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Hold Onto Your Truth!🐣💜🐰Happy Easter!

  Before anyone, even remotely questions, the longevity and consistency of my therapy. It exists. It always existed. It just took many, many, many years to finally take sound advice. The advice of also superiors, Chief Of Police, attorneys, Sheriff and stand in judge. "Remove yourself and walk away. They aren't healthy for you nor their actions and behavior. These are not the people, that you think they were, all along." Things never changed. Instead I realized, I had to change. I finally listened. I walked away and cut the final string. ❤🐰🐣💜 Happy Easter from Free Yourself...My Journey *** Free Yourself...My Journey  

Mar 25

  The hardest thing, you will ever have to do, is cut the last string from toxic people. Those who serve you nothing but ill will, drama, and problems. But it's by far, the HEALTHIEST thing you will ever do for YOU! *** Back next week to the other platform. Doing what makes me happy! Will be taking a break for awhile from here, the stalkers will just have to find something else to do with their narcissistic selves, time! 😆😂😄😜 ❤️❣️❤️ Free Yourself...My Journey  

Mar 25
How Your Raised...That's The Start!💯🤔🚩

  When you just come to that major change in your own environment. When you just had enough. And... You finally, SPEAK UP! *** Free Yourself...My Journey  

Mar 24
Sticky Food Fingers, Blatant Disrespect Or. Arrogance?...🤔

  If you answered, all 3... You would be CORRECT! *** Free Yourself...My Journey  

Mar 23
CRAZY EXTREMES To Handle "Continued Disrespect" Looks Like...👇

  And... The utterly CRAZY things one must DO to make sure NOT to continue being DISRESPECTED. *** *** Free Yourself...My Journey  

Mar 23
Effective Therapy... Tools For Life... Is PRICELESS!💡

  *** Free Yourself...My Journey  

1h 2m
Mar 21
Golden Child & Scapegoat🤔💡🤔

  *** Free Yourself...My Journey  

Mar 19
Time⏳️Isn't Always... Even Enough🙄.

  What part of asking people to please respect, by leaving an EX alone... do they not understand? Once, should be enough. Second time someone does it, is intentional. After that... we got a problem here called, blatant disrespect. I won't be letting things fall by the wayside either. *** "Is it okay for my family to still be in contact with my ex by phone, text or social media?" Answer: "Unless your ex is in a coma, this is a horrible idea for any family member to contact your ex. This could be direct or indirect contact with your ex. If you asked family not to contact your ex, it should be respected.  Never put a relationship with your own family member on the chopping block by choosing to still remain in contact with their ex.  Why are you contacting their ex in the first place?" *** Free Yourself...My Journey  

Mar 18
Narcissism... My Pot'O Gold🍀Freeing Myself.

  At the end... If you don't find yourself standing up, applauding... Then clearly, you didn't listen. Or... You never understood my journey. 🍀🍀❤️🍀🍀 Free Yourself...My Journey  

Mar 18
Just Checking In...🙋‍♀️🐶🐶

  Obviously once again... a little behind on podcasts. *** *** Free Yourself...My Journey  

Mar 13
It Was Then, I Realized, I Never Truly Knew You.

  It's never too late... To discover the truth. To see the true person, for who they are... A person you never knew. A stranger. Nothing less, and nothing more.  *** Free Yourself...My Journey  

Mar 07
Three Things I Learned About People...🤔💡💡💡

  *** Free Yourself...My Journey  

Mar 05
Oncology Patients 👣 The Journey Of The Unknown

  I always WELCOME surprise visitors, all hours of the night, while switching out the wash. These two GOOD PUPPERS got help finding their way back home! 😁❤️🐶🐶 Free Yourself...My Journey  

Mar 02
Narcissism🙄👺 Maneuvering Through The Relationships.

  The majority of stalkers have severe personality disorders. The most common one among stalkers is narcissistic personality disorder, which gives stalkers an exaggerated feeling of self-worth and an obsessive desire for other people to admire and revere them. 👇👇👇👇💡👇👇👇👇 Emotional Immaturity is linked with narcissism👇 *** Free Yourself...My Journey  

Feb 28
Paying Others To Do YOUR Moral RESPONSIBILITIES💰🤑👺

  This is one of the biggest narcissistic moves yet! Yes, per therapist. THIS is another clear narcissistic move, example of same behavior.  FAR from anything, even remotely close, to okay. It falls, next to the disturbing as you can get, IRS fast one! Claiming me as a dependent. Behind my back. Without my knowledge. And... Here we go AGAIN! There are MANY LESSONS to be had... learned from all of this, past-the-point of disturbing behavior. *** Free Yourself...My Journey  

Feb 27
Planning Ahead Can't Be Soon Enough⏰️⌛️💡

  Planning Ahead... Will help you in the end! That way... you can focus on rest. *** Free Yourself...My Journey  

Feb 24
Narcissistic Personality Disorder👺The Narc Behind Closed Doors

  *Podcast from 3 days ago* Correction. Whitesnake & Motley Crue was my first concert.  This is a photo of the twin fur baby, I came across online. It was a few days AFTER I had that dream👇 *** Again... I was claimed on others taxes, without my knowledge.  Without, me knowing. Until, the IRS flagged me👇 *** There is ALWAYS two sides to a narc.. And a million masks. *** Free Yourself...My Journey  

1h 2m
Feb 19
🤔Kindness Or Business Transaction💰

  *Podcast from over the weekend* *** Use your time wisely folks! Even while resting. I sure did, while resting. I am not alone, finding out in the most bizarre ways... Those doing things, without your knowledge, with your social security number. Don't do anything nice for anyone... if you're treating it like a business transaction. # I'm Not Dead Yet # Truth Seeker *** Free Yourself...My Journey  

Feb 16
The Facts Can Never Be Disputed💡✔️

  ALL tax software folks, is connected to the Internal Revenue Service. Ultimate act of betrayal. Working with therapist, to literally continue wrapping my brain around this one. *** * I owed zero on taxes for 2023 * I qualified for tax refunds/breaks for 2023 *** #I'm Not Dead Yet #Born Truth Seeker *** Free Yourself...My Journey  

Feb 15
How The IRS So Kindly Put It... Noone Is Above The Law ✔️

  Anyone who runs around, trying to tell people the system with the IRS is lying?!? There are reasons, tax software and checks are performed after you finish your taxes... They are connected to the IRS. You believe any other story or believe this is all a lie or a mere joke? The circus is hiring this summer! I suggest to maybe fill out an application. 🤡🤡🤡🤡 Free Yourself...My Journey  

Feb 14
Happy Valentines💝 Day!

  These, may be a great start to gaining back some of the 31 pounds... don't ya think!?😉 I got back home from the hospital yesterday evening and heard back from oncology this morning. *** It's Valentines Day... so more about that till tomorrow. So, for today... may everyone have a super sweet day! Don't forget to do something nice for yourself and for others❣️ 🌹Happy Valentines Day🌹 💜❤💛🐶🥰🐶💚🤍🤎 Free Yourself...My Journey  

Feb 14
Increasing Healthy Boundaries... For Your Health & Sanity👍👍

  For those asking, what did the software say and the IRS regarding being red flagged when I went to file my taxes online.... Not able to e-file and had to mail my taxes in to the IRS.  This are facts. ***  I had no knowledge of anyone claiming me, under their taxes; 2023.  No one, contacted me discussing ANY possibility of claiming me, on their taxes, 2023.  No one, had purchased any vehicle for me in 2023. Meaning...  I am not, on any purchased vehicle title or deed, and nor was gifted any vehicle in 2023.  No one, lived with me as a caregiver or medical aid attendant in 2023. ***  These are just some, of the questions, that the IRS legal department asked of me yesterday. Unnecessary stress and unnecessary trouble making. Made it to where, I had to cancel an importance scan and instead, spend an entire day with the IRS. I was even asked, to contact 3 of 4 individuals in question. One got very angry, right from jump! I am, in complete disbelief and beyond, disappointment.  Four individuals, that I know of are the only ones, who would have had access to my social security number. My personal identity. Cross out 1 now, of the 4. Now Eric was flagged because, we need to file 2023, together on our taxes. We cannot do so now because, I was already claimed, without my knowledge on someone else's taxes. He didn't do it, per IRS, because he hadn't finished filing. He can't now. ***  Per legal department, with the IRS;  *You are to never claim anyone and use their social security number, without their permission and communicating this first with anyone's personal identification number.  *You're never to use someone's, personal identity and social security number for tax benefits or tax write-offs without permission... at least letting the person know well in advance. Explain why an individual or individuals feel they have a right to claim you as their dependent. Using your personal identification number.  Now, this has also affected Eric's taxes... as if this morning, they were rejected. The tax breaks, that I was entitled to, disability, cannot be honored on my end... because I was already claimed as a dependent on someone else's taxes. This means, I cannot do anything with my taxes now, because somebody already used me and my social security number, to claim me as a dependent.  There are reasons, that myself and Eric have to file our taxes together now, 2023. Because I was claimed already, without my knowledge. I cannot do so.  He was also flagged and has to send all of his tax information by mail and required to fill out additional IRS tax forms.  This is ALL unnecessary, and ALL unnecessary stress, that noone should place, on anyone. ***  I am extremely disheartened.  I am completely in disbelief.  Facts are facts. ***  This is a screenshot, for those asking, regarding my taxes and not being able to file properly this year, because someone used my social security number without my permission or even without my knowledge and claimed me as a dependent. *** Free Yourself...My Journey  

Feb 13
IRS Red Flag...🚩To Be Continued...🚩

  Correction: *This was a podcast from Friday, when doing my taxes* *** Never, ever, have I been flagged regarding questions about someone who clearly, claimed me as a Dependent/2023 tax season... Without my knowledge. To Be Continued... Free Yourself...My Journey  

Feb 11
To Understand Cancer...?🌤

  Is to not understand it, at all. There will be parts of your journey... that will be new. Parts, that you have yet to experience, till now. Facing each new day, with complete uncertainty. The evolution... that comes with progression.  The reality, that this is really it, when you lost control. To Understand Cancer. Is to not understand it, at all. Day 3... Severe opposite, of what my intestines usually do. The pain, signs were there ahead of this new part of progression. Trying to keep things down is a feat. Keeping up on meds, then adding new medications, is ridiculously, almost impossible. Remember to get outside for fresh air! Even if that means a few moments. You are never going to know ALL the possibilities, that come with your specific cancer. You will only know, once you experience them. Understanding, from oncology point of view... don't try to analyze it. Just do your best to get through the day. Far away, from the hospital emergency department. New additions for ovarian cancer patients, at home musts to keep, just in case! Imodium A-D, Pepto and Pedialyte Advanced Max.  I'm not promising, it will keep you out of the hospital. But it will bide you some time. Who controls the decision, hospice? Your oncologists. Rest in peace to Mr. Keith. No more struggling. When you remove titles... we are all in this together. This unpredictable journey... The unknown. The not knowing. *** Free Yourself...My Journey  

Feb 09
What People Think Of You...🤔💡✔️ ...Doesn't Really Matter.

  Having oncology take everything over, from here on out, has made a huge difference in my overall care. Typical shepherd Snoreo, has been sleeping by my side when napping throughout the day. Waking me up even to catch my breath, when my bp has been dipping super low. This is the reason, why you start treatment drugs like this 'after' you have someone staying with you. For me, the evenings. You put yourself first, and do what you must. I have those, who look out for me. In more ways, than one. Physical bodies and those who call in, check in on me. So now, my over all oncology care and other help to keep going, continues to slowly come together. The holiday cards, were supposed to come down this weekend, but I decided to keep them up.  Peace while sleeping, means creating an atmosphere, that also brings me peace. My weight keeps slowly dropping. My appetite has pretty much been at zero. I'm ready mentally for the next steps with oncology. *** Free Yourself...My Journey  

Feb 04
To Be...🌬❤️

  Definitely looks like Lucky was one of his kittens. ❤️🐾❤️🐾 🌬❤️❤️ Free Yourself...My Journey  

1h 17m
Feb 02
Narcissists vs. Empaths 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣👤

  Empaths are truth seekers. They tell it how it is. They wear their heart on their sleeve. They see the good in people, no matter, how bad the person. Problem with being an Empath? We forgive too much. We place others before us, far too often. We give, far less, than we take for ourselves. And lastly... We finally understand, at the end of our journey... Who was real. Who was fake. Who was a fellow Empath. And...  Who were the Narcissists. 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣👤 Free Yourself...My Journey  

Feb 01
👣 Our Journey... Stories Shared... MATTERS.❣️

  Thank you to everyone sharing their journey. You are helping more people, than you will ever know. 👣❣️👣 Free Yourself...My Journey  

Jan 30
Surgery... Acting On One's Behalf🤔😑😐

  *** Free Yourself...My Journey  

Jan 28
Processing Things... Living In The Now 🌬❄️☃️

  So... I figured.... What the heck. This happens to be, I believe, my first video podcast in a very long time. When your at this point, it really doesn't matter about hiding how you look...feel. It really doesn't matter anymore. *** #Peace Calm Silence Free Yourself...My Journey   

Jan 25