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Scott Ferrall reflects on the day that was in sports. Ferrall gives a preview of what is coming in the near and distant future of sports.

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8/12: This Weekends MLB Matchups

Ferrall talks about this weekends MLB matchups.

Aug 12
8/11: Giants Own Pats in Super Bowls

Ferrall  talks about how the Giants history of owing the Patriots in the Super Bowl as they prepare to play in the preseason.

Aug 11
8/10: NFL Preseason Week 1

Ferrall talks about the CFB Preseason Coaches Poll and NFL Preseason Week 1 Games.

Aug 10
8/9: Sick of KD

Ferrall talks about how he's done with Kevin Durant and his drama.

Aug 09
8/8: NY MLB Weekend Series

Ferrall talks about the big series that went opposite ways for the New York MLB teams this weekend.

Aug 08
8/5: Start of the NFL Preseason

Ferrall talks about the Hall of Fame Game starting NFL preseason and what's coming up next week.

Aug 05
8/4: Padres Beat Rockies & Dodgers Keep Rolling

Ferrall talks about the Padres beating up on the Rockies and the Dodgers continuing to roll.

Aug 04
8/3: Vin Scully's Passing

Ferrall talks about the passing of Vin Scully and his memories of listening to him when he lived out in LA.

Aug 03
8/2: MLB Trade Deadline

Ferrall talks about the MLB Trade deadline and some of the deals that have been done.

Aug 02
8/1: Yankees & Aaron Judge Vs KC Royals

Ferrall talks about the Yankees and Aaron Judge's great series against the Royals this weekend.

Aug 01
7/22: CFB Preseason Top 25

Ferrall talks about the Preseason Top 25 Rankings in College Football.

Jul 22
7/21: Top 10 WRs In The NFL

Ferrall talks about the Top 10 WRs in the NFL.

Jul 21
7/20: Top 10 Running Backs In The NFL

Ferrall talks about the Top 10 Running Backs in the NFL.

Jul 20
7/19: Top 10 QBs In The NFL

Ferrall talks about the Top 10 QB's in the NFL.

Jul 19
7/18: MLB Standings At The All-Star Break

Ferrall talks about the MLB standings at the all-star break.

Jul 18
7/15: Mariners 11th Win In A Row

Ferrall talks about last night's baseball including the Mariners 11th win in a row

Jul 15
7/14: Another Huge Night For Ohtani

Ferrall talks about last night's baseball including another huge night for Ohtani

Jul 14
7/13: Tuesday Night's Baseball & NHL Free Agency

Ferrall talks about Tuesday Night's Baseball and NHL Free Agency including Malkin back to the Penguins

Jul 13
7/12: Mets Win Over The Braves

Ferrall talks about the Mets win over the Braves and Max Scherzer

Jul 12
7/11: Yankees/Red Sox Split Weekend Series

Ferrall talks about the Yankees and Red Sox splitting 4 game series this past weekend

Jul 11
7/8: NY Baseball Rolling, Paolo Banchero SL Debut, & NHL Draft

Ferrall talks about the Mets & Yankees continuing to win, Paolo Banchero's Summer League Debut, and the NHL Draft.

Jul 08
7/7: NY Baseball Rolling & Wimbledon Semi-Finals

Ferrall talks about the wins by the NY MLB teams last night and the semi-finals matchups at Wimbledon.

Jul 07
7/6: Judge Will Get His Money

Ferrall talks about how the Yankees are going to need to pay Aaron Judge because other teams will.

Jul 06
7/5: Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

Ferrall talks about the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest this year!

Jul 05
7/1: NFL Team Needs

Ferrall talks about each NFL Teams needs before training camp.

Jul 01
6/30: NBA Undrafted FA's, Wall & Westbrook Deals, & More

Ferrall talks about the Wall and Westbrook deals as well as the Undrafted NBA Free Agents.

Jun 30
6/29: Screw Kyrie & NBA Team Salary Caps

Ferrall rips into Kyrie and talks about the Salary Cap situations teams are facing in the offseason.

Jun 29
6/28: Who's Making the MLB All-Star Game

Ferrall talks about who may make the MLB All-Star Game.

Jun 28
6/27: NFL Records That Could Fall This Year

Ferrall talks about NFL Records that could possibly be broken this season.

Jun 27
6/24: Stanley Cup Finals Game 5 & TBT Tourney

Ferrall talks about Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight and how good The Basketball Tournament is going to be this summer.

Jun 24