For Those Who Have Ears To Hear

Curtis Hutchinson


Where the Word of God is always seen in Light of The Lamb of God

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Colossians Chapter 1 Pt. 7 (2024-3-8)

Learning to recognize and submit to the preeminence of our Savior Jesus Christ

1h 3m
Mar 08
Colossians Chapter 1 Pt. 6 (2024-3-4)

Colossians Chapter 1 Pt. 6 (2024-3-4)

1h 2m
Mar 04
Colossians Chapter 1 Pt. 5 (2024-3-1)

Learning to recognize what walking worthy unto the Lord looks like

Mar 02

Faith IN Light of The Lamb Pt. 2 - The Spirit of Faith - (2024-2-28)

Feb 29
Faithful Jesus Pt. 2 (2024-2-25)

Learning to trust in and express the faithfulness of Jesus

Feb 26
Let Your Life Become the Gospel - Wayne Voss & Curtis Hutchinson (2024-2-17)

Learning about the Tabernacle of Old and how it relates to Jesus so we can see how it can relate to us in the New

1h 4m
Feb 17
The Secret Place (2024-2-14)

Learning what it means to abide IN Christ and what work God is continuing to work in those who do.

Feb 15
Colossians Chapter 1 Pt. 2 (2024-2-12)

Learning to hear through the Word of the Truth of the Gospel

Feb 12
Faithful Jesus (2024-2-11)

Learning to allow the faithfulness of our Jesus to be seen through our faithfulness to Him

1h 6m
Feb 11
Colossians Chapter 1 Pt. 1 (2024-2-9)

Learning the great Truth's hidden for us in the Word of the Gospel

Feb 09
Grace - Grace (2024-2-7)

Learning where and WHO Grace is so that we can partake of God's Grace

Feb 08
The Deep Things of God Pt. 3 (2024-2-5)

Learning WHERE and HOW to find the deep things of God

1h 2m
Feb 05
The Deep Things of God Pt. 2 (2024-2-2)

Learning WHERE and HOW to find the deep things of our God

1h 1m
Feb 02