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Mar 23/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

A Disney fan & an Amazon driver who are committed (or should be committed) A Cow wins it's freedom. Dad, How do I and Dad pictures. The hardest movie characters to kill & Rupert Murdoch x5. Do kids really wash their hands? #RandumbFacts And are you cool with dropping the No shirt, no shoes policy?

Mar 23
Mar 22/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Kids are bad at chores....and it's our won fault!! Are you stealing from work? Welcome to Bunt, Saskatchewan! Words we struggle to spell. European concerts?? The Weekend setting records, Chris Hemsworth an abuser? And the story of the Woodstock album cover couple.

Mar 22
Mar 21/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

What are the things parents do to avoid their kids? Craig's neighbors keep leaving him 'gifts'!!!! Hot Tubs and Swimming Pools. The people of Regina aren't happy with their tourism board. And the thing we're overdoing on Social Media.

Mar 21
Mar 20/23 Pickles

Pickles, pickles and more pickles with Ted Reader!

Mar 20
Mar 20/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Why Millennials and Gen Z'ers don't feel they're adulting yet. RIP Lance Reddick, the Smartest movie villains, and Chrissie Hynde and Courtney Love have no love for the RRHOF. Craig's St Paddy's mistake! Pickles, pickles and more pickles with Ted Reader And more #RandumbStuff

Mar 20
Mar 17/23 Irish dining tips for St Patrick's Day

Grilling up some Irish goodies for St Patrick's Day!

Mar 17
Mar 17/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Celebrating St Patrick's Day!!! How life changed 3 years ago. Could a dude's response on Family Feud haunt him in court?? Odd relationship rules that some couples have. Eating dog food. And secret family recipes!!

Mar 17
Mar 16/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Craig & Lucky go shopping! Common sleep habits. Household decisions that kids now get involved in. Thumbs Down is the new driving insult!?!? And we get ready for St Patrick's Day!

Mar 16
Mar 15/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Does money buy happiness? Are you up to date on text abbreviations? We love to give advice to new parents. Craig's Garbage Pickers. And or turn-ons and turn-offs!

Mar 15
Mar 14/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Explaining the new dating lingo. Celebrities connections to serial killers!?! Daylight Savings. Laundry Day? How often should you be washing? Randumb Facts, including what animal has the biggest junk!! How to trick yourself into eating less? And is a boneless wing a wing?

Mar 14
Mar 13/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Lucky returns from Hockey Night in Florida, Craig's disappointed! We get annoyed way too easily! Are we all getting dumber? A woman who livestreams herself working at a desk is going viral. And Ted Reader is grilling Pork Chops!!

Mar 13
Mar 09/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

It's OK to Flip the Bird! (Good news for passive-aggressive Craig! Nick Cannon a liar? Jimmy Kimmel Oscar-slap ready! Tom Cruise beat to filming in Space? And office camera issues. Tricks that don't work to stop snoring. The Snow Penis! And has science found a way to sober you up faster??

Mar 09
Mar 08/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

It's International Women's Day and we've found a list of things that aren't designed for women, but should be! Things we rarely give an honest answer to. Matinee Concerts? Baldwin Baby, and Nick Cannon's searching for another baby mama?? The horror of calling customer service. And buying speakers from vans, and the price of vinyl

Mar 08
Mar 07/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Do you feel your age? Or older or younger? Chris Rock & Will Smith won't be making up anytime soon. The best place to sit in an theatre. Worst of the Oscar's Best Films. Keanu Reeves is a fungus fighter? The Oshawa naked car surfer! Plowed-in Pickering. Changes coming to Toblerone & Randumb Facts.

Mar 07
Mar 06/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Who gets to place the grocery store divider? Chris Rock unloads on Will Smith and a plea from the Willis family. Would you take a nap behind the wheel if the car was autonomous? The 'Snowblower obligation'! And we asked chef Ted Reader for a recipe to put kids in a food coma for March Break. Garbage Bread!

Mar 06
Mar 03/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Getting ready for a porn-sized snowstorm! Speaking of which...professions that are marriage killers. If you say you need an extra set of hands, they might be coming! Winding down from the work week. Favourite war movies. And how watching TV could save your life!

Mar 03
Mar 02/23 Craig Venn & Lucky On Demand

Have you seen a ghost? Celebs who say they have. We're adding more words to the Dictionary?? Etiquette for plane eating, and what you shouldn't want to do in an airplane bathroom! Inflation has hit the Tooth Fairy BIGTIME! And more Randumb Facts.

Mar 02
Feb 28/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

The most popular cuisine around the world may surprise you!!! Do School Buses ever run? :) Craig's a plumber, including the crack!! Sing with Gene Simmons, Marky Mark in trouble? And actor Tom Sizemore is sadly in rough shape.

Feb 28
Feb 27/23 Bacon

Everybody loves BACON!!!

Feb 27
Feb 27/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Full Swing on Netflix. Adding up John Wick's injuries. King Charles is struggling to book acts for his coronation. You're not going to believe what was a pickup move in 1800's Austria. And Godfather of the Grill Ted Reader talks bacon!! Yummy!

Feb 27
Feb 24/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Craig deals with Customer Service, and watching Diff'rent Strokes! Mark Wahlberg is down with Jesus, and Christoph Waltz, the ultimate bad guy. Half of all single people in the world have tried online dating. Rihanna's halftime show complaints. And are you ready for a break from social media??

Feb 24
Feb 23/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Have you done your funeral planning? What are life's hardest pills to swallow? Craig officially hates winter! Trendy new work terms. And a Disney hack that will get your kid on a ride (and possibly killed)

Feb 23
Feb 22/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Are we ready for a 4-day work week? The value of an Original iPhone is shocking! Shaq's Walmart record and more Celeb Stuff! Could you survive a zombie attack? And Ted Reader is cooking up Deer Heart?!?

Feb 22
Feb 21/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Craig loses his cell phone. Windsor and King Charles musicians. Sibling Rivalries. How long should men be peeing for? Tiger's prank, and changing the lyrics to O Canada.

Feb 21
Feb 17/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

It's the Family Day Long Weekend. Spending time at kids hockey. Can't fall asleep? Try Happy Memories. Yippee-ki-yay Bruce Willis And things young adults have never done.

Feb 17
Feb 15/23 Ted Reader Sides

Great Side dishes for your grill!

Feb 16
Feb 16/23 Craig Venn & Lucky On Demand

Is sex better spontaneous or scheduled? How many squares of TP are you using? Are we texting our spouse too much? Or not enough? Craig thinks Lucky is losing his hair...or pulling it out! And RIP Raquel Welch and more celebrity news.

Feb 16
Feb 15/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

The day after Valentine's. Things 'Average' people do. Did Tom Cruise save Hollywood? More Randumb Facts. And killers sides with Ted Reader!

Feb 15
Feb 14/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

It's Valentine's Day, we've got last minute date ideas! The best video games of all time. Everyday Dramas! The list of 2022's Top Earning Celebs is out and may surprise! And what foods should be banned from bed?

Feb 14
Feb 13/23 Craig & Lucky On Demand

A Football Themed Podcast!! SuperBowl! A super game, but maybe a super flop for Rihanna? John Tory's Fumble. Craig freezes the kicker (and everything else) Ted Reader calls an audible on Valentine's steaks. And more Randumb Facts.

Feb 13