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Fescoe in the Morning. One guy is a KU grad.  
The other is on the KU football broadcast team, 
but their loyalty doesn’t stop there as these guys 
are huge fans of Kansas City sports and the people 
of Kansas City who make it the great city it is.  
Start your morning with us at 5:58am!

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8AM - The pressure is now on for K State to make Final Four

April Fools tweet leaked early, Our favorite dipping sauces, Jimmy G get lifetime deal, Lynch gets hurt, Saban unfiltered, Blaming the NFL and NBA

Mar 24
7AM - Why doesn't Veach get the validation that he deserves

Tom Izzo is bitter, Tang and K State had more dudes, The dump in Vegas, Why do we as KC seek validation, Brett Veach doesnt get the credit he deserves, Peak LeBron

Mar 24
032423 - K State had more dudes than MSU

K State had more dudes than MSU, The latest on Odell and DHop, The Chiefs salary cap, Is it moving too fast

Mar 24
9AM Brett Veach is the best in KC history

Brett Veach is the best GM in KC history, Mecole is gone, More of your drive thru stories, New Royals Analyst Jeremy Guthrie joins FITM live from Spring Training

Mar 23
8AM The latest on legalized gambling in MO with State Rep Dan Houx

The latest on gambling with Dan Houx, The moves that the Chiefs have made so far, This ref got fired for what, Favorite trick play, Ultimate drive thru order

Mar 23
7AM Chris Jones has gone fishing

Bill Belichek has a type, Slam Ball is coming back and we pick our ultimate foursome, Ben Maller of Fox Sports Radio,  A true world series, Gone fishing

Mar 23
6AM The Legion of Zoom is no more

Mecole signs with the Jets, The latest on Odell and DHop, Nicky Lopez on WBC and Spring Training, Expecting to much from this fast food restaurant

Mar 23
9AM Being Feared in sports and Baseball has a moment

Being feared in sports, Is Mahomes on that level yet, Baseball has a moment, Royals IF Nicky Lopez joins the show live from spring training

Mar 22
8AM We try to fix college basketball and Ballys has a fix

We try to fix college basketball, Dick Van Dyke, Jay Binkley and Mock 1.0, and Ballys tries to fix their coverage

Mar 22
7AM - What position are you taking

Dry swings and underhand tosses, What position are you taking, the latest on Lamar, Willis Reed moment, Spector Interjector

Mar 22
6AM - JuJu explains why he signed with Pats

The WBC comes to an end, never heard of him, KSU makes it to NYC and they're ready,Where's the Blue Bloods,  JuJu explains, The price of gas back in the day

Mar 22
9AM Tanking again

NFL teams tanking, Bob does the draft exercise wrong, tired of battlehawks, and he won't get the chance to break the record

Mar 21