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Feb 23/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Kevin Hart's boss move on his tour rider! Craig's had it with Pickup Trucks and wants to ban them! What the Tooth Fairy is bringing in these days. Plus Science Stuff and Randumb Facts!

Feb 23
Feb 22/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Lucky's back from the NHL, but has he been two-timing Craig? Bye Bye Barry, a must watch. Over 500 ways to say you're drunk! Beer can Humping and Hacks. and a late-night opening coming soon.

Feb 22
Feb 16/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Craig's shoveling again!! The top shows of the 21st century, agree? New Dictionary Terms. The mysterious missing Bass is found. And would you eat Beef Rice? Great ape teasing, and look out for Mutant Wolves!

Feb 16
Feb 15/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Singles Awareness Day? A cruel follow-up to Valentine's day. And dealing with the after effects of love making...(ie. Kids!!) A salute to the creator of the Pop Tart. #RIP A new name for Everest, Mount Poop! Top Heartbreak Songs. And wasting $$ on ArriveCan.

Feb 15
Feb 14/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Valentine's activities. Are you a Cybercondriac? Journey & Def Leppard. Bryan Cranston a murderer?? Tips when quitting. And Ted Reader's advice for Valentine's Lobster!

Feb 14
Feb 13/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

The Superbowl posted some huge numbers!! Morgan Reilly and the old school hockey mentality. Valentine's top gifts. Don't forget to renew your license plates. Tiger's new threads, Celebs first jobs, and Owen Wilson's "WOW" John Stewart's back, Snoop's new drink and more #RandumbFacts

Feb 13
Feb 12/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

It's National Poop Day so some stats on the shats! Wrapping up the Superbowl and figuring out Craig's bets. Getting ready for Valentine's, getting your cookies before dinner. And Ted Reader is grilling up some sexy eats!

Feb 12
Feb 09/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Snow out East. Blue Cheese colours and the Earth umbrella! Craig's got a fancy electric toothbrush. Some big names are coming together for a Rock charity song. The top sex injuries may have you feeling the burn. And it's National Pizza Day so we grill up a pie with Ted Reader!

Feb 09
Feb 08/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Swearing Kids is the latest viral trend. Couple to Throuple premieres, how bad is this idea? Superbowl picks. And Dudewipes ads. How out of touch are Sports Salaries? And more #RandumbFacts

Feb 08
Feb 07/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Bizarre Celebrity Facts. Phrases you should be using more in your relationship. Solving the stink. SuperBowl money & betting stats. And Taylor Swift is helping the NFL bring in big bucks!

Feb 07
Feb 07/24 SuperBowl Eats!

Getting ready for the Big Game with some Big Eats Ideas!

Feb 07
Feb 06/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Are your Superbowl Eats Good or Bad Luck??? The McRib is back! And other fast food faves. Still rocking the Landline? Maybe not for long. Gen Z's favor early bedtimes. And $1 Billion or Hiccups for life, are you gambling??

Feb 06
Feb 05/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

RIP Carl Weathers (aka Apollo, Action Jackson & Chubbs) Breathe easy fellas, it's National Fart Day! Wrapping up the Grammys, and are you a midnight snacker?? The crazy life of John Daly. And Ted Reader's Superbowl Eats!

Feb 05
Feb 02/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

It's Groundhog Day!! Craziest things brought to the ER. If I had a Million Dollars! The Worst Bathroom Habits And more #RandumbFacts

Feb 02
Feb 01/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

"Consensual non-monogamy" as a dating concept?? Is there a 'moral limit' to what you'll return to Costco?? Are your best physical days still ahead of you??? Could the Grammy's be the reason Travis & Taylor Break up?? :) And holding Tech CEO's accountable.

Feb 01
Jan 31/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Are these celebs good or bad people? Does the world need more new Emojis?? Booze that's good for you. The "How Middle-aged are you??" questions. And Craigie says "The Greatest Night in Pop" is a must watch doc.

Jan 31
Jan 30/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Who would you want negotiating with Aliens?? Everyday decisions that we struggle with. Football fans are losing their Poop over the #SwiftieBowl The Greatest Night in Pop. And Craigie's going Yacht shopping.

Jan 30
Jan 29/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

The SuperBowl is set!! Chiefs and Niners!! Is Alyssa Milano a good mom or horribly out of touch?? Want to neuter your ex?? An animal shelter will let you...sort of. Who's the Greatest Cartoon characters of all time. And Ted Reader is cooking up some Lamb Shanks!

Jan 29
Jan 26/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Would you take $3Million but never use any Chinese products again? Need a new BraveHeart Sword? Turns out HomeDepot has you covered. January is Divorce Month!! And legal things we don't know enough about. Some people would rather make less and be happier?? (We call BS) NFL Championship Weekend, Daddy De Niro and Naked Taylor!

Jan 26
Jan 22/24 Veal Steaks

The Godfather of the Grill is cooking up some Veal Chops!!

Jan 25
Jan 25/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

It's Irish Coffee Day!! And what else are we adding to our morning Joe! A scheming Son-in-law (who needs to watch Goodfellas!!) Craigie's Grooming...and issues with Photo radar. Crazy things plumbers have found confirms how nasty the job is. And more #RandumbFacts

Jan 25
Jan 24/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

100 year predictions from 1924 that missed. Fartman gets booted from a flight. (Was it Lucky??) Craig's Facebook algorithms are spot on. Barbie's Oscar snub, In and Out, and Goop's ringing in Valentines Day! And are you a Pusher or a Puller (get your mind out of the gutter!)

Jan 24
Jan 23/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Baby names that are going extinct. Craig finds a wild new documentary. Horrible hygiene habits. Who sleeps better men or women? TV Reboots that didn't happen. Emma Stone on Jeopardy. With the Oscar noms coming out, so do the Razzies! Is separate vacations the key to a happy marriage??

Jan 23
All-Star All-Night Show - December 10, 2023

This Episode: RT panics! Dorothy gets mouthy, Sherry shares her comical brush with prostitution, Adam & his idiot crew report in from the 'Ed Shed', the mystery of 'who stole Donna's 200 year-old stove?' and more overnight nonsense from the Nighttime Neighborhood.!

Jan 22
All-Star All Night Show - December 16, 2023

This Episode: It's a double-shot of RT, as he explains his new invention for making flatulence smell better and invites Ed for a sleep-over, Chuck the Trucker has a heart attack, Val shares more lurid stories from the hotel and Sherry takes Dorothy to radio court - Judge Ed presiding!

Jan 22
All-Star All-Night Show - December 2, 2023

This Episode: Our often-outrageous pal RT tells a questionable joke about a genie joke, Dylan talks about the hell of being a juvie correctional officer in Texas, Richard the bus driver talks about why buses are gross, Dorothy does dating and Melissa and retrospect should not have been included in this episode.

Jan 22
All-Star All-Night Show - November 25, 2023

This episode: RT talks about dry dreams, Thelma quits smoking, Skidoo Dad gets a "job", Ryan gets Ed going on politics, Donna shares odd details of her colonoscopy, Phil tells a knock knock joke (and gets disciplined for it) and more epic Ed insanity courtesy of the callers from the Nighttime Neighborhood.

Jan 22
Jan 22/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Are the Bills the Leafs of the NFL? The weirdest items left at the hotel lost & found. Are your kids covering their nose in photos? Cellphones in school. More #RandumbFacts and grilling up veal chops with Ted Reader!

Jan 22
Jan 18/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

An airplane situation you don't want to find yourself in! Green Day in the Subway, Chuck E Cheese, Batman almost got it on with Lois, and Pauly Shore will play Richard Simmons?? Craig gets the call to Jury Duty, and finds his new email address! And finally a Gym that we want to go to! #RockMornings

Jan 18
Jan 17/24 Craig & Lucky On Demand

Red Flags to spot on homes you're visiting. Celeb stuff: Lohan cashes a check, Culkin babies, and Brad Pitt's pits! There's controversy at Guinness about the world's oldest dog. What sleeping naked says about you. And Ted Reader is in Buffalo so we talk wings, and Fireman Craigie!

Jan 17