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Proverbs #66

One of the parables in this teaching, 24:26, emphasizes the importance of honesty in relationships. It highlights that true friendship and love are built on truthful communication, even when it involves rebuke. Flattery and constant praise are seen as detrimental. This is rooted in societal egotism rather than genuine care. A true friend is someone who isn't afraid to speak hard truths for the benefit of the other person, akin to the correction and discipline a loving parent provides. However, however there is a delicate balance between truth-telling and nagging, emphasizing the need to understand the deeper issues behind someone's behavior rather than merely addressing surface-level symptoms.

Mar 10
Malachi #2

Recording starts about 15 minutes late

Mar 07
Righteousness Defined in the Sermon on the Mount

"Unless your righteousness exceeds that of the Scribes and Pharisees, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven"-Matthew 5:20, what does this verse mean? Pastor Rhode unpacks Matthew 5 and 6 to answer this important question for Christians.

Feb 01

Nahum announces the destruction of the kingdom of Assyria, especially of Nineveh. Whiles this city was very righteous in the time of Jonah 200 years before, it afterward became full of wickedness again and greatly afflicted the captives of Israel. This short book is covered in this single session.

Dec 07, 2023