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Selling High-Priced Mobile Homes In Your Park

Can you really sell a mobile home for $80,000 or so? Shannon Smith, our Regional Vice-President handling Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa and Illinois has sold several of them and in this MHU Investor’s Club Special Report she’s going to review what she’s learned about selling new mobile homes for $70,000 to $80,000. Until prices come down, most new singlewides are going to come in at these type of lofty price points and you need to know if your community can move product at that price or not. This episode should give you some basic points on what does and does not work.

Aug 06
Hello Recession

It’s now official: the United States is in a recession after having a second quarter of negative GDP. It’s been a long time coming, as the last official recession was in 2007 – that’s roughly 15 years ago. Most Millennials have never been adults in a recession before (and that’s the largest segment of the U.S. population. So what does the new “recession” label mean for the mobile home park business? That’s the focus of this MHU Investor’s Club Special Report.

Aug 01
Back to the MHP Future

The mobile home park industry has been around for about 70 years, starting in the early 1950s. And the challenges that park owners have faced have changed dramatically over those years. In this Lecture Series Event we’re going to explore what those hurdles have been, and how the industry has adapted to those challenges and continues to morph itself as time goes on. The speaker will be Frank Rolfe, who has been studying the mobile home park industry for the past 25 years in trying to unlock the science of how to make parks successful, as well as to understand what can be learned from its history and past performance. The New York Times calls Frank the “human encyclopedia of all things mobile home park” and it’s a title that he earned through constant assemblage of mobile home park history and reading the rarest of “trailer park” publications.

2h 28m
Jul 29
Pitches & Hits with Todd Fletcher

Todd Fletcher is the Executive Managing Director of Newmark, one of the largest mobile home park brokerages in the U.S. In this episode of Pitches & Hits he has four listings to go over in Maryland, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Anchorage. As always, Frank will be there to give color commentary on the markets.

Jul 23
Understanding The Value of The Land Itself

This is a video of my mobile home park in Springfield, Missouri – or at least what the land looks like today. There used to be a 100-space mobile home park on this property called “Springfield Estates” but the value of the land ultimately exceeded the value of the park. In this MHU Investor’s Club Special Report we’re going to examine the land side of the mobile home park business and what the options are when the land value starts to catch up with the value of an operating mobile home park.

Jul 17
Focus On Legislation Status Regarding Mobile Home Parks

The State of Colorado narrowly avoided legislative catastrophe recently when the Governor – at the last moment – threatened to veto mobile home park rent control, and it was removed from the bill that ultimately passed. Over and over again, bureaucrats attempt to damage the mobile home park industry as a matter of routine, which can hurt your investment. In this MHU Investor’s Club Special Report we’re going to discuss with Ken Dale – who is in charge of this topic for our company – what he’s seeing out there on a state-by-state level regarding such items as rent control and other tenants’ rights issues.

Jul 10
Bank Chat with MJ Vukovich on the Topic of Interest Rates

The hottest topic in banking right now is the general direction of interest rates as well as the impact of the Fed’s recent increase of .75 of a point. In this MHU Investor’s Club Special Report we talk to MJ Vukovich from Bellwether about where he sees interest rates heading, the impact of the Fed’s action, and the general atmosphere of banking right now compared to past recessions. 

Jul 02
Lessons Learned From 14 Parks Purchased With Tyler And Jason

Tyler and Jason have purchased 14 mobile home parks over the past 5 years and that’s a lot of activity ina short span of time. Additionally, they have focused their efforts on the state of Arkansas which is notan area most people have worked on in the past.In this MHU Investor’s Club Special Report we’re doing our popular Lessons Learned episode with them to discuss what the main takeaways are that they have experienced so far, as well as why they have strong confidence in the birthplace of Walmart.

Jun 28
A Deal Bought And A Deal Dropped

Two deals. Two very different endings. In this episode of “A Deal Bought and a Deal Dropped” we’re going to review a property in Iowa that had a special problem and one in Oklahoma that had a special opportunity. We’re going to go through the numbers, the strategies, and what the components were that made one deal a winner and the other just too risky.

Jun 23
Dailey Rituals on Resident Communications

Diana Dailey is our Regional Vice-President of Special Projects and one of her specialties is establishing superior communications with residents. When residents feel their voices are heard – and that the management is striving to establish continual contact – it builds that “sense of community” that results in greater resident retention and happiness. In this episode, she offers constructive ideas for any community to improve their communications overnight.

Jun 21