus' sake.

Sep 03
Hebrews ~ Everything Starts with Jesus: We Have the Meats - Audio

Growing up in Christ. Don't stay a baby drinking only milk.

Aug 27
The Compassion Behind the Passion - Audio

Jesus, the Good Shepherd, has compassion for all because of His love.

Aug 20
Hebrews ~ Everything Starts with Jesus: Learning the Family Business - Audio

In OT times the priest stood between the people and God. Today Jesus is our High Priest and stands between us and God.

Aug 13
Hebrews ~ Everything Starts with Jesus: Cut by the Kingdom - Audio

The Message of Kingdom Life always cuts right to the core of us.

Aug 07
Hebrews ~ Everything Starts with Jesus: Body Matters - Audio

Jesus shared in our humanity so that by His death He might break the power of him who holds the power of death - that is, the devil - and free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death.

Jul 30
Hebrews ~ Everything Starts with Jesus: Pt. 2: Stick with It! - Audio

Stay focused on what you have heard, the message of the gospel, the message about Jesus. Think about the salvation Jesus has provided us. Keep going back to the truth. If you take your eyes off the prize you are in danger of death.

Jul 23
Hebrews: Everything Starts with Jesus - Audio

Jesus is everything. You were made through Jesus and for Jesus.

Jul 16
Kings: Outnumbered - Audio

God's work in God's way. Keep our focus on Him so we don't miss what's really going on.

Jul 09
Kings: Blessing and Cursing - Audio

Blessing and Cursing are the two modes in which the church is called to evangelize, to do mission, in light of a culture that is antichrist in every way that it can be. This text is a roadmap for how we evangelize and we will see how God saves.

Jul 02
Kings: Burn Your Boats - Audio

Do you have what it takes to stand against the anti-Christic culture of today?

Jun 25
Kings: How Did We Get Here? - Audio

The family needs a dad that leads with integrity. The church needs leaders that lead with integrity.

Jun 18
Kings: God of Fire, God of Whispers - Audio

As believers we need to be reminded, often, that God works in many different ways and He is most at work when we can't hear or see Him at work.

Jun 11
Kings: Winners Never Quit - Audio

Everyone experiences times of fatigue and failure just as Elijah did.

Jun 04
For I Know the Plans I Have for You - Audio

How God carries us through whatever comes our way, He knows and He cares.

May 28
Kings: It's Time to Choose - Audio

The big things that God sometimes does.

May 21
Kings: Agents of Resistance - Audio

A study of the books of Kings.

May 08
Agents of Resistance - Audio

A study of the books of Kings.

May 08
Chasing the Outsiders - Audio

God loves to confound the "great" people with the "little" people.

May 01
Fasting - Audio

Figuring out what fasting is and whether or not it has a place in our lives right now.

Apr 24
You Came in with My Son - Audio

Resurrection and what it means for us as believers and for the unbeliever.

Apr 10
Do What Makes You, HOLY: Pt. 9 - Audio

Desire can damage the desired and it will damage you. Rich or poor, God calls the community to contentment.

Apr 03
Do What Makes You, HOLY: Pt. 8 - Audio

Don't lie. Don't just see what you want to see. Truthtelling is meant to build up the community, not destroy it.

Mar 26
Do What Makes You, HOLY: Pt. 7 - Audio

Don't take what's not yours. Don't tolerate theft. Leaders set an example whether bad or good.

Mar 19
Do What Makes You, HOLY: Pt. 6 - Audio

Sex is for creating and sustaining a family. Love the one you're with.

Mar 13
Do What Makes You, HOLY: Pt. 5 - Audio

Holiness is what makes happiness possible. What does happiness look like for you? God has a different vision of happiness one of human thriving and flourishing, of being set free to do what we were created to do.

Mar 05
Do What Makes You, HOLY: Pt. 4 - Audio

Relations with our parents. What is causing cultural suicide?

Feb 26
Do What Makes You, HOLY: Pt. 3 - Audio

Remember, holiness is what makes happiness possible. The fourth

Feb 19
Do What Makes You, Holy: Pt. 2 - Audio

We believe we can create our own happiness, because no one knows us better than ourselves. But can we?

Feb 13