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Diana Dailey is our Special Projects RVP and is the person that we inject into new or turn-around communities to bring them back to life. One of her mantras to get the park back into shape is to get back to the basics and build from there. In this MHU Investor’s Club Special Report she’s going to give you some no-nonsense tips on how to re-focus your manager on the important things. As J.W. Marriott , the founder of Marriott Hotels once said “it’s the little things that make the big things possible” and that’s just as true in mobile home parks.

Oct 08, 2022

Joanne Stevens is a prominent mobile home park broker, having been in the industry for over 30 years. In this MHU Investor’s Club Special Report we’re going to discuss her thoughts on the current market from the perspective of a park buyer battling rising interest rates and educating sellers on the reduction in price this necessitates – and a bunch of other topics.

Oct 01, 2022
Are You Fully Utilizing Our Networking Opportunities?

The MHU Investor’s Club not only serves as your best resource to buy and operate mobile home parks successfully but also to meet like-minded peers and potential partners. We are big believers in the power of relationships and have greatly expanded your networking resources at MHU Investor’s Club. So we wanted to review for you all the networking opportunities inside the club. We urge you to take action to be a greater part of the community and to meet new faces and expand your networking base. This Special Report will help you do just that.

Sep 28, 2022
With Your Manager, You Need To Keep The “A/C” On All Year

We have sold over 1,000 homes a year for nearly the past three years, while maintaining on-target collections and huge improvements in property appearance. How do we do it? In this MHU Investor’s Club Special Report we’re going to review the “A/C” system we have been employing with your managers which stands for “Accountability and Contests”. This one-two punch will keep your manager performance strong and focused, and yield results you thought were impossible.

Sep 20, 2022
Bank Chat: Fed Up With The Fed

Jerome Powell at the Federal Reserve is playing havoc with loan interest rates and cap rates. We’ve titled this Bank Chat episode “Fed Up With The Fed” and it’s a lengthy discussion with M.J. Vukovich from Bellweather – one of the nation’s leading loan brokerages – on the past, present and future of Fed moves and the corresponding interest rate implications. At a time in which every time Powell opens his mouth the stock market can drop 1,000 points or mortgage markets spin wildly, we thought this was a discussion you needed to hear to help bring clarity to these uncharted times.

Sep 10, 2022
Lessons Learned With Eddie Biller

Eddie Biller bought his first mobile home park in Texas over a decade ago, and then added on 13 more parks over time. Today he manages, with his partner, around 1,400 lots in Texas, Ohio, Wyoming, South Dakota and Iowa. In this edition of the MHU Investor’s Club “Lessons Learned” series, Eddie is going to give us his top lessons learned on operating mobile home parks.

Sep 03, 2022
Diligence Dystopia With Perry Burget

Perry Burget has supervised the due diligence on over 500 mobile home parks over the past 15 years. In this episode of “Diligence Dystopia” Perry is going to review the five third-party reports related to buying a mobile home park: 1) Survey 2) Phase I Environmental 3) Zoning 4) Property Condition and 5) Appraisal, including the cost, timing, and importance of each one as well as what he watches out for when he receives the report.

Aug 27, 2022
Pitches And Hits With Megan Haggerty

Megan Haggerty is both a park owner and broker with IRE Investment – a large and active player in the mobile home park brokerage sector. In this edition of Pitches and Hits she is going to review three deals she has listings on in New York and Florida. As always, Frank will be adding in color commentary on the markets. If you are looking for a park to buy, one of these might work and, if not, you definitely will want to reach out to Megan to get on her email list or discuss other offerings that she may have.

Aug 20, 2022
The Necessity For Creative Thinking In Real Estate

Webster’s defines “creativity” as “the use of the imagination or original ideas”. And success in real estate today demands some use of creativity to get an advantage over the competition. So how do you make deals using “original ideas”? These can include a fresh approach on an old industry like AirBNB, or using an unusual structure like seller financing, or maybe paying a little extra based on the ability to immediately increase occupancy or rents by transitioning to internet marketing. If you want to get the edge on the competition, then this podcast will broaden your horizons.

Aug 19, 2022
How I Creatively Got Into Real Estate (Twice)

How can a recent college graduate get into real estate from his coffee table and build it into a giant business? And then after selling out to a public company start from scratch and do it again? In this episode we’re going to discuss how you can get into real estate with no capital and no experience, and how that’s done every day by average people who only have in common the desire to make money. If you think that “starting from scratch and making it big” is just a fake concept from infomercials, then here are two real stories that may change your mind.

Aug 19, 2022
The Power Of Real Estate To Create Wealth

John Jacob Astor was America’s first real estate millionaire – and that was back in 1800. But much of what fueled Astor’s success still holds true today, and that’s the powerful combination of factors that makes real estate capable of creating huge returns. From leverage to security to the simplicity of the business model, real estate has been one of the main ways to create wealth in the U.S. for over two centuries. If you are looking for an investment platform that has the best odds of success, then this episode will explain the strong case for creative real estate. 

Aug 19, 2022
Our 350th Anniversary Show

The MHU Investor’s Club started in 2016 and this marks our 350th weekly Special Report. In this edition we’re going to look back on some of the big topics from the early days and discuss where those news stories stand today as the industry continues to evolve. While there are some similarities today in these mobile home park tips and topics, others are now 180 degrees different and some are just out of style.

Aug 15, 2022