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Mat Sherman


Forward Thinking Founders is a founder podcast where we interview high potential founders from networks like Y Combinator, The Thiel Fellowship, Product Hunt, Twitter, etc. and brings to light what they're building for the world. Think of it like the opposite of How I Built This, where we interview founders before they are successful, then if they are, we have a moment in time we can look back on in the early days. Does the model work? Look at our early interviews and you'll have your answer.

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928 - Jakob Greenfeld ( On Getting Meetings Through Cold Emailing

Jakob Greenfeld is the founder of With, get meetings with decision makers that are in the market for your product or service.  ★ Support this podcast ★

Sep 24
927 - Augustus Doricko (Rainmaker) On Ending The Global Water Scarcity

Augustus Doricko is the cofounder of Rainmaker Rainmaker will end global water scarcity through advanced cloud seeding and weather modification technologies. ★ Support this podcast ★

Sep 23
926 - Olivia Chu (CytoBay) On Building AI Facilitated Cancer Diagnosis

Olivia Chu is the cofounder of CytoBay CytoBay is a platform company for AI facilitated cancer diagnosis using cytology specimens.  Our staining methodology allows tumor marker expression and morphology to be evaluated on the same cytology slide, allowing doctors to clearly recognize tumor cells. ★ Support this podcast ★

Sep 11
925 - Lisa Wehden (Plymouth Street) On Enabling More Transparent Immigration Services

Lisa Wehden is the cofounder of Plymouth Street  Plymouth is a different type of immigration company — Their mission is to accelerate US innovation through faster and more transparent immigration services. ★ Support this podcast ★

Sep 11
924 - Julian Alvarez (Wisdolia) On Pioneering AI Generated Flashcards To Learn Faster

Julian Alvarez is the cofounder of Wisdolia Wisdolia is a Chrome extension that uses AI to generate flashcards with questions & answers for any article, PDF, or YouTube video so that you can better ingrain what you learn. ★ Support this podcast ★

Sep 11
923 - Diana Muturia (Clyn) On Building The Ultimate App For Home Cleaning Services

Diana Muturia is the founder of Clyn Clyn makes great cleaning services accessible to more people without compromising the cleaner’s pay. ★ Support this podcast ★

Sep 11
922 - Sven Radavics (Intribe) On Lowering Your CAC w/ Partnerships

Sven Radavics is the founder of InTribe InTribe helps companies, social enterprises and non-profits grow faster and increase their reach by making partnerships easier. ★ Support this podcast ★

Aug 29
921- Slava Heretz (Camlann) On Democratizing Video Game Discovery

Slava Heretz is the founder of Calmann Calmann is democratizing video game discovery & helping studios productize game release to massively increase sales ★ Support this podcast ★

Aug 23
920 - Capri Wheaton (Dressd) On Building A Peer-To-Peer Clothing Rental Marketplace

Capri Wheaton is the founder of Dressd Dressd is a peer-to-peer clothing rental marketplace. ★ Support this podcast ★

Aug 21
919 - Brooke LeBlanc (Edge) On Building For The Next Generation of Sobriety

Brooke LeBlanc is the founder of Edge Edge is building for the next generation of sobriety.  ★ Support this podcast ★

Aug 09
918 - Louis Pereira (AudioPen) On Going From Fuzzy Thought To Clear Text

With AudioPen, just hit record, start talking, then AudioPen will clean things up when you're done. ★ Support this podcast ★

Aug 07
917 - Arjun Mahadevan (Doola) On Launching Your US Company From Anywhere In The World

Arjun Mahadevan is the cofounder and CEO of Doola. They're on a mission to help 1 billion people start their dream business by making it click button easy for a founder from anywhere in the world to start a US business. ★ Support this podcast ★

Jul 31
916 - Tim Qin (Roame) On Simplifying Credit Card Rewards For The Average Person

Tim Qin is the cofounder of Roame Roame simplifies credit card rewards for the average person. They want to help you find the best redemptions for your credit card points and airline miles. ★ Support this podcast ★

Jul 27
915 - Dmitry Obukhov (Paste) On Building The Clipboard As It Should Be

Dmitry Obukhov is the founder of Paste Paste is a new way to keep, search, and organize everything you copy on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. ★ Support this podcast ★

Jul 26
914 - John Kirtley (PostureFix) On Helping You Fix Your Posture

John Kirtley is the founder of PostureFix They help you with your posture with posture-focused exercises and stretches. ★ Support this podcast ★

Jul 24
913 - Tyler Denk (Beehiiv) On Building The Best Newsletter Platform

Tyler Denk is the cofounder of Beehiiv Beehiiv is on a journey to help the next million creators, publishers, and companies scale and monetize their audiences. ★ Support this podcast ★

Jul 19
912 - Marin Smiljanic (Omnisearch) On Making Your Whole Site Searchable

 Marin Smiljanic is the founder of Omnisearch They make it seamless for users to search through all data regardless of file type: audio and video, documents, presentations, images, you name it! ★ Support this podcast ★

Jul 13
911 - Ben Wunderman (Packsmith) On Creating Better Fulfillment Systems For Brands

Ben Wunderman is the cofounder of Packsmith With Packsmith, your orders are fulfilled closer to their final delivery location, decreasing last mile delivery costs and the carbon footprint of every order, and speeding up delivery times for your customers. Everybody wins. ★ Support this podcast ★

Jul 12
910 - Sun Sachs (Rewire Fitness) On Helping Athletes Realize Their Potential

Sun Sachs is the founder of Rewire Fitness. Rewire is a mental fitness platform that helps athletes reach their full potential and avoid burnout by providing tools that improve mindset, readiness and resilience ★ Support this podcast ★

Jul 11
909 - Dan McCormick (Create) On Unlocking The Power of Creatine For The Masses

Dan McCormick is the founder of Create Their mission is to improve the health and wellness outcomes of their customers through proper creatine supplementation.  ★ Support this podcast ★

Jul 10
908 - Chelsea Lamego (FundMiner) On Streamlining and Automating Fund Management

Chelsea Lamego is the cofounder of FundMinder FundMiner is the most effective solution for fundraising organizations to track their funds and achieve maximum impact. ★ Support this podcast ★

Jul 06
907 - Roya Pakzad (Feminade) On Leveraging Your Hormone Data to Optimize Your Health

Roya Pakzad is the founder of Feminade Feminade was built on the belief that everyone has a unique hormone story and that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. They give you more accurate data about your hormones and access to a group of specialized health coaches so you can live your healthiest life.  ★ Support this podcast ★

Jul 05
906 - Ardy Naghshineh (Browse AI) On Extracting and Monitoring Data From Any Website

Ardy Naghshineh is the founder of Browse AI Their mission is to give every individual and business equal opportunity to benefit from information on the internet. ★ Support this podcast ★

Jul 03
905 - Son Ca Vu (Alta) On Building Beautiful Mobile Apps Without Code

Son Ca Vu is the cofounder of Alta Alta's AI helps you quickly launch mobile apps with smart design and text recommendations. ★ Support this podcast ★

Jun 30
904 - Phillip Rather (Musical) On Building A Web3 Platform For Music Collaboration And Distribution

Phillip Rather is the founder of Musical Raise money upfront from your loyal Fans and reward them with access. Find the musicians you need now for your song and collaborate. Sell your songs together as Tokens, and Everyone gets paid automatically! ★ Support this podcast ★

Jun 30
903 - Alex Edquist (Good Agriculture) On Scaling The Regenerative Agriculture Revolution

Alex Edquist is the founder of Good Agriculture. Good Agriculture is supporting current & future regenerative farmers with business services so they can do what they do best: produce food that regenerates ecosystems and nourishes people ★ Support this podcast ★

Jun 29
902 - Dhaval Patel (Lotus) On Building A Wearable Ring To Control Objects At Home By Pointing

Dhaval Patel is the founder of Lotus Lotus is the world’s first ring to control your home. ★ Support this podcast ★

Jun 28
901 - Andrew Therriault (Civin) On Building The Analytics Platform For Local Government

Andrew Therriault is the founder of Civin. Founded by the City of Boston's former Chief Data Officer, Civin is building tools for local government that makes analytics accessible for communities of all sizes, without the need for teams of data scientists and engineers.  ★ Support this podcast ★

Jun 20
899 - Doug Brien (Mynd) On Buying, Financing, and Managing Single-Family Rental Investments

Doug Brian is the cofounder of Mynd Mynd brings together world-class technology and local expertise to make it simple and convenient for investors to find, finance, insure, lease, manage, and sell single-family rental properties, and for residents to find great homes to rent in more than 25 markets across the country. ★ Support this podcast ★

Jun 16
898 - Jonathan Fudem (OneText) On Building Text to Buy For Everyone

Jonathan Fudem is the founder of OneText OneText allows you to outperform your traditional SMS program with text-to-buy and 2-way messaging.  ★ Support this podcast ★

Jun 12