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Scott Ferrall reflects on the day that was in sports. Ferrall gives a preview of what is coming in the near and distant future of sports.

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9/29: Lions Win on TNF & Sunday's NFL

Ferrall talks about the Lions big win on TNF & the rest of the NFL schedule for Sunday.

Sep 29
9/28: CFB Big Games for This Week

Ferrall talks about the big college football matchups for this weekend.

Sep 28
9/25: CFB Recap, Top 25 Poll, & This Week's Big Games

Ferrall recaps this past weekend in College Football, the latest Top 25 poll, and next week's big matchups.

Sep 25
9/22: Trevon Diggs Injury, 49ers Roll, & NFL Week 3 Slate

Ferrall talks about the Trevon Diggs injury, the 49ers easy win over the Giants, and the rest of the games in Week 3 in the NFL.

Sep 22
9/21: CFB Saturday Preview

Ferrall talks about this weekend's College Football schedule.

Sep 21
9/18: CFB Saturday Recap

Ferrall talks about this past weekend's college football action.

Sep 18
9/15: Media and The Jets QBs & Eagles Fight on TNF

Ferrall talks about how annoying it is that the Media keeps trying to push other QBs on the Jets & about the Brown/Hurts argument on TNF.

Sep 15
9/14: CFB Week 3 Preview

Ferrall talks about the Week 3 action in College Football.

Sep 14
9/11: NFL Week 1 Recap

Ferrall recaps Week 1 in the NFL.

Sep 11
9/8: Lions Win, Burrow Deal, & NFL Week 1

Ferrall talks about the Lions beating the Chiefs, Joe Burrow's record deal, and the rest of week 1 in the NFL.

Sep 08
9/7: Weekend College Football Preview

Ferrall gives a full preview for the weekend in College Football.

Sep 07
9/6: Shelton Upsets Tiafoe, Breanna Stewart Tops Turasi, Altuve's Big Night & Best CFB Games

Ferrall talks about Shelton upsetting Tiafoe, Breanna Stewart topping Turasi, Jose Altuve's Big Night & the best CFB Games this weekend.

Sep 06
9/5: Urias Arrested, Clemson Upset, & FSU Blows Out LSU

Ferrall talks about Urias getting arrested again on domestic violence charges, Duke upsetting Clemson & FSU blowing out LSU on Sunday. 

Sep 05
9/1: ACC Expands, Acuna's Day & Thursday CFB Recap

Ferrall talks about the ACC Expanding, Acuna in the MVP Race and Thursday's CFB Results.

Sep 01
8/31: College Football Hype Train

Ferrall talks about the College Football hype train.

Aug 31
8/29: MLB Mon Recap, CFB Updates, & Tennis News

Ferrall talks about Monday's MLB action as well as news in College Football and Tennis.

Aug 29
8/28: Preseason CFB Top 25 & Week 0 Recap

Ferrall talks about the CFB Preseason Top 25 and Recaps Week 0.

Aug 28
8/15: Dalvin Cook & Zeke Sign, The Passing of Alex Collins, & More

Ferrall talks about Dalvin Cook and Zeke Elliott signing, Brock Purdy, and the passing of Alex Collins.

Aug 15
8/14: Wander Franco's Problems, USA Basketball, Peyton Manning Teaching at Tennessee, & More

Ferrall talks about Wander Franco's problems, James Harden, USA Basketball, and Peyton Manning teaching at Tennessee. 

Aug 14
Iowa/Iowa State Gambling Probe & Mountain West/ACC Drama

Ferrall talks about more players getting caught up in the Iowa/Iowa State gambling probe and the latest College Football realignment Drama with Stanford & Cal.

Aug 11
8/10: Phil Mickelson Gambling Stories, Lorenzen No-Hitter, & Wed MLB Recap

Ferrall talks about the Phil Mickelson Gambling Stories, Lorenzen throwing a no-hitter, & other MLB from Wednesday.

Aug 10
8/8: Orioles Suspend Broadcaster, Dodgers Come Back, MLB Stories, & More

Ferrall talks about the Orioles suspending their broadcaster, the Dodger coming back against the Padres, other MLB stories, & the Preseason College Football poll.

Aug 08
8/7: MLB Weekend Recap & Rapinoe and Ertz Retire from US Team

Ferrall talks about MLB storylines from the Weekend, the US Women's Team getting knocked out of the World Cup, and Rapinoe and Ertz retiring from them.

Aug 07
8/4: Taurasi 10K Points, Wilson Not Bad, & Ohtani Hits #40

Ferrall talks about Dianna Taurasi getting 10K Points, Zach Wilson's performance in the HOF Game, & Ohtani hitting his 40th HR.

Aug 04
8/3: Going to Yankees Game, Cubs on Fire, & Other MLB Stories

Ferrall talks about going to Wednesday's Yankees game, the Cubs being hot, and other MLB Stories.

Aug 03
8/1: US Women's Soccer Draws vs Portugal & Monday MLB Recap

Ferrall talks about the US Women's Soccer Team Drawing against Portugal and recaps MLB from Monday.

Aug 01
7/31: Rodgers Goes After Payton, Angels Make Trades, & MLB Recaps

Ferrall talks about Aaron Rodgers going after Sean Payton, the Angels making more trades & weekend MLB Recaps.

Jul 31
7/28: Ohtani's Big Day & MLB Trade Deadline Updates

Ferrall talks about Ohtani's big day and the MLB Trade Deadline including the Mets trading David Robertson

Jul 28
7/27: US Women Tie & Ohtani Off Market

Ferrall talks about the US Women's Soccer team getting a draw against the Netherlands and Ohtani getting taken off the trade market.

Jul 27
7/25: Northwestern Lawsuits Keep Coming

Ferrall talks about more lawsuits being brought against Northwestern.

Jul 25