Modern Professionals: A Look Into The People Behind The Seedscout Ecosystem (Formerly Forward Thinking Founders)

Mat Sherman


Seedscout is a professional network for modern professionals. Modern Professionals is a podcast where Mat interviews different people within the Seedscout ecosystem. From founders, investors, job seekers, makers, & business executives, the goal of this podcast is to highlight different members of Seedscout to help our Pro members navigate who is in the ecosystem. Are you a Seedscout Pro member? Every single one of these podcasts guests is on Seedscout and can be sent an intro request. Happy listening!

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841 - Abubakar Sial (OctiLearn) Enabling Personal Learning Pathways

Abubakar Sial is the founder of OctiLearn OctiLearn is an integrated learning ecosystem with personalized learning pathways. ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Aug 08
840 - Andrea Orrego (Atelier) On Designing Your Home Sustainably

Andrea Orrego is the founder of Atelier Atelier connects high-quality and planet-conscious makers to design-savvy users who want to create their own interior design projects and we do it all in an interactive design app and marketplace! ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Aug 08
839 - Arham Habib (VO2) On Becoming Stakeholders In Your Favorite Athletes

Arham Habib is the founder of VO2 VO2 is new fan engagement platform that turns sports teams from observers to stakeholders in their favorite teams and athletes.  ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Aug 08
838 - Peter Difilippantonio (CarLocity) On Improving The Car Buying Process

Peter Difilippantonio is the founder of CarLocity CarLocity is an anonymous car shopping service focused on transforming the car dealership sales experience into an enjoyable buying experience. ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Aug 08
837 - Jordan Fourcher (CryoCase) On Creating Technology That Cools In The Heat

Jordan is the founder of CryoCase The CryoCase is a case that gets colder in the sun instead of hotter. Utilizing the blackbody effect, the CryoCase uses radiative cooling to dissipate heat into the vacuum of space. ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Aug 08
836 - Viola Carmona (Champion Lender) On Removing Barriers to Home Ownership For Minority Communities

Viola Carmona is the founder of Champion Lender Champion Lender is addressing the loan gap with a two-sided solution. HOME stands for Home Ownership & Mortgage Education; it is a dual-platform, total home buying/refinancing solution that reduces denials in underwriting. ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Aug 08
835 - Dmitry Kiryukhin (CleverFleet) On Enabling a Simple Way To Hire From Ukraine

Dmitry Kiryukhin is the cofounder of CleverFleet CleverFleet is an EoR/payroll platform where businesses of all sizes from anywhere in the world can easily onboard remote specialists from Ukraine, pay them and be compliant with local laws. ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Aug 08
834 - Jordan Plows (LightAI) On Automating Computer Programming

Jordan Plows is the founder of LightAI LightAI makes understanding, translating and reviewing code blazingly fast ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Aug 08
833 - Kashif Ali (DAO Helper) On Enabling People To Learn the Web3 Ecosystem

Kashif Ali is the founder of DAO Helper DAO Helper is an open platform to create courses for the Web3 community. ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Jul 11
832 - Justin Clegg (Allset) On Building The New Standard in Home Service Payments

Justin Clegg is the founder of Allset Allset makes it easy for businesses to automate payments, unlock revenue, build an online presence and much more. More On Justin Clegg (According to LinkedIn) Justin is an entrepreneurially minded business leader with experience in software as a service. He co-founded three Silicon Valley startups and was selected by The Guardian as a rising star in AI and conversational commerce. Prior to startups Justin led product and marketing efforts for Fortune 500 software companies including Intel, Oracle, and Adobe. Justin Clegg has studied, lived and operated in a variety of international locations including Singapore, China, Mexico City, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Mozambique and New Delhi and is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, French and conversational Hindi. He has been profiled by VentureBeat, Deseret News and and is a frequent public speaker. In his spare time, Justin enjoys playing indoor soccer, tennis and mountain biking.  ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Jul 07
831 - Tyler Tringas, Founder & GP of The Calm Company Fund

Tyler Tringas is the GP and founder of The Calm Company Fund He's building an ecosystem of founders and funders of profitable, sustainable, calm businesses. ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Jun 29
830 - Mai Shimada (Isha Health) On Unlocking Your Mental Health With Ketamine

Mai Shimada is the founder of Isha Health Isha Health enables online ketamine assisted therapy with a team of licensed clinicians. ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Jun 22
829 - Johannes Cortez (Gamer Points) On Making Play to Earn Fun, Free, and Enjoyable

Johannes Cortez is the cofounder of Gamer Points Gamer Points is a a platform where you can play your favorite video games and earn crypto by doing so through ads. No NFTs, scholarships, managers, and crypto needed.   ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Jun 21
828 - Jürgen Pretsch (Relocate) On Building An Independent Marketplace for Global Migration

Jürgen Pretsch is the founder cofounder of Relocate Relocate is the first independent marketplace for global migration. Navigate the complex web of immigration with a north star and compass. ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Jun 20
827 - Geoffrey See (Poko) On Replacing Companies With DAOs Globally

Geoffrey See is the founder of POKO POKO helps you pool capital, deploy capital and manage your communities effortlessly. ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Jun 01
826 - Dylan Rose (Evergreen) On Building An Energy Efficient Crypto Miner

Dylan Rose is the cofounder of Evergreen Their low power device mines cryptocurrency using upcycled hard drives. It's simple to use and  features dApps from the Chia, Bitcoin lightening, and Akash ecosystems. ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

May 30
825 - Soner Haci (PONS) On Building The The Consumer Ultrasound

Soner is the founder of PONS PONS`s AI-driven mobile Ultrasound will allow for continuous monitoring of patients no matter where they are, not only on the surface of the skin but also deep inside the body. ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

May 28
824 - George Oni (Ancillary) On Democratizing Access to Hedge Funds

George Oni is the founder of Ancillary Ancillary enables anyone to start, raise & manage a fund to trade stocks, crypto, options & more. ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

May 07
823 - Manni Okim (Loocum) On Creating Real-Time Flexible Gigs For Healthcare Workers

Manni Okim is the founder of Locoom Loocum's cloud-based technology enables healthcare professionals find work they love and healthcare facilities fill vacancies and open shifts easily. ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

May 04
822 - Laila Chima (Winter) On Selling NFTs Via a Credit Card

Laila Chima is the cofounder of Winter Winter helps businesses sell NFTs with a credit card. ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

May 03
821 - Setsabile Mkhabela (Boast ID) On Building a Marketplace For Emerging Sustainable Brands

Setsabile Mkhabela  is the founder of Boast ID. They make it easier for Brands, Creatives and social impact initiatives to gain access to their markets and the necessary tools to sell their items. ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Apr 17
820 - Emmanuel Ndifor (Skilbi) On Facilitating Valuable Career Connections Via Mentorship

Emmanuel Ndifor is the founder of Skilbi. Skilbi has made it simple for anyone to intentionally connect with students seeking career guidance. ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Apr 17
819 - Liam Gerada (Krepling) On Powering the Next Generation of Commerce

Liam Gerada is the founder of Krepling Krepling’s platform empowers your brand to sell online and in-person, powering payments for subscriptions, digital products, marketplaces, and everything the world of e-commerce has to offer. ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Apr 17
818 - Kaben Clauson (Pigeon Loans) On Simplifying Loans Between Friends and Family

Kaben Clauson is a cofounder of Pigeon Loans Pigeon Loans is a private place to create, import, or keep track of loans you make with friends, family & loved ones.  ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Apr 06
Inside Baseball: Analysis On Two Schools of Thought (Del Johnson Vs. Jason Calacanis)

In this video, I do an analysis on the conversation between Jason Calacanis and Del Johnson that happened on April 2nd, 2022. More context in the the podcast. ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Apr 03
817 - Kojo Osei, Partner at Matrix Partners

Kojo Osei is a partner at Matrix Partners A Little More On Kojo (from the Matrix website) I grew up in Accra, Ghana’s commercial capital known for its bustling street markets. My mother was an entrepreneur who ran a small retail business. She was the first entrepreneur I worked with. From her, I learned that doing what you love leads to persistence and ultimately, success. In college, I fell in love with math and computer science. I was drawn to programming as a way to turn imagination into reality. I bought in fully to the promise of technology as a tool to solve hard problems. Espresso-fueled late-night coding sessions were common. That and squash round robins were the twin pillars of my college years. After college, I turned down a corporate job to join a startup called Sirona as the first employee and founding engineer. After building our initial product and early engineering team I took on the challenge of building out a product organization as Head of Product. At Sirona, we built managed cloud infrastructure and machine learning workflows for radiology clinics. Building critical infrastructure and innovating with our users every day was a highlight of my career. My startup experience at Sirona gave me a deep appreciation for the founder journey and influenced how I approach investing. I look for founders who radically challenge the status quo and have the self-awareness to chart a practical path to their vision. ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Mar 21
816 - Philo Hermans (Unlock) On Enabling Developers to Sell, License and Distribute Their Software

Philo Hermans is the founder of Unlock With Unlock, Set yourself free from billing and logistics so you can focus on building software instead of packaging, versioning, and distributing products to your customers. ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Feb 26
815 - Elizabeth Dell (Amorus) On Building THE Relationship Intimacy App

Elizabeth Dell is the founder of Amorus. Amorus makes delicious relationships more private, more engaged and more inspired! ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Feb 26
814 - JT Garwood (bttn) On Building the Future of Medical Supply

JT Garwood is the cofounder of bttn bttn helps hospitals, medical offices, dental clinics, home health care, surgery centers, and other healthcare professionals lower their medical supply bills a lot.  ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Feb 26
813 - Andy Cabasso (Postaga) On Building Better Backlinks Faster

Andy Cabasso is the founder of Postaga.  Postaga’s all-in-one outreach platform helps you build personalized outreach campaigns, with AI-powered tools to connect you with the right people. ★ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ★

Feb 26