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Who has baby shackles? We’re taking off the shackles when it comes to all these Spider-verse rumors PLUS we have your Geek Gift guide. WE unpack more in locked and loaded. We give you plenty of watchable as well  Unwrapped and ready to go for another episode of Radio Free GTR The Rise of The Phaloliths Radio Free GTR’s Geek Gift Guide The (Spider)Web of LIES! Locked and Loaded: STERNfully Painful NetFIX: Ali’s Sack Full of Watches The Long Geek Ahead FOLLOW US! FB: @RadioFreeGTR Twitter: @RadioFreeGTR IG: @RadioFreeGTR email: See for privacy information.

1h 16m
Dec 10, 2020
Prepairing For The Boss

It’s the 2 of us and have A LOT to talk about from giants of metal to giants of the silver screen PLUS the games we STILL play. What WE’RE watching and we let you know what we’re looking forward to in the GEEK ahead! The level  has been loaded it’s another exciting episode of Radio Free GTR.  Intro To Level 12 Gaming: Sly and The Family Get More CONation: Either We're Done or They're Listening NETfix: The Nostalgic Cringe Elegy Locked & Loaded: GROGU-ing pains The Geek Ahead FB: @RadioFreeGTR Twitter: @RadioFreeGTR IG: @RadioFreeGTR email: See for privacy information.

1h 4m
Dec 03, 2020
Jonesin For Tryptophan

Copious amount of tidbits in our Swipe or Hype plus 2020 is the vanereal gift that keeps on giving as there is happenings in Utah. Our cup runneth over in NETfix and we fill you in on what we’re looking forward to in the geek ahead! No need to pull these giblets out! It’s an exciting episode of Radio Free: GTR The Absurdity of 2020 Turkey Of Course There's A Monolith Nomming On NETfix All Hype W/ Gravy The Geek Ahead To Bed FB: @RadioFreeGTR Twitter: @RadioFreeGTR IG: @RadioFreeGTR email: See for privacy information.

Nov 26, 2020
The New Look of Things

Fashionably tired! Wayne and Brodee are exhausted thanks to some playables and watchables but at least will be looking good thanks to Unblemished by Sharisse! Tela Morris comes in to talk fashion with us, we also play swipe or hype and we’re excited about a few things in the week ahead. It’s a heavily connected episode of radio free GTR A Horse of a Different Color Bed or Valhalla Tela Morris Talks Unblemished  L&L: Swipe or Hype  NetFIX: The Ali Flows Through Us The Geek Ahead FOLLOW US! FB: @RadioFreeGTR Twitter: @RadioFreeGTR IG: @RadioFreeGTR email: See for privacy information.

1h 13m
Nov 12, 2020
Loading Level 11

We're waiting...and the nervous energy is palpable especially because Ethan from the HauntedWeb joins us to discuss this weekends festivities and what to expect this holiday season PLUS watchables to distract you. Mando is back! And your fill of everything we're excited about in the coming week. WE VOTE FOR MORE OF THIS! This is Radio Free: GTR!  Waiting For Players HauntedWeb: Darkness Falls NetFIX: The Slackening The Tuskan Whisperer Excitement Awaits! FOLLOW US! FB: @RadioFreeGTR Twitter: @RadioFreeGTR IG: @RadioFreeGTR email: See for privacy information.

1h 0m
Nov 05, 2020
The End of Level 10

The end of level 10 and we go full mental scarring with our scared IRL stories PLUS the debut of Swipe 'r Hype! Will we ever be "normal" again? The reinvention of the "home studio/office" has us buzzing. Stream-Scream_Queen Ali has watchable movies while the boys have some bingables to check out; All that and more on a good ole episode of Radio Free: GTR The ABC's of Awesome Stream Until You Scream I'm Staying Home Swipe 'r Hype Scary Stories To Tell On The Pod FOLLOW US! FB: @RadioFreeGTR Twitter: @RadioFreeGTR IG: @RadioFreeGTR email:   See for privacy information.

1h 16m
Oct 29, 2020

SUPES! Some we like, like Lotus Night, and some we can live without, like The Boys. Kenny Dunn joins us to talk art and about season 2 of The Boys, PLUS, Stream Scream Queen, Ali, gives us some good (and a not-so-good) streamables and we take a look ahead in The Geek Ahead. It's a SUPE-r episode of Radio Free: GTR!  Night Of The Living Chip LotusNight Drops In Da Boys Ain't Alright NETFix: Curse of the Ali The Geek Ahead See for privacy information.

1h 0m
Oct 22, 2020
When Streams Become Reality

Just the 2 of us... But gonna need ALL the friends when headed into the HauntedWeb of Horrors! Crystal and Ethan from the HauntedWeb stop by to discuss this year's haunt and how they're keeping you safe plus keep the friends close because of Disney's new full stream ahead approach! Brandon and Brodee are reacting to some monsters and mayhem in a brand new segment on a brand new season of Radio Free: GTR!  Tiptoe Through (Not) This Forrest  The Disney Double Down The Haunting On South Perkins: The Awakening Radio Free GTR: REACTS The Geek Ahead FOLLOW US! FB: @RadioFreeGTR Twitter: @RadioFreeGTR IG: @RadioFreeGTR email:   See for privacy information.

1h 6m
Oct 14, 2020
Loading Level 10

We made it to #Jumanji2020 Level 10 and we've unlocked the Egyptian Achievement! This week we dive into how music affects the soul, Wayne laments the love for ambush comedy, while our "Stream Queen" goes full SCREAM Queen! We also look to the web... the Haunted Web of Horrors... to help save Halloween. The Geektober madness begins on an all new Radio Free: GTR!  Egyptian Achievement Unlocked A Touch of Soul A Haunting On South Perkins Yelling At The Sky: Wayne Vs. Borat NetFIX: Ali Gets Spooky The Geek Ahead: No Sleep Till Blumhouse FOLLOW US! FB: @RadioFreeGTR Twitter: @RadioFreeGTR IG: @RadioFreeGTR email: for more! See for privacy information.

1h 5m
Oct 08, 2020
The OG Returns

Like Jason and Michael, he has returned! Brandon's BACK and so are some classic toys! WE can't wait to fill you in on that must-have goodness PLUS Holmes returns... sort of. It's the little sister's turn as we're reviewing Netfix's Enola Holmes! Wayne has some board game news and we talk Halloween 2020. Is that even a reality? We're saying it all and more! It's time for another exciting episode of Radio Free: GTR!  Let The People Play... Or Don't Gaming: Tower-full Money Grab We're Not Alone On Enola Hallowed Is Halloween 2020 Toy Storied NETFix: The Crown Tilts The Geek Ahead FOLLOW US! FB: @RadioFreeGTR Twitter: @RadioFreeGTR IG: @RadioFreeGTR email: for more! See for privacy information.

1h 7m
Oct 01, 2020
The Sound of Social

Another rough week you can chalk up to 2020 being well, 2020. We start this thing off with a somber in memoriam but as we move past our in memoriam segment we get into the PS5 News but don't forget Microsoft as they have some big news too! We unload and unpack on the Emmys this year (yeah it was actually worth watching)! We also take a look at what’s happening with TickTock and what the future might hold for the young and controversial social media service. It’s a royal rumble when it comes to Locked and Loaded this week as EVERYONE has some quick bits to share. We take a look ahead with the Geek Ahead. Another roller coaster episode awaits! This is Radio Free: GTR! In Memoriam 3x Sony's Splash... WE WANT! TikTok Goes The Psyche Virtual Emmy's FTW Locked & Loaded: ROYAL RUMBLE The Geek Ahead FOLLOW US! FB: @RadioFreeGTR Twitter: @RadioFreeGTR IG: @RadioFreeGTR email: for more! See for privacy information.

1h 3m
Sep 24, 2020
Gettin Cute In Space

Setting the record straight when it comes to Netflix's controversial "Cuties". Ali is on a rampage while Wayne brings some validity to the subject of Cuties. Dr. Ian Malcom coined the phrase "Life, will find a way" but is VENUS showing all of the signs. Brodee's eyes are in the stars and over the skies of New Jersey as he tries his hand at Locked & Loaded this week! It's an emotional and exciting episode of Radio Free: GTR!  The Fires Rage and Water Rises Venetian Life Signs  Cussing Cuties: A Review of Netfix's Cuties Brodee's Locked & Loaded The Geek Ahead FOLLOW US! FB: @RadioFreeGTR Twitter: @RadioFreeGTR IG: @RadioFreeGTR email: for more! See for privacy information.

1h 5m
Sep 16, 2020
Fresh Into Level 9

Care for a Fresca? We've entered into Jumanji 2020 level 9 and are speculating what that could look like. Speaking of speculation, we have a bit of Speculation Domination when it comes to some big titles in movies and streaming. NO MORE speculation, however, when it comes to the new XBox and Avengers game! We have a special guest unpacking all of that for us. Ali took in all of Star Trek Day and has a lot to share plus her usual binge goodness. Let's get this A-Train rolling! It's another exciting episode of Radio Free: GTR!    Intro to Level 9 disASSEMBLing The New XBox Speculation Domination Tracking The Trek Day NETFix: Away From Sleep The Geek Ahead FOLLOW US! FB- @RadioFreeGTR Twitter_@RadioFreeGTR IG- @RadioFreeGTR email: for more! See for privacy information.

1h 18m
Sep 09, 2020
Roller CoasKing

HEAVY week last week with the news of the passing of Chadwick Boseman. We lament his passing, however, get a nice distraction from GamesCom. Wayne and Ali took in some Class Action Park in the midst of Ali's usual binge and the gang has a lot to look forward to in the Geek Ahead! It's time for another exciting episode of Radio Free: GTR! Boseman Forever: We remember Chadwick Boseman whom passed away this week. Unpacking GamesCom2020: GamesCom 2020 was jammed with trailer after trailer... Some more exciting than others. We chat about the ones that peaked our interest! Class Action Park: Review: The new documentary about a nightmare theme park called Action Park has Wayne and Ali talking. The tank then talked about their fond memories of thrill rides and theme parks... everyone except Ali, that is. NETFix: Ali's Maxing: The Stream Queen returns and is begging people to go MAXing with her! Well, HBO Max that is. She's found some BINGE-ables worth the while while Brodee is all about some Cobra Kai. The Geek Ahead: The Tank takes a look at the geeky week ahead and tell us what THEY'RE excited about next week.   FOLLOW US! FB- @RadioFreeGTR Twitter_@RadioFreeGTR IG- @RadioFreeGTR   email: for more! See for privacy information.

Sep 02, 2020
Did You DC That?!

We’re hunkered down in anticipation for the level 8 boss raid about to hit our area. That being said, shout out and wishing nothing but support and the best for our geek tankers in Louisiana and Texas that got pummeled. All of that aside we dare to ask, did you D C THAT?!? Andy’s 2 week excitement buildup for DC Fandom was well met with heavy hitter trailer after masterful trailer. We’ve had time to digest all of the gaming trailers, movie trailers, every reveal PLUS the OG reruns! Brandon delivers on his Locked and Loaded. We’re recording this LATE NIGHT in honor of the dark knight so who knows what kind of Radio Free GTR will be delivered. No doubt some fun! Let’s do this thing. Did You DC That?! The Limerick That Almost Wasn't DC Gaming  DC Movies NETFix: Release The Ali Locked & Loaded The Geek Ahead FOLLOW US! FB- @RadioFreeGTR Twitter_@RadioFreeGTR IG- @RadioFreeGTR email: for more! See for privacy information.

1h 8m
Aug 28, 2020
Virtually Terminated

Brodee's the outlier when it comes to his viewing tastes PLUS he's also got some potentially TERMINATING science news. Andy has some ghastly good DLC news but Ali has some trouble in the Apple forts. Speaking of the Stream Queen, she's at it again and so is Wayne as he returns with his Locked And Loaded. The big discussion this week, though, is the new norm of “virtual fans”. We’ve got this thing Jam packed and jelly tight it’s an exciting new episode of radio free GTR Winner Not Found- Did we have a winner of the STEAM key? Wayne has details Terminating Science- Remember the T-1000? Apparently the US Army and Texas A&M don't with their latest discovery!'' Ghastly Good And FORTunately Bad- Andy has some good news for Ghost of Tsushima fans but Ali has the bad news when it comes to iOs Fortnite players Virtually There... But NOT- The tank discusses the latest "norm" of virtual fans and it's impact. NETFix: The Shunning of Brodee- Brodee might be the ONLY one liking the power being pushed on Netflix, Good thing Ali is there to give us the good watchables Locked & Loaded: Wayne's World v2- Wayne's got the high flying headlines YOU need to know about! The Geek Ahead- The tank discusses what they're looking forward to in the week ahead!  FOLLOW US! FB- @RadioFreeGTR Twitter_@RadioFreeGTR IG- @RadioFreeGTR email: for more! See for privacy information.

1h 7m
Aug 19, 2020
Loaded Umbrellas

We’ve watched the Vietnam movies, WE were collectively raised w seven siblings, and I once wore a toga instead of a sarong to a frat party and got a s-Ton of numbers. Like Ben Hargreeves we’re going in on some umbrella academy season 2 PLUS we get locked and loaded with everything from gaming to some rando stories but Wayne sets us straight with HIS locked and loaded and has a giveaway for you and googles earth moving android news. It’s a gloriously packed radio free GTR happening NOW.  1) Loaded w/ TidBits: We dive right in to the random fire headlines as the "Fresh Prince Drama" has Brodee scratching his head, the last Blockbuster video has a new feel to it and Ali is encouraged to remain "cautiously optimistic" about the latest Tron news.  2) Google-Quakes: Google is launching an app that could predict earthquakes... with your help. Turns out that smart phone of yours makes for a pretty good seismometer. Who Knew? Well Google is taking full advantage with a pretty big rollout that could help SAVE lives!  3) Locked on Gaming: No Halo for the latest XBox launch? Also, the reveal of what Rocksteady Games has been working on all of these years has fans talking about Suicide Squad PLUS will Cyberpunk 2077 get delayed again?!? 4) Umbrella Season... 2: We're diving into our feelings and giving our 2 cents on Umbrella Academy season 2 and what we hope season 3 looks like! WARNING: SPOILERS! (That's it. You've been warned.) 5) Wayne's Locked & Loaded: Wayne goes Brandon mode and goes full on L&L with headlines that he thinks you should know about.  6) The Geek Ahead: Wayne has the details on how and what you're winning this week plus the tank is excited for the week ahead. They explain! FOLLOW US! FB- @RadioFreeGTR Twitter_@RadioFreeGTR IG- @RadioFreeGTR email: for more!   See for privacy information.

Aug 12, 2020
Intro To Level 8

Officially in Level 8 and we're discussing what this level could hold PLUS SpaceX returns and the astronauts are openly talking about the re-entry process. The XFL has a new owner and a new outlook! We speculate on what the future could hold for the league. Our "Stream Queen", Ali, sent our Watch2gether group into a new tailspin and has more watchables for us to experience. Brandon's Locked & Loaded returns in a high flying episode of Radio Free GTR!  Intro To Level 8 SCIENCE: Brodee In SPAAAAACE The All-New All-Different XFL NETFix: Ali's Warped Mind Locked & Loaded The Geek Ahead FOLLOW US! FB- @RadioFreeGTR Twitter_@RadioFreeGTR IG- @RadioFreeGTR email: for more! See for privacy information.

Aug 05, 2020
Intro to Game Time

Passionately discussing the best especially when it come to detectives this week PLUS we do our own detective work when it comes to the return of G4! Our "Stream Queen" returns and quickly regains her title but is it all for not as we've hit a bonus level in Jumanji 2020! WE're excited and ready to bring you another fun episode of Radio Free: GTR! Intro To Game Time The G4 Speculation Best X: Pop Detective NETFix: The Ali Chronicles Jumanji 2020: Zathura Lives! Parting Gifts  See for privacy information.

Jul 30, 2020
No Budget No Problem

Movies are king (or maybe?)! We're discussing Rereleases v Remakes plus the discussion of Budget and Butts, is there a correlation? Andy has a new obsession in a newly released video game. Brodee has a creepy new creature to talk about in science. Our "Binge Queen", Ali is at it again and more fun to be had in an exciting new episode of Radio Free GTR! 1. Rereleases vs. RemakesWith the latest trend at the drive-in being rereleases of some seriously classic films, it begs the question if Hollywood will try to "capitalize" on this and remake these gems. Would it be worth it? 2. GAMING: Don't Ghost Tsushima         Andy is all about the new Ghost of Tsushima and tries to bring Brodee to the    way of the sword.  3. SCIENCE: IT HAS SPIKES         Brodee has found more nightmare fuel on the internet courtesy of a couple scientist's "mistake". Meet the Sturddlefish in all it's WTF goodness.  4. Does Money Make The Movie         A recent article from Business Insider about Netflix's latest high priced movie has the crew talking, Does the budget make the movie? 5. NETFix: The Stream Queen Waits        Not dethroned by any means, but our Stream Queen waits while Brodee, Wayne, Brandon, and Andy deliver on some bingables.  6. Random Round Up        The crew discusses what they'll be getting into in the week(s) ahead and what you can look forward to in the next episode!  FOLLOW US! FB- @RadioFreeGTR Twitter_@RadioFreeGTR IG- @RadioFreeGTR email: for more! See for privacy information.

Jul 23, 2020
Intro To The End

There's alot happening while socially modified. Ali goes RAGE mode while going all binge-tastic. Brodee on the other hand has seen the sunshine and is lapping up the rainbows. Brandon and Wayne are going to go on a potentially dark exploration thanks to Randonautica (they'll explain) and we have a winner of our first Radio Free GTR Giveaway!  1) Intro to the End- I mean... right? 2) Dark World Explorers - Brandon and Wayne have found a game that has the entire internet scratching their heads (and freaking out a bit). They explain what this latest "game" Randonautica is and what to expect while playing. Just get ready for a Black Mirror kind of freaked.  3) NETFix: Ali's All In- Ali is at it again! She's tackling the Netflix's top 10 watch list and has thoughts PLUS has a must see movie on Hulu. Seriously tho, the concern level is a bit high at this point.  4) GTR RAGE: Ali SMASH! While ALi has been binging all that Netflix and other streaming services have to offer, she's also been doing a bit of thinking... ABOUT HOW STUPID ANTI-MASKERS ARE! She's explaining in the return of GTR Rage 5) The Brodphoria Effect- While Ali rages, Brodee has seen the light (or at least hit the point that things are WAY funnier than what they are). It's not all bad! 6) Winners and Weiners- Ladies and Gentlemen, We have a WINNER! Wayne announces the first GTR Giveaway winner plus has some exciting news to share about newness for Radio Free GTR! Follow us! FB- @GeekTankRadio Twitter_@GeekTankRadio IG- @GeekTankRadio email us: See for privacy information.

Jul 16, 2020
Intro To Outrage

Socially modified! Wayne not only has board game news but a board game you could WIN and while he's at it he's also resposible for Edutaining Ali. Don't worry, we'll explain while Ali explains how her life has changed and has life changed now that broadway is on "the plus"? We're reviewing Hamilton! It's another exciting season of Radio Free GTR!  1) Intro To Outrage The team takes a look at their week and what's on their minds right now! 2) The Game of Pandemic Life while this weeks gaming news was that of outrage (looking at you EVO President) Wayne swoops into the rescue with a prequel to a board game that's pretty on the nose right about now! 3) #Hamilreview You've seen it right? Hamilton is the hottest thing out right now (again) and with it being on Disney+ there's no reason you shouldn't experience it. That being said, what did WE think? We've got the review and comparison to that of the traveling broadway hit.  4) Edutaining Ali Our Watch2Gether room is a MUST SEE and MUST EXPERIENCE! Take it from Ali who has now been exposed to some things that has really opened her eyes. (not always for the best) 5) GTR Loves You It's True! We love you SOOOOOO Much that we want to give you something. You just need to answer a simple trivia question!  Follow us! FB- @GeekTankRadio Twitter_@GeekTankRadio IG- @GeekTankRadio email us: See for privacy information.

Jul 08, 2020
Intro to Level 7

Socially distant but not unaware! Ali, Wayne, and Brandon get REAL about Advocacy vs. Pandering when it comes to #Hollywood and corporate America. PLUS, it looks like #CDProjektRed is pandering after their recent delay; Andy breaks it down. We had homework! We review #EurovisionSongContest and YOU can be a winner in the game of #GeekTank! We're heading into #Level7 of #quarantine! This is Radio Free: GTR!  1. Intro To Level 7   2. The 2077 Compromise  It's been nothing but speculation since CD Projekt Red's announcement that their highly anticipated CyberPunk 2077 would be delayed. To put everyone's mind at ease a bit as they released gameplay footage showcasing what's to come. While we wait for that massive title, a game that should NOT be overlooked is Ghost of Tsushima!   3. Brodee Scott: The Story of NETfix Homework Our homework from last week was to watch Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, Did we like it? Seems to be a mixed bag. We also took some time to check out a few other titles. Here are our picks for your NETfix: Brodee- Home Game Brandon- *the new* Unsolved Mysteries Wayne- One Cut of the Dead Ali- Buffaloed, My Spy   4. Advocacy V Pandoring: Feign of Justice How Hollywood and Corporate America is failing at the BLM movement   5. You WIN With GTR YOU can win thanks to Wayne! He'll explain how you can score some FREE stuff PLUS a new interactive part of the show where YOU decide the winner!    Follow us! FB- @GeekTankRadio Twitter_@GeekTankRadio IG- @GeekTankRadio email us: See for privacy information.

1h 0m
Jul 01, 2020
All Masked Up And Nowhere To Go

We're Mid-distanced again! Brandon and Brodee are in studio while Ali, Ariana, and Wayne join from the web to discuss a "one foot forward, two steps back" when it comes to the public. PLUS, we discuss this strange firework trend and if Will Ferrell's new Netflix movie will be a hit or miss. Remember 1993? Well a HUGE movie debuted that kicked off a franchise and it's number 1 AGAIN! Ali, Brandon, and Brodee discuss a game that HAD the hype to be number 1 before it's recent push-back and a whole lot more being discussed on another exciting edition of Radio Free GTR!    1.All Masked Up and Nowhere to Go- The tank is upset over the latest news that some local and state governments are being pushed to go back to phase 1 of their lockdowns! Why? Well, the team discusses what brought us BACK to this point and what we can do moving forward. TLDR: WEAR YO DAMN MASKS!   2. Getting Cyber-Punked- The highly anticipated game Cyberpunk 2077 recently got some potentially bad news, that it's release was getting another delay. Brandon and Brodee discuss which titles this worked for and which titles this hurt PLUS Ali has a first hand encounter with The Last of Us Pt.2. Is it as bad as some fans made it out to be?    3. Stages... We Don't Need No Stinkin Stages- Thanks to a reshowing at drive-in's across the country the 1993 classic Jurassic Park has returned to the top of the box office! Seriously! while we're on the nostalgia train, we remember movie director Joel Schumacher and his contributions to cinema and how Michael Keaton was almost HIS Batman! We set the record straight with the Michael Keaton Batman news and if the latest Will Ferrell comedy Eurovision Song Contest: The Legend of Fire Saga and it will be a HIT or MISS   4. THE BOOM IS HERE- For YEARS people have said "here comes the boom"... well, apparently it's here. Little did we know how literal that would be. Why so many random fireworks lately? We have our theories.  See for privacy information.

Jun 24, 2020
Intro to Digitalization

It's a Ready Player Geek centric season as the Sony revealed the latest version of the PlayStation as well as some mind-blowing games to accompany. We'll break down what we know and what to expect from the PS5 plus take a look at a couple of the games were REALLY geeking out over. Ali's got another "healthy" load of bingables in NETfix and speaking of, are there any binge-worthy games to be had? We'll discuss our favs. Oh, yes. Randoms will also ensue. We've got a sleak design for this season so lets dive right in shall we?  See for privacy information.

Jun 17, 2020
Feeling Alive Thanks To PS5

We take a good hard look at the latest PlayStation... The PS5! Is it worth the hype and it's potential price tag?  See for privacy information.

Jun 17, 2020
Squad Ready for Squadrons... And Other Games

With Sony's reveal of the PS5 we got a look at a few titles and boy are we excited about a few to say the least! We get hyped for the latest version of Star Wars Squadrons plus take another look at that awesome Spiderman trailer and more!  See for privacy information.

Jun 17, 2020
Ali's NETfix Life

Ali's at it again but she's not alone as both her and Brodee have a review of Artemis Fowl on Disney+. PLUS is Ariana in her NETfix? She has a must-see Memphis find!  See for privacy information.

Jun 17, 2020
Random Til The End

We had it WRONG or so says scientist Paolo Tagaloguin whom did the math and it looks like the Mayan's could STILL be right with their "doomsday clock"! See for privacy information.

Jun 17, 2020
F@#$ Cyber Bullies

See for privacy information.

Jun 11, 2020