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A weekly podcast dedicated to theme parks, roller coasters and thrill rides.

During each show, we talk about the total theme park experience. We'll have interviews with the people making decisions at your favorite park, reviews and ratings of the newest rides and attractions, discussion about everyday park experiences and chances to win tickets and merchandise from parks around the country!

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755 episodes #1912 - Your Brick is in Section One

This week, Mike and EB tackle a ton of topics... including the announcement of a new park, testing of 2024 attractions, teases for 2025 attractions and much more! Plus, EB has news about a pemanent monument to the podcast that is being installed at a park!

1h 7m
Mar 29 #1911 - HOT OR NOT

The Coaster Radio podcast audience got together to watch Mike and EB record this week's episode. They listened as the guys debated 50 different amusement industry topics. Then, the audience got to cast their vote to decide whether the topic was HOT or NOT.  

1h 2m
Mar 22 #1910 - EB in Atlanta: Six Flags and Fun Spot

EB just returned from his trip to Atlanta to visit Six Flags Over Georgia where he rode his 300th coaster. He also stopped by to Fun Spot America Atlanta to take a ride on one of RMC's latest original creations "Arie Force One!"

1h 30m
Mar 15 #1909 - You May Get Wet on this Podcast

Some Cedar Fair parks have a new way for you to get to the front of really long attraction lines. We'll have the details. Plus, a live trip report from Catapult Falls at Sea World San Antonio and our listeners debate what they think is the best water ride in the world!

1h 15m
Mar 08 #1908 - The Curse of El Snake-o!

This week, big name changes coming to several roller coasters in the Cedar Fair chain...and EB has a name they might not have considered. Plus, Josh Combs from Daniels Wood Land stops by to talk about their work theming attractions for the amusement industry. We also learn more about the creation of their unique attraction "Treasure Hunt: The Ride!"

1h 10m
Mar 01 #1907 - A Specific Terminated Project

This week, hidden details about a long-awaited project and a glamouous way to experience a 50-year-old attraction! Plus, we unveil the newest way you can interact with the podcast.

Feb 23 #1906 - Theme Park Smarts

There is a lot of news to cover this week...we'll get to it all...PLUS the return of one of our favoirite Game Shows... THEME PARK SMARTS!

Feb 16 #1905 - An "Unofficial" Interview with Seth Kubersky

This week, we are joined by prolific theme park writer Seth Kubersky. He is the author of "The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland" and many other park guides that you probably already have in your library. We'll talk about the future of Disneyland, Universal Orlando and more. We'll also have the latest news from around the industry!

1h 22m
Feb 09 #1904 - 2024 Season Preview with Arthur Levine

Theme Park expert Arthur Levine joins Mike and EB as they take a look at over 20 new innovative attractions coming to parks in 2024!

1h 20m
Feb 02 #1903 - Love and Hate

This week, Six Flags quietly dropped some news about how new tech could be a big part of your theme park day. We'll tell you all about it. Plus... news about the merger with Cedar Fair, details about Disneyland Forward and a brand new invention for the parks! We also give you a behind-the-scenes look at the results of our listener survey.

1h 29m
Jan 25 #1902 - CoasterDamus 2024

It’s one of our favorite episodes of the year! CoasterDamus is here! We’ll start by going back in time and take a look at last year’s predictions. Which ones came true? After that, we’ll see what crazy things you guys think will happen in 2024. As always, many of our listeners show off their creative side with some amazing rhyming the style of Nostradamus!

1h 18m
Jan 19 #1901 - The Breakfast Club: The Ride

It's a new year and a new season of! We kick off Season 19 with news about changes at Walt Disney World and Alton Towers. Plus, a 138-year-old park is shutting its doors. We also have interesting ridership data from a major park and rumors about new attractions being built by Universal.

1h 16m
Jan 12 #1842 - The Last Episode of 2023

It's the last episode of Season 18 AND 2023! We end the year by talking about a huge new rumor for 2025 and answer your end-of-the-year questions!

1h 10m
Dec 29, 2023 #1841 - The Best New Attraction of the Year Award

This week, Mike and EB take a look at the theme park attractions that debuted in 2023 and name a winner of the Best New Attraction of the Year Award.

Dec 22, 2023 #1840 - Who's the Best?

This week, it's a dual episode of and Theme Park News! Mike and EB preview the end of the year and the upcoming 19th season of the show. They also announce the Best New Attraction of the Year award! Tell us what ride is your favorite at

Dec 08, 2023 #1839 - 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

EB and Mike have spent weeks searching the internet to create the PERFECT list of holiday presents for that special park enthusiast in your life.  Or, let's face it, maybe you just want to buy this cool stuff for yourself. As you listen to the show, check out the links to every gift at

1h 27m
Dec 01, 2023 #1838 - I'm Thankful It's Gone

There's lots to give thanks for this week... including giving thanks for disliked rides and attractions that have been removed from the parks!

Nov 24, 2023 #1837 - The Best and Worst from IAAPA

The guys take a look at the biggest announcements from the 2023 IAAPA Expo... the annual gathering of the amusement industry's biggest players.

Nov 17, 2023 #1836 - What the Six?

A lot of things can happen now that Six Flags and Cedar Fair have announced they are merging. But what would happen if the same people who name rides at Six Flags got a hold of the attractions at Cedar Fair parks? Our listeners have some ideas.

Nov 10, 2023 #1835 - A Merger of Equals

Mike and EB provide commentary on one of the biggest amusement industry stories of the past decade... the 2024 merger of Cedar Fair and Six Flags.

Nov 03, 2023 #1834 - The Future of Entertainment

Mike and EB take a look at the latest news from around the industry... including droids at Disneyland, discounts at Universal Orlando and a hero at a carnival. Plus, Live Trip Reports from inside the parks!

Oct 20, 2023 #1833 - Boo-Hoo Haunt Complaints

The Halloween season is one of the best times of the year at the parks. Cooler temperatures, fun events and great haunts make theme parks the place to be.'s not all perfect. There are some new trends that take some of the fun out of the haunts. We'll talk about them and some possible ways to fix it.

Oct 13, 2023 #1832 - Tales from Halloweens Past

Mike and EB take a look back at some of the classic Halloween skits from the podcast's archive.

Oct 06, 2023 #1831 - Revenge of the RoBats

Inspired by the "Dueling Dragons" house at Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights, the CoasterRadio audience submits their own ideas for haunts inspired by defunct rides. Plus, Mike and EB talk about more new rides for 2024!

1h 3m
Sep 29, 2023 #1830 - "Let's Go Somewhere Cool"

A theme park company is ready to spend 60 billion dollars, a new coaster concept is being unveiled in Europe and a much-anticipated new park will have some cutting-edge tech. Mike and EB will cover these stories, plus setup an interactive contest for next week's show!

1h 0m
Sep 22, 2023 #1829 - That's Not How to Beat Epic Universe

Back after a two week hiatus, Mike and EB are here with their takes on all the latest news and rumors. The guys talk about the changes coming to Dollywood's "Lightning Rod" in 2024, the announcements made by Disney Parks at Destination D23 and a full review of the winners of the 2023 Golden Ticket Awards.

1h 13m
Sep 15, 2023 #1828 - Two Podcasts for the Price of One!

It's Labor Day weekend, so Mike and EB are doing two podcasts at once!

Sep 01, 2023 #1827 - What’s Missing from Your Home Park?

Theme park fans have a personal connection to their home parks. They know everything about them... including what is missing. On this week's show, dozens of listeners tell us about what their home park needs to add to make it perfect.

1h 19m
Aug 25, 2023 #1826 - EB's Lost Island Adventure(land)

EB was in the great state of Iowa to visit both Adventureland and Lost Island Theme Parks. He'll have in-depth reviews of both parks, including the rides, food and atmosphere. We also have new about a new attraction at Silver Dollar City, rumors about Dollywood's Lightning Rod and a possible upgrade to one of the world's most iconic roller coasters.

1h 30m
Aug 18, 2023 #1825 - High Maintenance

It's announcement season! We start off the show talking about a park that is getting its first new roller coaster since 2005. We also give a park CEO some advice on how he can bring us back through the gates. We also have a Live Trip Report from the reopening of Fury 325 at Carowinds and details on a new Interactive Topic!

Aug 11, 2023