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Up-to-date HARVEST NEWS : The Harvest USA Report has been a favorite since 1985 and is produced by Howard Hale. The program airs twice daily M-F on great radio stations across the true midwest.

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2023-03-07 - Jolene Dunbar

Listen in as we discuss the ongoing hay shortage across the midwest with our guest who is doing something to help out with that. Jolene Dunbar of 88 Custom Hay is on today's Harvest USA Report with Brian Hale.

Mar 07
2023-02-28 - Megan Williams

Howard is feeling stronger and ready to get back to work. This vacation has lasted way too long, he says. LISTEN IN!

Feb 28
2023-02-17 - Howard Hale Update

Howard is feeling stronger and ready to get back to work. This vacation has lasted way too long, he says. LISTEN IN!

Feb 17
2023-02-07 Who is U.S.C.H.I.?

A special report on the organization behind the giant combines you see on the highways or in the fields in a distance... LISTEN IN for a special Harvest USA Report with Brian Hale, sitting in for Howard Hale

Feb 07
2023-02-03 - Aaron Sawyers

Listen in as we visit with No Till On The Plains Executive Director, Aaron Sawyers on The Harvest USA Report with Brian Hale.

Feb 03
2023-02-02 - Justin Harris

Wild Ass Soap Company is making a name for itself in Southwestern Nebraska and beyond. Listen in as Justin Harris makes comments on a recent podcast called, The Decentralized Opportunities Podcast.

Feb 02
2023-02-01 Gathering in Omaha

Our annual conventions are at the end of January/beginning of February, held as a Thursday, Friday, Saturday event. They are a private event for Harvester members and Associate members only. Associate members may attend as vendors, with booths starting out at $500 for a 10x10. Sponsorships are available and booth location is determined by merit. Our trade show is over 110,000 square feet. We also host many speakers, a live auction, entertainment, meals, and an awards banquet. Registration for vendors opens on August 1 and harvesters on October 1.

Feb 01
2023-01-30 Christ Voigt

The State of the Potato recovery...

Jan 30
2023-01-26 - Joe Jantzen

The ag economists at the University of Illinois have lowered their projections for the average corn price expected for this year’s crop, down to $5.10 per bushel. And economist Joe Janzen says farmers will be facing a tighter profitability in the coming year. Listen in to what Joe Jantzen has to say on the 2023 corn price.

Jan 26
2023-01-23 No Till Conference

Join No-Till On The Plains Board Member Jimmy Emmons on The Harvest USA Report! Annual Winter Conference Jan 23-25 Wichita, Kansas http://notill.org

Jan 23